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Kennedy running back/safety Nate Williams got some good news on Sunday when Washington linebackers coach Chris Tormey text'd him and had a message for one of the top prep footbal athletes in the greater-Seattle area.

"He sent me a message to call him, so we did," Williams said. "(Tormey) told me I would really be happy if I came up to campus to see coach (Tyrone) Willingham and so me and my dad went up there and met with them.

"Coach Willingham talked to us for a bit and then he handed me an envelope and asked me to open it. Inside it was a letter that said 'one of my jobs as the head coach of the Washington Huskies is to offer scholarships to athletes we think can help out program and we are pleased to extend you an offer to play football for Washington'.

"When I met some of the other coaches they would come up and shake my hand and say 'hmmm...I bet that envelope has a nice letter in it' and they would just smile and laugh. It was great. They all seemed happy that I got the offer too."

Williams hadn't received an offer up until that point and it meant a lot to the playmaking athlete from one of the most esteemed programs in the state.

"I just can't explain how happy I am about it," Williams said about his scholarship offer from the Huskies. "I didn't get up and jump around but inside I was.

"I handed it to my dad and he read it and he and I both said 'thank you'. But then, when coach Willingham turned his back for a couple seconds, my dad and I looked at each other and he winked at me. It was just both of us acknowledging that this is the one we've been waiting for."

Even though it is the "one he's been waiting for", Williams didn't commit on the spot and the reason why is understandable.

"My mom is out of town and I wasn't going to make that decision without her," Williams said. "She gets home later this week, so we're going to sit down and talk about it."

Even though he was being thoughtful of his mother's wishes, when Williams spoke to his mom on the phone to tell her the good news, she had some pointed thoughts for him.

"She was like 'Nate, why didn't you just commit to them...you've wanted this for a while?'," Williams said with a laugh. "She's happy we waited, but she is really happy I got the offer and she knows this means a lot to me."

Williams said that Willingham is offering him a spot at either running back or safety and will let the player decide where he plays by how he performs on the field. For Williams though, he said he doesn't care which side of the ball he ends up on.

"Wherever anyone wants me to play, I'll play there," Williams said. "I like carrying the ball, but I also like to hit. It doesn't really matter."

Williams and the Lancers are preparing to face-off against Lincoln on August 31st.

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