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The opener is here Dawg fans! The San Jose State Spartans come to town with a very green defense but a cat-quick running back and some speed at wide out. Will it be enough to prevent the Huskies from winning their opener in front of what is expected to be a 2/3 full Husky Stadium? Here is what the DM.C staff thinks.

David Samek – Publisher: I think that Yonus Davis, the Spartan smurf in the backfield, will give the young Husky linebackers fits at times. I also think that Punter Waylon Prather will do a good job of pinning the Huskies deep, keeping the score down somewhat. But SJS doesn't have the horses up front or the talent at QB to hurt the Dawgs enough. I expect Isaiah Stanback to throw for two scores and run for another in leading the Huskies to a crucial home opener win. It won't be pretty, but it doesn't have to be. This team just needs to learn how to win, starting with Saturday. Look for a big game from linebacker Dan Howell, who will lead the team in tackles, and Michael Braunstein will make his first field goal attempt of 2006.

PREDICTION: Washington 24, San Jose State 9
Kim Grinolds – Managing Partner: It won't be pretty offensively, but UW will pull away in the 4th quarter. Expect to be surprised by the defense as they'll be able to rotate guys in and stay fresh. SJSU could break a few plays for some yards, but overall they'll have trouble moving the ball against a stiff Washington front seven. San Jose State will leave Husky Stadium with less than 200 yards of total offense.

PREDICTION: Washington 31, San Jose State 10
Chris Fetters – Editor-in-Chief: It's time to predict the unpredictable. Both teams have nine months to pour over film, over prepare, get nervous and lose it in front of thousands and thousands of paying customers in a gigantic cavern of a stadium. In this case, UW has the deck stacked in their favor...they are playing a downright horrible team. Let's hope (for their sake) the reason the Husky offense stunk this fall was because they were playing against a really, really good defense. Let's hope (for their sake) that the fact that SJSU is only returning two starters on defense is a good thing, instead of just an 'unknown' thing. It won't be pretty, but most openers against two teams with a combined five wins from the year before rarely are.

PREDICTION: Washington 21, San Jose State 6
Scott Eklund – Columnist: Some of my friends have asked me recently, "What will this season be like if Washington loses to San Jose State?" I told them if the Huskies lose this one it is going to be a looooooooong season. However, they won't lose it. Actually, I see them winning pretty handily. I think Isaiah Stanback will throw for two scores and run for one and I think the offensive line is going to come out firing off the ball, hoping to show all of their doubters that they are for real. The defense should also have a strong showing and I expect them to get at least five or six sacks and to control the line of scrimmage all day. Look for a lot of backups to get time in the fourth quarter.

PREDICTION: Washington 38, San Jose State 13
Dick Baird – Columnist: Washington's defense is going to surprise a lot of pundits, starting this Saturday. Dick Tomey's San Jose State team will get abused by the speed and depth of the Husky defense. Look for Dan Howell, Scott White, and Trenton Tuiasosopo to put some big hits on the Spartan backfield, and it will send a message. Speed is once again being emphasized on defense at Washington. I expect that Kenny James will find holes and run for over 100 yards in a very conservative but convincing Husky victory on Saturday. Gentlemen, start your engines. Football season is upon us!

PREDICTION: Washington 23, San Jose State 7
Race Bannon – Satire columnist: Race Bannon puts out his weekly predictions in his featured magazine Duckfighter Illusrtrated. You can follow Race's zany and clever lampooning of the Pac-10 and the rest of the nation each week here at Dawgman.com.

PREDICTION: San Jose State 22, Washington 17
Patrick Thrapp – numbers guy: UW appears to have improved this year from all the banter reported here. BTW great work Fetters on that note. I feel the team will be even more focused, and more comfortable this year with the coaching and game plan. So on that note I think the mistakes will be down this season over last year. The defense ought to give the offense even more opportunities to score this year also. Let's hope so. We fans need it to say the least.

Prediction: Washington 31, San Jose State 13
Rick Samek – that other bald guy: When we last left you, Bill Gates was still the king of Microsoft, Tom Cruise was still the king of Paramount, Pluto was still a planet, "Rico" was still frothing his weekly nonsense and Washington was still last in the PAC-10 in football. But neigh, I'm afraid that The 'Dub won't have the luxury of a committee to have their current standing re-assigned. They're just going to have to somehow play their way out of it. I made a modest wager on this game down in Vegas while I was there in rehab last month. You will no doubt sense which way I went, wallet-wise.

PREDICTION: Washington 27, San Jose State 23
Aaron Beach – Columnist: No matter how bad the proverbial Husky ship has sunk the last few years, there is always someone worse: Enter San Jose State. In the worst years Husky football has ever seen, the Dawgs have still managed to rather easily handle the Spartans. Husky fans should expect to see the purple and gold physically dominate the Spartans in the trenches despite a slow first half that sees them up 10-7 at the break. Huskies open the second half with 72 yard dash by Stanback as the Dawgs cruise to an easy victory.

PREDICTION: Huskies 38 SJSU 10
Henry Han – Seattle Times: The Huskies desperately need to start this season with a win to even remotely come close to Tyrone Willingham's goal of going to a Bowl game this season. The schedule gods did Washington a favor by scheduling a less-than intimidating team as their home opener and Washington will capitalize. If Kenny James has a game anywhere close to what he had against the Spartans in 2004 (189 yards rushing) then Washington should have no problem coming out of the gates with a win up on their record. And when was the last time that happened?

PREDICTION: Washington 24, San Jose State 14

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