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Washington did what they had to do in week one – they WON. Although the score was much closer than they would've liked, the bottom line was that they are 1-0 and have some confidence that they can handle some adversity. Now they get to handle a much tougher opponent, on the road. Here is what the staff thinks will happen on Saturday in Norman.

David Samek – Publisher: Washington has a lot of positives that they can take from their win over San Jose State. The offensive line looked cohesive, well coached, and at times dominant. OL coach Mike Denbrock is a solid piece of the offensive turnaround. He has no depth but his guys now have a clue. The defense will face the best running back they'll face all year in Adrian Peterson. He'll get his 100+ yards, but can they stop QB Paul Thompson? He likes to throw to his big tight end, and I fear that they will exploit the Husky linebackers with that very play, enough so to open up bigger gaps for Peterson to exploit. This game is meaningless for the Huskies in my opinion. As long as they come out injury-free and competed well, this team should feel good about itself as it heads into week three against Fresno State.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 38, Washington 14
Kim Grinolds – Managing Partner: I just have a real bad feeling about this game. I expect Oklahoma to stack the line of scrimmage and force Isaiah to beat them with his arm. The Sooner secondary is as good as any in the Pac-10, so it will be interesting to see how Stanback fares against them. I believe that it's going to be a long day for the guys with the gold helmets on Saturday. I'll be there on the sidelines snapping pics, but unfortunately I think a lot of them will be of Oklahoma celebrating another touchdown.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 44, Washington 7
Chris Fetters – Editor-in-Chief: My concern in this game is that Isaiah Stanback has never won a game in super-hostile territory. The Arizona game last year was a great win, but the atmosphere Saturday is going to be at least five times what Stanback saw in Tucson. How he responds will be crucial and will tell us a lot. It'll be critical in the turnover battle and it'll be critical in sustaining drives, thereby keeping the defense off the field. I think Willingham would love to match the number of total plays OU and UAB had last week - 110. It's going to be a slow-down game, with the road-dawgs trying to find any inch of an opportunity to shock the world.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 28, Washington 9
Scott Eklund – Columnist: The San Jose State game showed the Huskies have a lot of work to do in their secondary, but their run defense held the Spartans to 50 yards and made it a non-factor. Can they do that against Adrian Peterson -- Oklahoma's Heisman candidate? Doubtful. The passing game for the Sooners isn't very good, but it should be enough to move the ball as the Huskies stack the box with eight and nine men hoping to stop Peterson. Washington's offense faces the best defense they will see this year in Norman and if they can score more than 14, it almost has to be seen as a victory. Stanback will be spied all day and it's tough to imagine Kenny James and Louis Rankin enjoying the same kind of running lanes they had last week. Oklahoma pulls away in the third quarter and never looks back.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 38, Washington 13
Dick Baird – Columnist: I'm not buying all of the hype around this Oklahoma team. Are they a better team than Washington? Probably. But are they one of the top teams in the country? Hardly. They looked very average and pretty beatable on Saturday. I predict that Kenny James and Louis Rankin will out rush Adrian Peterson at the tailback position, and with the help of field position, will pull the biggest upset since the Whammy in Miami. The Huskies are ready, and are not boarding the plane to Norman to just be competitive. A fourth quarter field goal by Michael Braunstein will seal the deal for Washington.

PREDICTION: Washington 24, Oklahoma 17
Race Bannon – Satire columnist: Race Bannon puts out his weekly predictions in his featured magazine Duckfighter Illusrtrated. You can follow Race's zany and clever lampooning of the Pac-10 and the rest of the nation each week here at Dawgman.com.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 63, Washington 9
Patrick Thrapp – numbers guy: Washington and Stanback are a better team this year than the last two seasons. I'd even venture to say UW is better than UAB, but I wouldn't put any money on it just yet. Like someone on the Dawgman.com message board said, "If we force OU to pass we are doing the right thing." Our kicking game is good, especially our punting. Our running game appears to be better. So if we can take care of the ball, and can contain Adrian Pederson, we may just be in the game at the end. I have some hope, but not enough to predict the upset, but it will be a good showing.

Prediction: Oklahoma 30, Washington 21
Rick Samek – albatross: And indeed they came. The ever-dwindling band of holiday revelers, in dire search of verisimilitude, gathered at Husky Stadium last Saturday to witness the annual appearance of Montlake Malamute and wondering aloud - would he again see his shadow, proclaiming another eleven weeks of dark, cold season? After opening his kennel and squinting through a 35-29 victory over a San Jose State team picked to finish seventh in the WAC, we will get a better idea this weekend of just how much shadow ol' Mal saw.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 30, Washington 10
Aaron Beach – Columnist: After an ugly win against UAB last week, the surly Oklahoma Sooners are looking for a whipping boy. Welcome to Norman, Huskies. I hope you brought your helmets. The Sooners are better than the UAB game indicated, but the bigger question is whether or not the Dawgs are better than the SJSU game showed and can they hang tough against a team that features a roster full of bigger, stronger, faster players. The Dawgs are amped for the game no doubt, and may stay close for a quarter or two, but eventually the Husky defense will tire allowing Adrian Peterson to run riot. The Dawg defense can't get off the field as Peterson rushes for 200 and the Sooners flatten the Huskies.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 31, Washington 10
Henry Han – Seattle Times: Oh boy. This is the big time boys. In the words of a man that once wore a sweater vest and coached here, the Huskies will be looking to "right the ship" that has been sinking the past three years. But let's be realistic here. Oklahoma and Washington are so far apart in terms of where they are that it would take the purplest Kool-Aid for me to predict a Washington win here. Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong on Saturday. Plus it doesn't help that Sooners RB Adrian Peterson will be even more motivated after what he admitted was a sub-par effort against UAB. Let's just hope the Huskies escape Norman with their pride, dignity and health.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma 45, Washington 10
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