Player Quotes - Oklahoma

Players were understandably dejected following their 37-20 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners on the road, but they took some positives out of the game and they said they're focusing on Fresno State now it what could prove to be a pivitol game.

RB Kenny James (10 carries, 70 yards and 1 TD)

On his 54-yard scoring run: "It was just a regular iso-play. That was just downhill smash-mouth football. Coach Willingham said we were going to run it tough down here and we did that today."

On the emotion of the team after his touchdown: "We felt good. We felt like we had control of the game for a minute, but like I said Oklahoma responded real well and we made a couple mistakes. I liked out effort, but mistakes happen and we just have to keep fighting every play."

On the effort of the Washington offensive line: "Our offensive line is great. I don't know why everybody keeps doubting our offensive line. They do a great job of opening up holes. People can say what they want to say, they're entitled to their own opinions, but we know how hard they work and we know how good they can be.

QB Isaiah Stanback (9 of 22, 139 yards; 12 carries, 18 yards)

Thoughts on the game: "We didn't execute very well the whole game. My turnover pretty much was the turning point. I was just trying to make a play and I lost the ball."

On Oklahoma's defense keying on him: "I knew they were going to key on me, but that's why other guys are there to make plays. We had some guys step up and make plays and I tried to turn it on in the second half. I'm sure they were spying me. I'm sure it was a mission for them to keep me from getting into a groove running it and they times they didn't spy me I needed to do a better job of capitalizing on it."

On what he could have done better: "I needed to make better reads. I didn't make good reads today. Mainly in the running game I made really bad reads and that turnover was huge."

P Sean Douglas (five punts, 56 yard average, 82 yard long)

On whether he knew about breaking the school record before someone told him: "We have guys that take stats on the sideline. They came up to me and told me it was this long, but those are our guys so I thought they may have given me a couple yards."

On the return of the record-setting punt by Reggie Smith: "He didn't look like he wanted to pick it up, but he did and he got a really big return. The only thing I think I could have done better on that one was to get it more toward the sideline so maybe it rolls out of bounds as opposed to rolling into his hands."

On the blocked punt: "If I see something I'll usually try to move and still get the kick off, but on that one I didn't see anything. I have no clue where he came from."

Dashon Goldson (two tackles, one pass-breakup)

On his ankle getting better: "I think it can get well. It's been progressing since the beginning of camp. It comes with a lot of rehab and rest, but I'm just trying to get back on the field so I can help my team."

On when he "tweaked" his ankle in the game: "It was on Adrian (Peterson's) first long run late in the first quarter."

On why the secondary was a little more aggressive this week: "They kept throwing quick outs and little quick passes so we started pressing up a little bit and try to challenge them at the line of scrimmage."

LB Scott White (12 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 interception, 1 fumble recovery)

On if the game was personal for him: "Coach Willingham really challenged me that they have a Butkus-caliber linebacker on their team and he challenged me. He said ‘if you want to be mentioned in that breath then this is the platform to do it on. That really challenged me."

On positives from the game: "We just have to learn how to play four quarters of consistent football. We can't have lulls in our game where we come out on fire and then fizzle out and then try to turn it back on. When you play teams like this, in this type of an atmosphere and you do that, you're not going to win."

On next week's Fresno State game: "This is a critical week. In the past, I've been here, and the first time adversity hits it's a snowball effect and we cannot have that this year. We lost the game to Cal last year, the second game of the season, we lost the first game too, but the Cal game really took us some steps back. This week, we have the hot team coming in with a road-warrior mentality and we really have to take it to these guys. It's critical."

TE Johnie Kirton (3 receptions for 31 yards)

On playing almost the whole game: "It's always fun to step up to the challenge and need to be that guy and as far as physically it's a little different. My body started getting tired at the end, but it was ok. Stepping up for the team was important for me and I did my best to do that."

On James' big touchdown run: "All week we talked about how we would run down the field on them and for the first play to go big it was very uplifting for us."

On comfort-level at tight end: "A lot of things that I struggled with last year, things that weren't second-nature for me are starting to become that. I've grown into the position with the help of the other tight ends and coach Simmons, coach Denbrock and coach Yarber have all helped in all the aspects of it."

On chemistry with Isaiah Stanback: "Normally, me and Isaiah make good eye-contact, but on that play where I had the linebacker on my hip and then I didn't see the other one to my right, that is something we normally do pretty well, but I didn't do it well on that play."

LG Stanley Daniels

On difference between first and second half: "Offensively we weren't as productive. We had a lot of three-and-outs in the second half and offensively we missed our shots. We didn't capitalize on their mistakes. There were a lot of times when we drove well and settled for a field goal and offensively you have to be more consistent when we play a team like this because they are a very good team.

On adjustments that Oklahoma made defensively: "We had a lot of plays that worked for us in the first half, that, because they stopped their blitzing, we as an offensive line needed to get some better communication because they were bringing pressure from different areas."

On the importance of the offensive line: "Every team lives and dies with the O-line. We have to be more consistent. If you look at any national championship team, ever, their offensive line is really good and that's what the main thing is."

SS C.J. Wallace (9 tackles)

On the effort of the team: "We played hard as we could. Certain things, we could have done to make things turn out a different way, but Oklahoma is a good team and if you make mistakes they'll make you pay for them"

On Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson: "He's just like a regular Oklahoma back. They always produce good running backs and he fits right in there. He's real fast, real athletic and the boy can play ball."

On Oklahoma QB Paul Thompson's performance: "He threw the ball better than we probably thought he could – like on deep balls and stuff like that. His receivers went up and made some big grabs for them so everything came into play for them.

On the play of the secondary: "I think we'll be just fine. Just a few little tune-ups here and there, we won't let this game get us down. We're going to come out and get things back to where they need to be to get some more wins." Top Stories