In this Issue: Dawgs wilt in second half - Cougars bloom against Idaho - Ducks trick Fresno State - Buckeyes gouge the eyes of Texas - Notre Dame clinches National Title

Husky fans encouraged although discouraged
Race Bannon

Hey, it wasn't a real bad blow out like we have seen far too many of lately, but then again it was a 17 point defeat that had the usual roll over and show submissiveness moment that seems to define Husky Football these days.

Todd Turner, Husky AD, was encouraged by the results.

"Heck, I was talking to some old friends at Vanderbilt and they were feeling good about coming within three points of Alabama on the road. I'm glad that our fans are getting with that spirit and understanding that college football is about competing and writing checks, not winning games," exclaimed Todd as he prepared his Blog for shootmeinthebrainrightnowIcan'

"Golly gee I am glad to see the half brains finally get it with what we are trying to do here."

Your grizzled scribe is going to wait a week to see if we actually saw anything different or if we just saw what we wanted to see. If this parlays into a win over Fresno State, then we can note it as a nice step back into relevance. If they lose at home to Fresno, then expect a long season to come.

The team did look more like a football team, and as we have always said, rumors of this team not having talent have always been greatly exaggerated. I noted that in the first half Bob Griese was singing the praises of Coach Willingham and then blamed our untalented players for blowing the 2nd half. Some things don't' change.

In an unrelated story, NCAA officials looking to shorten the game further might consider eliminating half time from Husky games. Word is that Husky coaches don't know what to do with that entire extra time anyway. Oklahoma adjusted their defense and offense and came out and blew the doors off the Huskies.

Special teams continue to be poor with the exception of the two kickers. Blocked kicks, big returns by the Sooners and lousy returns by the Huskies are not the hallmark of a well coached team.

DFI legend Isaiah Stanback is bearing the brunt of the criticism for reverting to his bad form, and for a major fumble on the OU goal line. It was crucial, and while I blame Stanback for the fumble, I blame the defense for rolling over for a 92 yard drive that followed. You don't HAVE to get that discouraged, even if everyone will give you a free pass for it.

However, Stanback can never hang his head and mope on the bench again after a gaffe, as he did after that fumble. He is this team's leader and must show it.

Stanback needs to pick it up now or the season will swiftly swirl down the drain, and this team should be in a bowl other than the white porcelain one in your bathroom this season.

Of course if defensive mastermind Kent Baer keeps making Heisman Candidates out of obscure quarterbacks, we're doomed in the Pac 10 anyway.

It is time to stop learning and start doing and that time is this week at Husky Stadium. If you can compete with Oklahoma you can beat Fresno. So just do it.

And rumor has it the Husky secondary is going to show up this week.

PREDICTION: UW 29, Fresno State 27
Ducks trick whips Fresno
Mallard N. Moore

It took a trick option off a field goal try for Mighty Oregon to finally subdue Fresno State in the BCS Nike Raisin Bowl at legendary Jim Sweeny Stadium in the Central Valley.

With the score tied at 24, UO got a field goal blocked, but the kick floated over the line of scrimmage, where Leon Lett inexplicably touched it for Fresno, allowing the Ducks another set of downs inside the 5 yard line after they recovered the ball. Fresno held again, forcing another field goal attempt that the shifty Mike Bellotti turned into a fake that scored the go ahead TD.

"It is why I am the man," noted a humble Bellotti in his post game press conference as he confirmed that UW had indeed lost to OU. "I am often the difference between winning and losing here, so it's nothing new for me to save the day the way that I did."

Fresno ran at will most of the night through the soft underbelly of the Duck defense. Frankly, the Ducks were lucky to survive this one, as Fresno may have been looking ahead to their game with mighty Washington.

Next up is a visit from OU. Expect the Autzen Advantage to make the Ducks a step quicker and the Sooners to struggle behind their inexperienced QB. You know the drill, Ducks jump out big early and hold on for dear life late.

The Rest of the Pac - USC took the week off to prepare for their virtual game against the 1971 Nebraska team…the 06 Huskers and Trojans meet Saturday night as well in the game of the week out west…Pappy Tedford saw his Bears rebound with a rout over Minnesota at un-remodeled Strawberry Alarm Clock Stadium – Incense and Peppermint, the color of time.…Nate Longshore finally had his break out game…UCLA struggled with Rice while the Other Stoops and Arizona got beat down bad by LSU, former home of our "football" president, Elmer Gantry…ASU whipped Nevada and gets 0-2 Colorado next…San Jose beat Stanford….again….don't be surprised if Navy beats Stanford this week as well…Martin P. Vandal Stadium was rocking for the return of Coach Jack Daniels, but the Cougs survived a close one over Idaho. That sour mash defense isn't quite mature yet…Beaver fans have complained about a lack of coverage, so here goes – Oregon State was humiliated and blown out by Boise State…Happy now?

The Nation - Notre Dame opened a can of Weiss Whip Ass and embarrassed Penn State while clinching a BCS bid with their 2nd win of the season…Ohio State clawed the eyes out of Texas at Austin in an easier than expected 24-7 win…Tennessee and Florida meet next week and Michigan travels to Notre Dame…the Vols barely survived Air Force, in a classic sandwich game near upset. DeBerry bravely went for two but was denied.…The Wolverines appear to be over matched against the Weiss Warriors…Clemson is reeling from a blocked extra point in overtime that allowed BC to win…next up is the Bowden Bowl against FSU and Poppa…Pops almost lost to Troy, coached by Brad Pitt.

The fact that you read this is a moral victory for me, dear readers. Let's be loud and proud this Saturday and win one for the Ripper – Race Top Stories