Player/Coach quotes - Fresno State

It's been a rarity the past two seasons, but the Husky players were all smiles following their hard-fought 21-20 victory over Fresno State on Saturday at Husky Stadium. Below are some player and coach thoughts following one of the biggest wins in years for the program.

S C.J. Wallace (17 tackles, two tackles for loss, one forced fumble)

On the win propelling the Huskies: "In my opinion Fresno State is a top 25 team and they are real good. We've seen them play against a really good Oregon team and they probably should have won that game. We knew they were a good team and it's a good win and it helps us to head into the Pac 10."

On Fresno State RB Dwayne Wright: "He's different than Adrian Peterson. Not as fast as Adrian, but he's a tough, inside-runner. The first play he got me and I said ‘I'm not going to go out like that' and when I hit him I think he fumbled."

On the feeling of being 2-1: "Last year we went 2-9 and this year we're already 2-1 at the beginning of the season. It feels good to go in there with a winning record heading into Pac 10 play and we're not even playing our best football so I feel that if we come in and step it up more and cut down on the missed tackles, the sky is the limit for us."

LG Stanley Daniels

On Isaiah Stanback's performance: "Isaiah had a great game out there. He was our emotional leader. When times got hard, he was out there telling us ‘come on, let's go and get this'. I'm happy for him with how he played today."

On Fresno State's style of play: "They're a real physical team. They have two really big guys. They have some really aggressive linebackers. They were everything we expected them to be. The coaches told us this was going to be a dog-fight and that is exactly what it was."

On the psyche of the team right now: "It's excellent. Coach Willingham told us this was going to be the hardest game of this part of the season. Coming home after going to Oklahoma and playing Fresno State at our place, a team that goes to team's places and beats them there and they had intentions of coming to get us. So he told us it was going to be a hard game and it feels good to get a win and it gives us a lot of momentum heading into Pac 10 play."

Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer

On the final series of the game for Fresno State: "I think we really confused them. I was up in the box today and I thought (Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater) was a little confused on some of his passes and a tough time on some of his reads. The key was, they were running the ball really well, so the key was getting them into some third downs so we could take advantage of that."

On being in the booth: "I'd been thinking about that for a long time and I've never called a game from upstairs and I thought it was the best thing for the football team. J.D. (Williams) coached those DBs as hard as he could and it allowed me to look at my stats and get my thoughts together. I really enjoyed it. I'm staying up."

On the poise of the team at the end of the game: "That PAT block was huge. We put that in just this week and (Ceasar Rayford) almost got one earlier in the game. That's part of coaching and it's fun doing that stuff."

On the poor tackling: "I was really disappointed in our tackling today because we're better than that. That kid is a heck of a back because the kid we played last week (Peterson) wants to come up and bounce things. (Wright) just wants to come at you and run over you. We knew we needed to tackle and we stepped up and did a better job of that in the second half, but I was disappointed with how we started."

DE Ceasar Rayford (l blocked extra-point)

On his emotions after he blocked the kick: "It was so exciting and it's one of the happiest times since I've been here."

On the block: "Daniel (Te'o Nesheim) blew his guy back and there was space there and, I knew Daniel would get it done, so I said to myself ‘he's going to blow this guy back' so he blew the guy back and I got in there and extended and I felt it hit my hand and I was like ‘wow did I just block this?' so I have to give credit to him because he caused the gap in there."

WR Marcel Reece (3 catches for 62 yards; 2 rushes for 9 yards)

On getting more playing time: "I feel more comfortable in the system and I'm just waiting to have my coming out party and making some even bigger plays for this offense."

On how much more he can improve on: "Coach Willingham and I are on the same page. There's a little bit more of what I can do that I haven't shown yet. I'm just waiting to come out and to show everybody in Seattle and around the world what we can do."

On the physicality of Fresno State: "We knew coming in that Fresno State was physical. That's what they have a reputation for. We wanted to show that we're physical too and that we can hit people in the mouth and I think we showed that today."

On the crowd: "The crowd was definitely a big part of it. It is good to have them in the stands – they are our 12th man on the field. It feels good. We just have to keep them here, keep smiles on their faces and keep winning."

QB Isaiah Stanback (15 of 26, 151 yards, 2 TD; 93 yards rushing, 1 TD)

On the team's 2-1 start: "It feels good. Especially being undefeated at home. Our fans were a big part of our game today. They helped our defense out a lot. Next week there are going to be a lot more students here because school is about to start and is going to help out a lot more."

On his recovery from last week's game: "You know me, when I have a bad game I'm going to try my best to come back the next game. We knew coming in here they were going to try to clock the box and not let us run. We still need to do a better job of moving the ball on the ground, but they wanted to challenge us and we answered it by throwing the rock."

On his offensive output today (242 out of team total 279 yards): "We didn't execute our game plan the way we really wanted to. We threw the ball well today. If the call is to pass, I'm going to pass or I am going to make something happen. That is the case all the time."

Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano

On the momentum following this win: "A win here, at least it starts it and it shows we're going in the right direction. I think you have to give us credit and say this thing is moving in the right direction. This was a good football team we just played and we found a way to win in the fourth-quarter and we haven't done that around in very often in the last four years and this time when it was on the line in the fourth-quarter we were able to get it done. This give our kids the belief in what we're trying to get done here."

On the inability to run the football: "I'm a little bit annoyed that we weren't able to run the football. We can't get away with throwing the ball as much as we did this week. We'll work on it and we'll get it figured out and get it going."

On Stanback's play: "This is really only his second year of playing the position. He's going to get nothing but better and better. He learned the hard way last week, but I was really proud of the way he rebounded. There was a lot of pressure on him this week and he knew it and he answered the bell today and it was nice to see him make plays today with his arm and his feet." Top Stories