Visit Report - Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas has been of one mind after choosing to attend Washington on a basketball scholarship earlier in the year. But the 5-foot-8 guard from Curtis High School in University Place still had some unfinished business to attend to; his official visit. So he took advantage this past weekend to check things out and came out of it yearning to be a year older than he really is.

"I wish I was in college this year," Thomas lamented. "The players and coaches just make the game that much better." He got a chance to bear witness to that statement in person later in the visit.

"I'd seen the school, but I didn't really see all the other departments to the school," Thomas told Sunday night after getting back home from his time on Montlake. "I met all the Deans, the was just a fun experience. I loved the weekend.

"I already knew the players, but I got more time to spend with them and more time to spend with the coaches. It was just a fun deal this weekend. The atmosphere was just great."

That included a trip to Husky Stadium to see Washington's football team beat Fresno State 21-20. "It was fun and exciting. I didn't realize the stadium was that big," Thomas said. But it was the practice and ensuing pickup game, that had Isaiah's interest piqued from the beginning of the visit, as well as that of another player in for an official visit - 6-foot-8 power forward prospect Darnell Gant from Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles.

"It was fun. It was intense," he said when asked about how Washington's practice went. "They (coaches) were working just as hard as the players." And although the coaches couldn't watch Thomas play with the current team, they still reiterated the same message they have been relaying to him for some time.

"They said I have it down, I just need to get in the weight room and work on the defensive side of the ball," Thomas said. "They told me that guys like Nate (Robinson) and JD (Justin Dentmon) get 3-4 rebounds a game, and so they want me to work on my strength."

Since Thomas is assured of signing with the Huskies early, he took the time on the court as a way of introducing himself to the team and also as a chance to make sure his future teammates got a big whiff of what his game is all about. From the start, Thomas built some chemistry with Quincy Pondexter, throwing him darts for easy buckets. "A lot of people don't know that about me," he said of his ability as a passer. "But I'm a point guard. If I have players around me, I can get them involved. I've been doing that forever.

"It just makes it more fun. It's a lot easier when you don't have to score a lot of points and you have other guys that can put the ball in the hole. I just have fun, go out there and play and have fun, joke around. It's a family thing."
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