Kovalcheck hangs ten with top five

Richard Kovalcheck, the 6-2.5, 205-pound signal caller out of San Diego (Calif.) Saint Augustine is gearing up for a 2002 season with an all-new offensive line and just one returning wideout from last year's squad. But there should be little doubt that Kovalcheck's field leadership and strong arm will do anything but impress this fall. Meanwhile, he's preparing himself physically by running and surfing.

"I've been surfing a lot," Richard told Dawgman.com. "It helps bulk up the shoulders, you know." Kovalcheck has been lifting moderately, but wants to avoid bulking up--something important for a quarterback that runs a spread offense with four wideouts. Not surprisingly, his ability to routinely hit receivers on 25-yard stop patterns hasn't gone unnoticed by top Division One coaches.

"I just found out that I had a scholarship from Notre Dame," he said. "I didn't know about it before. I wasn't really clear." Coaches are impressed with Kovalcheck because he is "a complete quarterback"--intelligent, poised, and can deliver the ball anywhere on the field. He won't be setting up any visits until the end of the quiet period, but don't be surprised if Seattle is the destination for one of them.

Since May, Kovalcheck's recruitment by Washington has been refreshingly different from other schools by following the old adage of 'quality not quantity.' "I've just been kind of a fan of Washington. They haven't really sent me that much information. I really don't get that many letters from them at all. I haven't got any more than ten letters at most. But then Coach Neuheisel just called me up in May and offered me a scholarship. And when they do send letters, it's like it's usually handwritten and they're pretty powerful letters."

And while Kovalcheck says that Colorado is still recruiting him the hardest, LSU has entered in to his somewhat fluid top five, rounded out by USC, Miami, and Washington. Look for Richard Kovalcheck to do big things at Saint Augustine his senior season--his is a name Husky fans should commit to memory as fall rounds the corner.

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