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Once again, it was a happy interview-room as players were all smiles after their big 29-19 romp of favored UCLA at Husky Stadium. The players were unanimous in their praise of the fans and their desire to stick with things even though, early on, nothing was going right. Below are the comments from several players following Saturday's big come-from-behind win.

QB Isaiah Stanback (18 of 29, 200 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT; 48 yards rushing)

On the game: "The defense played their hearts out, but the offense came out flat. We didn't do anything the first half. We made a decision at halftime to go out and play. If you are going to play the game you might as well play hard. We just had to make a decision to come out and play. We wanted to make a statement – we wanted to make sure we scored on our first drive and we told our defense to get a stop so we could score again."

On the comeback win after being down 16-0: "We knew we were nowhere near out of it. We were playing flat. Come halftime we had to make a decision. Warren Moon came over to me and said something in my ear right before the half, when we got that scoring drive, and ever since then I was focused."

On Johnie Kirton's touchdown catch: "That was huge. He got off on a good start last week and got one, and he got another one this time. Those guys do so much blocking and sometimes they don't get much credit. But he is playing his butt of right now with the absence of some of our key guys."

OG Stanley Daniels

On beating UCLA: "I wouldn't say it's a monkey off my back, but we haven't beaten them since I got here. It feels good to finally get a win on them. They are a really good team and their defense is really aggressive – it was a brawl out there."

On Willingham's halftime speech: "He just told us to go out there and play the way we normally play. He didn't feel like we were playing up to our level of play. He didn't feel that we were being ourselves."

On the fans: "We need the fans. I thank the city of Seattle for supporting us like that. We need that every week and they're a big part of us and they are a big part of Husky football. Anytime our fans come out and support us like that it gives us more confidence."

LB Dan Howell (2 tackles, 1 INT, 1 TD)

On knowing his dad is watching him: "I used to do things, they weren't bad things, but some things those were things I needed to not be doing. God is always watching over us, but now that I know my dad is watching me too, it's like that extra motivation to do things right all the time whether someone is watching me or not. (My dad) is always with me."

On his mentality now that his dad is gone: "I'm capable of doing more things than I thought I could. I always expect myself to do things at the highest level because this is the D-1 level, but with this event happening in my life, there really is no box in anything I do. I can do this or that. I need to do better and do a little bit more all the time."

On how his dad raised him: "My father has brought me up to be strong and stay focused and get the job done and no excuses. If I allowed my father's death to slow me down or get me down it would really be failing him and I'd be failing my teammates and I'd be failing myself. What makes champions is when bad things happen in your life, are you going to make an excuse not to go on? I expect my coaches to keep yelling at me as much as they have before because I'm not going to fail my dad by not going on."

Mesphin Forrester (3 tackles, 1 INT)

On the difference between the first quarter and the rest of the game: "As a defense we didn't make enough plays to stop them pretty much. We got better as the game went along and made better tackles and did a better job of getting after it in the second half.

On his interception: "I was behind the play and I just tipped it and I stuck my hands back out to get it and I got it before it hit the ground. All I know is that I caught it, there was no question in my mind."

WR Sonny Shackelford (9 receptions, 120 yards, 2 TD)

On their first conference win: "We got a good win today. We didn't start off as strong as we wanted to today, but we came out with the victory and we're 1-0 in the Pac 10 and we're 3-1 overall so it's great."

On adjustments the team made: "Basically it took everyone to do their assignment. It was basically guys trying to do more than they needed to be doing. So when we came out in the second half we just said ‘OK, you do your job and I'll do my job and we'll get this thing done' and that's what we did and the results are we got a win."

On the mental adjustment they needed to make: "Basically it was all mental. We were so excited to be playing the game against UCLA and stuff was just moving around too fast for us and pretty soon we started to calm down and we started to play Husky football."

LB Scott White (11 tackles, 1 forced fumble)

On UCLA's attitude this week: "They were cocky all week. There were some things said and we didn't feel they were taking us seriously enough. We felt they slapped us in the face real early and we were upset with ourselves and our effort. A lot of the guys where are seniors and leaders on this team really started picking things up for us to get the win versus them."

On the redzone stops: "When you drive all the way down there and you don't get in that can take a mental toll on you and you start thinking you aren't going to be able to score and that really kept us in the game. It kept us hanging around and then our offense came on late in the first half and that really got us going."

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