Kiilsgaard enjoys Washington visit

It's a rarity for the Huskies to host a football recruit during the season. The staff likes to bring in players after the season, hoping to focus solely on the recruit and then showcase their school, their campus and their program. This weekend they made an exception as Auburn (Wa.) QB Kellen Kiilsgaard was in the house for Washington's thrilling come-from-behind 29-19 victory over UCLA.

"It was a great game and a great visit," Kiilsgaard told on Monday night. "It was so much better than the past couple of years at the games because of how into it the crowd was and they ended up winning it. I had a really great time."

Because Kiilsgaard lives only about 30 minutes south of campus, he knows the area and that was a benefit to the staff as they were able to concentrate on showing one of the top athletes on the west coast where their program was headed and what he could expect should he choose to become a Husky.

"It was really great because that is why I wanted to take my trips during the season, so I could really see what the coaches are like," Kiilsgaard said. "They can't put on a front for you like they can during the offseason. You get to see how they truly are.

"It's really surprising how their personalities are so much different because they have a game to win so their gamefaces are on and it was really intense."

Kiilsgaard met up with the team at their hotel and attended all of the pre-game meetings.

"Jake Locker was my host and it was great hanging out with him because we have a lot in common," Kiilsgaard noted. "I sat through the offensive and special teams meetings and then I went up to Jake's room with him so he could get ready.

"Then when we got to the stadium I had a meeting with the President of the University (Mark Emmert) and the Athletic Director (Todd Turner) and then I went down on the sidelines for the pregame."

While on the sidelines, Locker and several friends who were on official visits with the baseball team got to hang out and talk.

"That was pretty cool because I had a lot of friends there so I watched the game with them," Kiilsgaard said. "I was the only football player there on an official visit so I got to hang out with the basketball and baseball players that were on officials too.

"It was really loud at the end of the game and the fans were so into it. The atmosphere was really special."

Then it was time to spend some real quality time with the coaching staff.

"Me, Jake, coach (Tyrone) Willingham, coach (Tim) Lappano, coach (Mike) Denbrock and coach (Chris) Tormey and my parents all went to the Ram for dinner," Kiilsgaard said. "We just talked about life and what it's like to be a Husky and we ate some good food too.

"Jake and I then went to his dorm room and we got to hang out with the players and I got to meet a lot of the freshman players. They were all really cool and I got along with them really well.

"When Jake and I talked it was about what I could expect coming in there as a quarterback. We laughed because we both have come from the same type of an offense, where we were runners first. He was really encouraging and we just talked about everything."

On Sunday, Kiilsgaard got to spend some serious film-study time with Lappano before he had a meeting with Willingham.

"I got to go over the game-film with coach Lappano and really get to know their offense and how they use their quarterback," Kiilsgaard said. "We talked about plays and we broke down the film which was really cool.

"Then I met with coach Willingham for a while and we talked about life and football and why Washington is such a great school and stuff like that. It was all just a really great visit."

With two visits out of the way, Kiilsgaard takes this weekend off and then will head to Berkeley to visit Jeff Tedford and the Golden Bears on October 7th when they host the Oregon Ducks and then he will head back to the Bay Area the following weekend on his fourth and final visit when he visits Stanford as they play host to Arizona.

"I don't think I'm going to take a visit to Arizona State because these four were the most important ones," Kiilsgaard said. "I think after that I should have a good idea of where I'm going to go."

Kiilsgaard said he didn't have a timeline following his final visit for when he will make a decision. "I'll decide when I feel I'm ready and then I'll be done," Kiilsgaard said. "I'll be comparing these final two visits with the first two because the first two were both great visits."

Kiilsgaard and his Auburn teammates will host Bonney Lake this Friday in an SPSL matchup.

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