Gant still has visits to take

Darnell Gant is a 6-foot-8, 200-pound forward from Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, and Gant is half-way through his world tour. He's already officially visited Washington and Oregon, and now he's ready to head off to Kentucky.

"It was a small town, but it's cool, I guess," Gant said of his trip to Eugene, Ore. "It's quiet. It's pretty. It's like a place you would go on vacation to."

Bryce Taylor and Champ Oguchi were the guys that stood out on the UO team, according to Gant.

And Ducks Head Coach Ernie Kent? "He's cool," Gant said. "He said I would be a perfect fit and that they need me."

At the same time, Gant said that there was no pressure for him to make a decision while he visited Oregon.

With official visits to Washington and Oregon done with, Kentucky is Gant's next stop. He'll be heading to Lexington this coming weekend. "I'm kind of getting burned out on the traveling," he said.

What have the UK coaches been telling Gant? "They said that they would play me like Tayshaun Prince," he said.

Gant said that he will also visit California before he makes a decision.

"I'm going to weigh everything out and see what happens next," said Gant. "I'm not really ready to make my decision yet, but I will be in due time."

Washington is his leader right now.

"I love Washington," he said. "Oregon was cool, but at Washington I had more fun. It was more of a city thing. But the facilities at Oregon - wow. They were crazy. Like for football...the locker rooms were just crazy."

At the time of this interview, Gant knew that Justin Holiday had verbally committed to Washington, and he wasn't sure what that meant for his recruitment as a Husky. "It does matter," he said of the Holiday commitment.

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