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Washington is 3-1 with a 1-0 unblemished record in Pac-10 play, after a stirring victory over the UCLA Bruins. The Wildcats enter the contest 2-2 after playing USC tough but dropping their Pac-10 opener. The game is very meaningful as it will show just how far both programs are along in their rebuilding processes. Here is what my staff thinks about Saturday evening's match up in the desert.

David Samek – Publisher: The recipe for beating Arizona is pretty much the same as it was for defeating UCLA. Isaiah Stanback running around making things happen and driving the Arizona defense crazy. Stanback's mobility is key in unleashing the rest of the Husky attack, and the Dawg quarterback needs to keep making the correct reads on when to run. He has stayed away from the crucial turnovers and mistakes the past two weeks, and now he must do that same thing on the road. Arizona will try to pound the ball at Washington, which is what they do. It will be a Tuitama vs. Stanback battle and I see #4 in white coming out on top.

PREDICTION: Washington 27, Arizona 17
Kim Grinolds – Managing Partner: This game won't be easy. Pac 10 games never are. It appears that Arizona may have more to play for than Washington. A loss by Arizona will certainly bring calls to serve up Mike Stoops as the sacrificial lamb and you can bet the media will be full of coaching change speculation if the ‘Cats lose at home to a rebuilding Husky team. Isaiah needs to play mistake free. If he's able to do that, UW wins. I'm betting he will.

PREDICTION: Washington 21, Arizona 17
Chris Fetters – Editor-in-Chief: Clearly, this road trip is happening at the right time; the Huskies are coming off a stunning comeback against UCLA while Arizona is a little beat up after losing to USC. The Wildcat community put everything into the USC game, hoping that this was the year UA would take the Trojans. Willie Tuitama is not at 100 percent, and he's playing behind a line that is suspect. Because this game is on the road and the Arizona front seven are that good, it's going to be a relatively low-scoring affair. But I believe once the Huskies break through in the game, the floodgates will open. This team has shown that they thrive on the emotion of the moment and can use that to their advantage. They had success last year at the same venue, and I don't think anything is going to change this year.

PREDICTION: Washington 28, Arizona 13
Scott Eklund – Columnist: It's hard to imagine the Huskies not being amped for this game following their great win versus UCLA, but the "revenge factor" from Arizona's standpoint may be able to neutralize that. Washington's defense seems to be coming into its own and Arizona's offense really isn't that dynamic as Willie Tuitama isn't 100% right now and they have absolutely no semblance of a running game. The Wildcat defense on the other hand has been pretty good and they are flying around. They also feature one of the league's best cover guys in Antoine Cason who has the ability to shut down half of the field. QB Isaiah Stanback must continue to make strides in his decision-making, something that has improved immensely even from three weeks ago in Norman, and be careful with the ball. If Washington can mount a running game, something they have struggled with the past two week, they should be able to eek out a win on the road.

PREDICTION: Washington 24, Arizona 20
Dick Baird – Columnist: The Huskies are turning the corner, and this weeks' game takes on that much more importance because of it. The defense is beginning to really click and the offense, built around Isaiah Stanback, is dangerous. They need to stay away from the turnovers. If they turn it over as much as they did against UCLA last weekend, I don't see them winning on the road. Washington wins a close one as Michael Braunstein connects on two important field goals.

PREDICTION: Washington 20, Arizona 17
Race Bannon – Satire columnist: Race Bannon puts out his weekly predictions in his featured magazine Duckfighter Illusrtrated. You can follow Race's zany and clever lampooning of the Pac-10 and the rest of the nation each week here at Dawgman.com.

PREDICTION: Washington 30, Arizona 27
Patrick Thrapp – numbers guy: Pith, spat, excuse me while I spit out the crow feathers. Yes I was wrong about this team last week, although I thought of Kim's prediction in that 1st half. Thinking DAMN he seems to know something. Good thing it wasn't for long. Now the team is back on the road. One would think Arizona is beatable, but road games in the Pac are no gimmies. I can't imagine though the Cats will have a D much better than any UW has seen to date. I hope these Huskies can get their running game going again. Plus I believe we won't be seeing 4 turnovers either. So I certainly like our chances. The 2 stats I look at are yards per 7 points and plays per 7 points. UW takes 92 yards & 17 plays to score 7 points. Arizona uses 135 yards & 32 plays to score 7. They hold their opponents to slightly better than our DAWGs do in those stats. With that in mind I am going to sip on that purple Kool-Aid and pick the DAWGs to win in the desert.

PREDICTION: Washington 24, Arizona 20
Rick Samek – Columnist: Clearly there are challenges here. Arizona hasn't scored a touchdown against a Division 1-A opponent since September 2 against BYU, and it wouldn't surprise to see something new (read: not on film) from the ‘Cats after mustering only 154 yards against USC. Coach Stoops had this one circled in deep red from the moment Washington left the desert last year with their first league win in two years. Now we all know that the Huskies have to at least try to do some pounding, to keep the spread viable. And they can't just let it go to their heads that two decent wins constitutes as season – last week's bazooka shrinks to a water pistol with a misstep in Tucson. But it's beginning to look like their best bet is to remember 2000 – and play completely to the strengths of Isaiah Stanback, who has seeded the ground of a legacy that could reach Tuiasosopo-like proportions should this turnaround continue full-face to a decent bowl game. His next obstacle: Taking his show on the road. Too bad it isn't on the tube, cuz I think it will be a good one. I also think this turnaround thing continues on.

PREDICTION: Washington 30, Arizona 17
Aaron Beach – Columnist: How sweet was it to hear Husky stadium roaring like an AC DC concert last Saturday? Man I've missed that. How to the Dawgs follow up the biggest win in years? By obliterating Arizona on Saturday night. The new Isaiah Stanback and his five wide outs are possibly more difficult to defend than any team in the Pac 10, including USC, as long as he can hit his targets and keep defenses honest. Arizona will put points up, but their offense isn't scaring anyone, including the reinvigorated Huskies and the offensive renaissance will continue to evolve Saturday night as Willingham unveils a few more surprises and the Dawgs spank the cats and move to! 4-1.

PREDICTION: Washington 41, Arizona 17
Henry Han – Seattle Times: Fans have been clamoring for the Huskies to finally establish that momentum, but now the question is, can they maintain it? It's a classic case of never being able to please the masses: Win because you are expected to win. And the Huskies should be able to win this week as well. Isaiah Stanback has been 98.9% of the offense the past two wins, but I don't think he can keep that up. Unless Kenny James and Louis Rankin shoulders some of the load eventually, Washington's balloon will burst and it'll be back to the drawing board. Washington should be fine this week, but I would like to see Rankin and James have bog games leading into USC. Can you feel the bandwagon getting full?

PREDICTION: Washington 24, Arizona 14
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