Coaches' quotes - UW/UA

Here are the quotes you need to know about after Washington's 21-10 win over Arizona Saturday night in Tucson, Ariz. Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham, Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer and Arizona Head Coach Mike Stoops are all interviewed.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham

On the play of his team:
They did a lot of things well, but the most impressive thing they did was keep them off the scoreboard. With the ability to provide some pressure - even out of our three-man sets - it was a pretty good day for our defense.

On why all the offense came in the second quarter:
We probably had our best execution. We caught fire there and caught things pretty well.

On throwing the ball deep:
It was part of our game plan. We felt like they were sitting on some of our routes at the intermediate depth and the only way to stop that is to go by them. And we made the plays.

On the play of the defense:
The defense played very aggressively and kept (Arizona) off the board. We had the ability to apply pressure and make things difficult for them.

On being able to run the ball against UA:
I am really pleased with the running game, moreso earlier in the game than later. I'm pleased with how the guys came out and ran the ball; the backs and offensive line did a nice job.

On injuries sustained during the game:
I think (Anthony) Russo came out with a concussion, but he should be back Wednesday. Isaiah (Stanback) came out with a leg bruise, but he went back in. Chris Stevens suffered a little bit of an asthma attack here, but he should be fine next week.

On Kenny James not getting a lot of time:
It was just the way our rotations worked. He's fine.

On Scott White not starting:
We felt it was better that he didn't.

On dealing with success and being 4-1:
They've had success before. Maybe they've had to go back to high school to remember what that kind of success is like, but they've had success before.

On the deja vu of the final UW drive of the first half:
The drive to end the first half was a really big drive, the only thing is I wish we could have put something (on the board) the next quarter. That really would have put us where we wanted to be and that's what our conversations were with our guys.

On the up and down nature of UW's offensive output:
I don't think I ever coached a football game that hasn't been up and down, even on a really good day. But our guys really played hard and continued to fight throughout the whole game.

On being tempted to sit on ball at the end of the first half:
No. We thought we were moving and that was a critical juncture of the ballgame. If you can get something out of that, you put yourself in a good position.

On blitzing more against UA: It was the nature of the team we were playing. We felt like we had to apply some pressure to them.

On where he wants to be with this team:
We're still working. That's our goal, to keep working everyday.

On QB Isaiah Stanback's play:
I thought it was pretty good. I thought he had some throws and our receivers had some catches. And I think he also had some critical runs to help us out. And probably, if there weren't some penalties on some plays, it's an even more spectacular day.
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On being aggressive:
I felt like we could take some chances and get after this guy (Willie Tuitama) a little bit. They did a pretty good job of protecting him, but we certainly put some pressure on him. They surprised me coming out during the third quarter. They had those two runs and then they threw the ball for the rest of the half. I just don't think we matched their speed at the beginning of the third quarter. Other than that, it was a pretty good football game.

On calling so many blitzes:
I thought we could get to him and cover him. We mixed it up. Looking at my call sheet, I don't think I had anything left. And that was one long call sheet. That almost never happens in a game. But we did a good job of mixing it up and we showed them a lot of looks. I don't know if we confused him or not, but there were some passes that were incomplete. His percentage was not too bad.

On individual standouts:
It's hard to say from the box, but Scott (White) made some crucial plays. On third down down by the goal-line and also coming off the edge and doing some things we had dialed up for him...he didn't practice much this week, but we told him that if he was to go on Saturday that he really had to go. Brandon (Ala) and Greyson (Gunheim) did a nice job too. We were dropping eight there a lot in the fourth quarter. We weren't as aggressive in the fourth quarter. We had a few called, but to get sacks on that quarterback (Willie Tuitama) only rushing three was pretty good.

On getting more snaps from CB Dashon Goldson:
That was huge, just because of the depth. Just like any other football team, we've got 12 games in a row and we've only played our fifth - but we've got our shares of dings and bumps and bruises just like anybody else. So to get him in and go a few snaps...we gave up the one touchdown on a fourth down, that was disappointing...but after that it was pretty good.

On whether or not he's ever been this aggressive calling a game at UW:
No question about it. I told Coach (Willingham) that we were going to be aggressive and I told the staff and Coach (JD) Williams felt good about it. I ran it all by him just to make sure we feel good about it. A lot of it has to do with the mental makeup and whether or not they believe they can, and I think they did a good job at it.

On picking up the slack in the second half:
It's just a matter of being aggressive. We gave up a couple of things, but any time you can shut out a team in the fourth quarter...our third-down defense was outstanding, we gave up only one of 14. We've really improved on that and I'm happy about that.

On being more aggressive now that the players are comfortable with it:
Oh yeah, definitely. It's what they can handle. They are gaining some confidence and believing that they are a good football team. And when you believe in that, it's amazing what you can do. You start playing with more confidence, being more aggressive and not sitting back.
Arizona Head Coach Mike Stoops

On the game:
I'm very disappointed in our effort in some areas in the first half. There was an eight to nine-minute stretch where we broke down in some areas. We dug ourselves into a hole and we couldn't get out. We had some of the same problems; we were one for 13 on first downs, we lacked run production and we lost our edge defensively during that period. They're a good football team and I thought they played well.

On missed opportunities:
Dominic Patrick has two touchdowns if he just catches the ball. Give credit to Tyrone (Willingham); his kids make plays. They did a great job believing in themselves.

On where the team goes from here:
We're not there yet. It's tough but we will bounce back on Monday and get ready for UCLA.

On the first touchdown:
It was a play-action pass and Dominic (Patrick) missed his read and bit on a play-action and they got it in.

On the second catch:
That (Quintin) Daniels made a nice catch. Antoine (Cason) had good coverage but the kid made a nice play.

On the offense:
We got down there a couple of times and hurt ourselves which is somewhat frustrating. We have got to get better at protecting the quarterback. Ultimately it comes down to not being able to run the football. We're just not playing good enough and should be playing better. I think we let a good opportunity slip away. Washington is a good football team. We need to believe in our quarterback and keep building the team around him.

On the defense:
We missed some tackles. We have a problem with positioning and when we get out of position it is hard to make the play.

On Isaiah Stanback's performance this game compared to last season:
He threw for 293 yards. His numbers were flipped. I liked our run defense. He has a tremendous arm and his receivers made nice catches. He is a good player, and is a great threat running the ball. Top Stories