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Here are quotes from various players from Washington after the Huskies took care of the Arizona Wildcats 21-10 in front of 55,409 fans at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Ariz. The Huskies improved to 4-1 and 2-0 in league, while the 'Cats went to 2-3 and 0-2 in conference action.

Washington Player Quotes

Junior Linebacker Dan Howell

On their play:
We do what the coach says, which is that we have to dig deeper if we want to do better.

On how the defense started:
Tonight, we didn't come out fast enough and Arizona took advantage of that.

On the difference in the game:
They (Arizona) played well and had some big plays, but we just played better tonight.

On having to carry the torch in the second half for Washington:
Ultimately, whether the offense is playing well or not, there's always going to be pressure on the defense. You have to come out fast. And we did a little bit, so that's why they got us.

On being aggressive:
We knew from the start...(Baer) said that we were going to get in (Tuitama's) face, we're going to pressure him...we felt that if we got in his face, he would make some mistakes. It ended up being true. For me, I'm learning how to be a 'true' linebacker...mind, soul, when I have a chance to blitz, I'm going to come hard, come fast. Whenever I hear 'blitz', I just go.

On whether or not he gets just a little more excited when blitzes are called:
Coach always wants to blitz. He tells us that his mother tells him to blitz every play. We also have to show the coaches that we can play straight-up zone or straight-up man, stuff like that. We have to keep offenses honest, but we have to bring the pressure too. We're getting to that point.
Senior Linebacker Scott White

On UW's game plan:
Before this game, we watched tape and we saw that they (Arizona) did a nice job on the LSU quarterback. We knew that we couldn't let (Tuitama) get in any rhythm. If he got into a rhythm, we were going to be in trouble.

On his pre-game injury:
I had an AC sprain in my shoulder, so I wasn't sure how much I was even going to play at all this game. It wasn't really progressing during the week, so the trainers and doctors did a fantastic job of getting me ready to play. I just went out there and played hard.

On how his shoulder was after the game:
It's getting a little sore, the pain medicine is wearing off. I anticipate it'll be a little sore for the next few days, but it's nice knowing that we got the win.

On when he hurt his shoulder:
I played half the third quarter and all the fourth quarter (of the UCLA game) pretty much with one arm.

On taking over in the second half:
We were doing what we are coached to do, which is executing on defense. It seemed like every call they made, we had the perfect call for them. (Baer) did a fantastic job calling the game and getting us in the right situation for down and distance.

On this being a 'must-win' game:
Every game in this league is a must-win. We wanted to set the table so we can go into the tougher part of our schedule. So we came out tonight and we wanted to get momentum for the rest of our games.

On his two straight TFL's in the third quarter:
I just did what I was told to do. The first time I sparked inside, beat my man and made the play. The next play I just executed the defense. I was at the right place, right time.

On rankings and what it might mean:

We're not concerned with all of that. We can be ranked wherever, we still have to come out and play. We're just trying to go out and play a complete 60 minutes.
Senior quarterback Isaiah Stanback

On the 21 second-quarter points:
The coaches were calling the plays and we just executed. That's all it was.

On the differences between this year's win at UA and last year's win at UA:
We're a different team this year than what we were last year when we played here.

On why they found success in the second quarter, but not the rest of the game:
We did a good job of executing in the second quater, but to tell you the truth, I'm not that happy right now. We won, but the defense definitely saved our butts.

On passing better this year, as opposed to running better in last year's win:
It's just what took place. We should have had more today, but that's just what worked out.

On sensing any deja vu with the quick score at the end of the second quarter:
It's a lot different when you have the Hail Mary.

On if the game went the way he planned:
They are going to have adjustments, every team has adjustments. We know that (Stoops') brother is at Oklahoma, so we were trying to expect some of the things that happened to us that game. You have to expect it. Every team runs the same things, so you have to be ready.
Senior Wide Receiver Sonny Shackelford

On whether or not he is now Isaiah Stanback's 'go-to guy':
Being a senior, I hope I am one of those go-to-guys. I just try to keep making plays. Hopefully (Stanback) keeps throwing it and hopefully I'll keep making plays.

On hearing a lot about Arizona's corners leading up to the game:
I took a lot of it personally. A lot of people were saying things like, 'he (Antoine Cason) one of the tops in that nation' and stuff like that...I felt like I'm one of the receivers in the nation and the Pac-10 to reckon with too. I wanted to show my abilities and I think I did pretty well today.

On the success of the passing game, especially in the second quarter:
They were playing us man-to-man mostly. We saw that on the sideline as they weren't respecting us. We kept telling the coaches and we went out and make plays.

On any frustration the offense had in the second half:
We scored 21 points in the first half, and didn't score in the second. I think we moved the ball decently, but the thing that hurt us was penalties against ourselves. We have to come out this next week and get those things together.
Junior Defensive End Greyson Gunheim

On Washington's gameplan up front:
Our whole attitude was, 'get upfield'. Like Coach (Randy) Hart says, 'It's ready, fire, aim'. Just go and then figure out what to do, so that helped a lot. We watched a lot of film on Arizona, and when there was pressure on their QB, it seemed to slow them down a little. We had to try to get to them early and slow them down.

On coming in the three-man rushes:
we have some freedom to go inside and outside and just find a hole and get to them. And a lot of the time it's easier to get to the quarterback when you don't have a responsibility to execute. If you have a choice, that helps a lot.

On whether or not Arizona showed Washington anything they didn't expect:
I can't think of anything. A lot of their plays were the same and we prepared for them. All the film study helped.

On being happy when holding penalties were called:
Definitely. That's just the game. It makes you happy when the refs see it.

On the last time he's been a part of a defense to limit the other team to minus yards rushing:
Maybe high school, but it's real tough to do. We're really happy about that. We were having trouble earlier in the season and we had to fix a few things...stay in our gaps, hit, throw off and tackle.

On how tough Arizona was:
They are a tough team. They are going to come out and fight every play. That's what you should expect in a Division-1 game. No one is going to lay down. They are trying to prove something, so they aren't going to lay down. We were just trying to match them.

On knowing they were going to blitz a lot against the Wildcats:
It felt really good. When I was out during warmups I couldn't stop smiling because I knew we were going to get after that team. I knew that we were coming after the quarterback and the opportunity was there. That makes me smile. Top Stories