Gant has leader after third trip

Darnell Gant is now over halfway done with his recruiting 'world tour', having visited Oregon, Washington and Kentucky. With two more trips still remaining, does he have a leader? If he had to chose today, who would he sign with? The 6-foot-8, 200-pound power forward from Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles had some answers, but wouldn't get tricked into giving up everything he knows.

Gant started his trip to Kentucky late this past weekend, so he didn't get back home until late Sunday. "My plane got delayed," he told Bobby Perry was his host while in Lexington. He said that the coolest thing about being back at UK for an official visit was all the adulation he received...just for being a basketball player.

"I was signing autographs everywhere," Gant said. "The players back there get treated like celebrities. Back home, I'm just an average Joe - which is what I am. But that was crazy. It's like I'm already in the league, but I have a long way to go before I get to that point."

What did he like the most about his trip to the Bluegrass State? "Everybody just gets along," he said, noting the family feel to how things go. "It's a town that's based around Kentucky. It's all about UK ballers and UK football players because they don't really have any professional sports."

And being from California, it's not as if he would be by himself if he went there. Gant knows fellow Californian Derrick Jasper, who was a judge at a dunk contest Gant participated in. Frosh guard Michael Porter is also from the Golden State (Modesto).

What did the Wildcat coaches tell Gant about how he would fit in? Any pressure to make a decision? "They want me to come," he said. "One coach said I would start right away."

After coming home and thinking about it, was Gant able to compare the UK visit with the other two he's already been to (Oregon and Washington)? "Kentucky was the second-best, I think," Gant said. "I just got done talking to my Dad about it and Washington was the best. Washington was better all-around."

Gant added that because of the visit, Washington is his current leader. And if he had to choose today? "I couldn't say," Gant replied, adding with a laugh, "You almost got me there."

Gant is still planning to trip to Cal and Nevada before making a decision, and his Mother is the one scheduling the last two trips, so he's not exactly sure when he's going to visit, but he still plans on visiting both before making a final decision.

"I took three visits three weekends in a row. I'm going to chill for a little bit now," he said.

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