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Washington is 4-1 with a 2-0 unblemished record in Pac-10 play. USC is 4-0 and probably the biggest, baddest, and most talented college football team in the land, at least until they are beaten. Here is what my staff thinks about Saturday's match up in Los Angeles.

David Samek – Publisher: Win or lose, the Huskies should be proud of what they have accomplished thus far in the season. Heading into the Coliseum with a 4-1 record is better than almost everyone would've expected. Now they face a young USC team that has looked like mere mortals in their past two road games. However, they are playing this one at home, and will be hungry to put Washington away to establish some confidence as they head into the teeth of their schedule. The Trojans are young and have had some injuries, but they are still very talented. Their linebacking corps could start for an NFL team, they are big, fast, strong, and mean. I see the Trojan passing attack being too much for a Husky defense that has been spotty in the secondary, and I think the Husky offense, unless they can get the rushing game untracked, will have trouble putting up more than 17 points. And that won't be enough.

PREDICTION: USC 31, Washington 17
Kim Grinolds – Managing Partner: Tyrone Willingham has his team believing, and playing well. That is saying a lot. UCLA and Arizona brought their "B" games when they took on Washington. I don't see Pete Carroll allowing that to happen with his USC team tomorrow. They are too talented and although young, also too deep for the Huskies to keep up with if they are firing on all cylinders. Look for the Trojan passing game to be clicking early as they take a big early lead and coast in for the victory. But Washington will have nothing to be ashamed of.

PREDICTION: USC 37, Washington 13
Chris Fetters – Editor-in-Chief: Well, I believe USC is beatable this year, and will lose at home at some point this year for the first time since 2001. It just won't be to the Huskies. Washington will be able to move the ball and they should be able to take advantage of the Trojans' inexperience at times. But there's that talent...and trust me, USC is loaded. I think UW will hang tough for a while, but just like at Oklahoma, USC will benefit from a couple of 'sudden change' plays (read: turnovers) and that will be enough for them to keep their home win streak intact.

PREDICTION: USC 28, Washington 17
Scott Eklund – Columnist: Isaiah Stanback and an aggressive defense have been the centerpieces of Washington's three-game winning streak and they will be counted on yet again as the Dawgs head into the biggest game of the year in the L.A. Coliseum as they face the undefeated USC Trojans. Win this game and no one questions the Huskies' return to prominence in the conference, stay close and people will continue to take notice. Lose big and everyone figures the first five games of the season have been an aberration. Washington's secondary needs to control WR Steve Smith and get pressure on QB John David Booty who will never remind people of the past two Trojan quarterbacks. If Stanback and the running game can keep the chains moving, this one could be close until the end.

PREDICTION: USC 31, Washington 20
Dick Baird – Columnist: Prepare to have the Huskies shock the world. I am. Washington will win because USC is very due to lose. It will happen sooner or later, and I don't see why not Saturday? Isaiah goes wild and rushes for over 100 yards and two touchdowns against an over-aggressive USC defense. Michael Braunstein atones for last weekend, makes one, and the Dawgs hold on to win with a big interception of Booty on the Trojans last drive. What do you expect, I'm not going to pick them? This is the chance of a lifetime for this Husky team, and they can do it.

PREDICTION: Washington 24, USC 20
Race Bannon – Satire columnist: Race Bannon puts out his weekly predictions in his featured magazine Duckfighter Illusrtrated. You can follow Race's zany and clever lampooning of the Pac-10 and the rest of the nation each week here at Dawgman.com.

PREDICTION: Washington 33, USC 31
Patrick Thrapp – numbers guy: So here we are sitting at the corner with our blinker on. Barreling down the road toward us is USC. In some ways I find it remarkable that we are even at this corner, but mostly I am thrilled we are where we are. I have read that USC is fast. It was implied that Ty was having trouble simulating that speed on the scout team. Well UCLA was quite fast in my opinion - at least on the defensive side. We played Arizona probably as well as USC did the week before. If by now you haven't notice I am driving at a common theme. That being we ought to be able to go to LA and compete better than many of the pundits thought when the season started. Personally I don't think we will win, but I think we will make it a lot closer than USC fans expect.

PREDICTION: USC 27, Washington 17
Rick Samek – Columnist: Somehow, some way, I'm 4-1 in picking these things. That surprises me almost as much as Washington being 4-1. And what REALLY caught my attention last week was not so much how the Huskies won, but the fact that they're now showing SWAGGER - as a unit. How they break the huddle, how they react to each play, how their mannerisms portray that they EXPECT the "good" to happen. Some of us might be surprised at 4-1, but the TEAM isn't. This is a good look for them - and it's been missing for I don't know how long. Sure, they might be three-touchdown Dawgs, but I don't think they'll go in to Los Angeles with that mindset - I think they're just looking to strap it up with the Trojans and go for it. Like how it used to be in days not long past.

PREDICTION: Washington 27, USC 23
Aaron Beach – Columnist: Washington has been competitive and successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams so far. This week they travel to Los Angeles and get to really measure their progress, against the best team in the conference since 2001. The Trojans are not the same USC team that had all of those NFL draft picks and have lost two Heisman winners, but they still have a lot of bullets in the chamber. Too many for Washington

PREDICTION: USC 31, Washington 21
Henry Han – Seattle Times: It's funny how this little thing called 'fate' can be. The site of Isaiah Stanback's lowest moment can also be the site of his greatest triumph. The last time Stanback led the troops into the Coliseum, the Huskies were shut out for the first time in my lifetime. Will Stanback be able to exorcise those demons this time around? The nation is jumping onto the UW bandwagon, but the Trojans are still one of the best teams in the nation, and the Huskies just aren't there yet. Washington probably won't be victorious, but will make the game respectable. And that will still keep the buzz around here very high.

PREDICTION: USC 31, Washington 24
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