Coaches Quotes - USC

While the Washington-USC game had a controversial ending, the Washington coaches weren't too interested in talking about that. They were much more interested in talking about how well their team had played and how, if they had taken care of business earlier in the game, it would never had been decided by a play that ended up being a non-play.

Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

On what he thought the umpire should have been doing instead of blocking UW center Juan Garcia from snapping the ball on the last play of the game: "I can't tell you what I'd like to say."

On the whole of the game: "We still did not do all the things we are capable of doing, and we felt like we let some things slip away. But we felt like we were playing a very good football team on the other side."

On how UW has been able to make such a strong turnaround from 2005: "The play and execution of our players, coupled with great coaching and the positive leadership they are getting from their seniors.

On the punt block: "That was on me. We were prepared to do something else and didn't get the communication done. One guy didn't hear, so we had a problem."

On the refs job at the end of the game: "They are trying to balance things out and use the same rhythm they had used the whole game. Our problem was, we just needed a few more seconds."
Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On the game: "We had a chance to make plays on that last drive, we had two balls. I don't know if that was the difference in the game, but we could have gone down and kicked a field goal to tie. I thought they had us off-balance on the first half and I thought we came back in and played a great second half, other than that last drive."

On any changes at halftime: "We didn't do anything major...we just coached up some of the things that I thought we did wrong and played our defense."

On trying to be aggressive with blitzes against USC: "We tried to, but he gets it off so fast, it's hard to get to him. He hasn't taken many sacks on pressure, so it was hard to dial that up. We didn't do a lot of it. That second half was pretty good, but that last drive disappointed me."

On not being able to get off the field early: "They are a fourth down team. When they get inside the 50, they'll do that...and we knew that. We had a lot of calls ready, but most of them were pretty short and hard to stop. You don't have a lot of options when it's fourth and really short."
Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

On the ending of the game: "There was a lot of confusion, a lot of things going on there. We had the play called and our quarterback didn't get underneath the center from where I was up in the box. It looked like mass chaos. We had a shot in the end zone, and he didn't get underneath there...the clock started and that was that. He (Stanback) needs to get underneath there when there are two ticks."

On whether or not they should have been able to get the play off if the umpire had been consistent throughout: "Yeah. We should have been able to get the play off."

On the reverse by Marlon Wood: "It's something we saw based on how they were playing our bunch pass and run. They were pinching our ends. So we thought it was a good time to do it, especially after a sudden change. And that's something I like to do. We'd been practicing that the last couple of weeks."

On how he felt the offense did against USC: "We had a good game plan. We were able to spread them and run the ball a little bit, throw the ball all over the field. What hurt us was when we got to inside the five we put the ball on the ground. We snapped the ball on the ground and we fumbled the ball on a pitch, so that knocks us back 7-8 yards and we had to settle for field goals. We dropped too many balls and had some errant throws. When you play a game like this, it all adds up. That's the difference in the game. It didn't need to come down to this. If we execute better, it doesn't come down to this."

On using Cody Ellis more than Marcel Reece against USC: "Cody Ellis is a good football player. I like what he brings to the table in terms of what he brings. Every time we played him last year, he always made plays. We wanted his vertical stretch. We were spreading the field and trying to carry guys vertically. They don't give you the big play, so that's why we wanted to stay underneath them and be patient. We wanted to clean out, get some speed on the field, carry them vertically and attack the zones underneath. And that's what we did." Top Stories