Freshman practice report - 8/8 PM

With the sun scorching down on Husky Stadium, the newcomers finished up their last practice before the veterans arrive on Saturday. One defensive back got his revenge this afternoon, while another receiver literally put on a magic show. The only thing the defensive backs could do was just sit back and watch.

Healthwise, the frosh looked to be in pretty good shape for their fourth workout. Walk-on safety Scott Ballew worked sparingly but wasn't wearing red. Nathan Rhodes was wearing red, but it looked to be more of a precaution. He did nearly all the drills, and when he wasn't he was stretching out with Pete Kaligis. It looked like a possible sore hammy, and the coaches weren't taking any chances.

You could call this afternoon's workout 'Fountaine's revenge', as frosh corner Matt Fountaine was able to get back at receiver Eddie Jackson today and make a couple of fine break-ups on the junior transfer from Columbus, Ohio. Eddie still had a great practice, but nothing like the other receiver in camp, Rainier Beach's Nate Robinson.

Nate dazzled the small crowd in attendance with when he made a fantastic mid-air adjustment over Fountaine to come up with a deep ball thrown by Isaiah Stanback. He kept making catch after miraculous catch, but he saved his best for the 5-5's.

Nate ran a quick hitch pattern about ten yards downfield, bracketed by walk-on linebacker Ryan Campbell and free safety Jordan Slye. When the ball found Robinson, he reached out to grab it, but ended up bobbling the pigskin. As the ball hung precariously in mid-air, Nate once again twisted his body to snag it before it hit the ground.

Even his position coach, Bobby Kennedy, had to give number 13 a big hug as he came back to the huddle.

The defensive play of the practice came courtesy of Slye. As the QB's were working one-on-ones, Slye matched up with O'Dea's Jason Benn. As Benn made his cut and headed into the middle of the field, Jordan perfectly timed his move and jumped right in the way of Stanback's pass.

The only problem is that he couldn't field the ball cleanly, or he would have been able to go the distance. Slye looks to have plenty of quicks and could be a great rangy free safety.

Practice finished early today, as there were no finishing 11-11 drills.

In attendance: This afternoon, Terry Johnson, Ty Eriks, Reggie Williams, Zach Tuiasosopo, Eric Shyne, Charles Frederick and Patrick Reddick were the Huskies seen hob-nobbing around Husky Stadium this afternoon. Top Stories