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After a very eventful weekend in Los Angeles, the Washington Huskies (4-2, 2-1) come back to Seattle and the friendly confines of Husky Stadium to tackle the Oregon State Beavers (0-2, 2-3). The 3:30 p.m. (PST) game has been picked up by Fox Sports Northwest for television.

Game Over:

The way that first half went, you would have thought the ones kicking butt during halftime would have been the UW coaches, but apparently the Beaver coaches got to their guys first. A thorough butt-kicking from start to finish.

In capsule form, this one is easy to decipher; Washington was not ready for the kind of aggressive, physical play in the trenches that the Beavers gave them, and OSU kept dictating terms while running around, over and through both Husky lines. It was dominant, it was clean and it was decisive...Washington has not played that bad in a long, long time.

And that's saying something.

The sight of Stanback on the back of a cart with a huge wrap around his right leg is difficult to swallow right now, but as the game time was ticking away under a minute, there he was - with a look of total bewilderment, like whatever happened hadn't really happened.

The crowd of a little over 62000 tries vainly to give the UW defense some support, but Riley isn't going to be playing much from here on out...simple field position for the Beavers. With Stanback on the shelf, they can tee off on Carl Bonnell when he gets in. Right now the OSU defense is playing as well as any defense has against the Huskies this year.
10:20/4: A sight you never want to see - a player face-down on the turf. And Isaiah Stanback is not moving. They got him turned over, but when that many medical folks out there...it's not good. Looks like Isaiah got his right foot stuck in the turf and rolled his foot. That looked like a season-ender, to me. I really hope I'm wrong, but the way it rolled on slo-mo, it looked really bad.

I've got to go down to the field, so I'll finish up the blog after the game is over.

Washington is doing a wonderful job of making Oregon State look like a very good football team. They have given up over 450 yards today, and don't look like they are going to stop anyone anytime soon. Matt Moore looks just as good as when he beat UW as a frosh when he was playing for UCLA. He apparently has the Huskies' number, but good.
End of 3rd Q:

Jason Chorak is today's Husky Legend...and speaking of Chorak, the Huskies could use a lot of Choraks up front to get some much-needed pressure against an Oregon State offense that is finding lots of real estate.

And in a twist of fate ala the first half, a turnover by OSU gets UW out of the hole and back in business. But the Huskies have no answer offensively for a Beaver defense that has found new life.

Stanback needs to win this game with his arm, and he's finally finding his go-to-guy - Sonny Shackelford. But OSU continues to bring pressure to the wounded UW quarterback, so he's going to have to use what escapability he does have in his arsenal and couple that with solid decision-making in the pass game.

After killing themselves with poor decisions and turnovers all day, Oregon State gets a break. A UW defender deep falls down and Stroughter takes advantage, going 80 yards for a touchdown. And just like that, the bend-but-don't-break defense breaks...and breaks horribly.

More bend-but-don't-break from the UW D...after getting creased for two long pass plays that put OSU inside the UW 10, the defense stands strong and forces another Serna chip shot. Outside of that first drive of the game, Washington has done an OK job of making it tough for the Beavers to find paydirt in the form of a touchdown.

UW was the recipient of a HUGE gift, as Anthony Russo fumbled a catch, but it was ruled down by whistle. I'm still stunned that Mike Riley didn't challenge it, but he may not have been able to by rule. As Stanback comes off the field for a UW punt, he's holding something on the right side of his hip. Can't tell if it's a big ice bag or what, but he's definitely moving less than full speed.

On defense, Goldson is back in.

Just to make sure I cover both sides, the Beavers come out and make a 'Football 101' mistake, not running a route past the first-yard sticks. The Beavers are coming out very aggressively on special teams and on defense, going after the ball. Washington has been extremely lucky to hold onto two Marlon Wood fumbles, the second one stabbed by frosh LB Donald Butler like he he was Spiderman.

If you are Tyrone Willingham, you get the best of both worlds after that half...you get to be ahead coming out for the second half, and you get to really go after your team for their lackluster performance up to that point. Hopefully White's two picks will be just the tonic for UW's sluggish play.

Quick stats: OSU leads in total yards 188-179. They also lead in TOP 15:46 to 14:14. Bernard has 106 yards on 19 carries, James has 72 yards on 8 carries. Stanback has -7 yards total, but two touchdowns. Passing, Matt Moore was 7-10 for 67 yards and a pick. Sean Canfield was 0-2 with a pick and Stanback was 6-13 for 109 yards. Bernard leads OSU in receiving too, with three catches, while Russo and Ellis have two catches each for UW.

Of note from the band, it was a 'Star Trek' themed halftime show, with George Takei - othewise known as Mr. Sulu - as the featured guest. Takei is a UW graduate.

Watching the Huskies come out of the tunnel, it appears as if Goldson is running OK, while it was noticeable that James and Stanback were two of the very last players out for Washington. Stanback, at whatever percentage he is, is definitely not at 100 percent today. But he's proving that even at much less - he's still UW's best hope to win football games.

White makes another pick and Stanback immediately takes advantage by hooking up with Cody Ellis right down the middle to put the Huskies inside the OSU 5. And whatever physical limitations Stanback is having right now, his ticker is working just fine, as he takes a couple of Beaver tacklers on at the goalline for another UW touchdown.

Mike Riley had it right; turnovers are killing the Beavers. That's the difference in this half, without question. If the Huskies don't have those two picks, they are dead in the water.

Isaiah Stanback cannot be healthy. Even on a great option play to James, it's clear he has no intention of running. His escapability certainly is there, but he's not attacking defenses the way he's normally capable of.

Nothing a DC wants more than a 3-and-out after the offense scores, and he gets one after a nice play by Daniel Te'o-Nesheim stringing out a screen.

Just when you think the wheels are falling off, the Beavers show why they are 2-3, as a Sean Canfield pass is telegraphed right to Scott White. Kenny James is having a great game right now...if I was Tim Lappano (and there's no question I'm not), I'd consider playing James the whole game and let Rankin hit pine for a little bit. Clearly James has it working between the tackles and has a good feel for what's working.

UW's first really inspired effort will force a punt...with a little help from the home crowd. To this point, the OSU offense has done a brilliant job of making Husky Stadium irrelevant to the game.

Some quick stats: OSU has 137 total yards to UW's 91. They also lead in TOP, 8:41 to 6:19. Bernard had 69 yards on 13 carries, James had 36 on 5 carries. Matt Moore was 4-6 for 53 yards, Stanback was 3-5 for 64.

Now the offense looks stale and uninspired...we'll see what happens at halftime, but right now it looks like they rolled out of bed and decided that they'd rather be back in bad. One positive; the punt cover team took care of Sammie Stroughter pretty well the first time out. They have to hope that continues.
End of 1st Q:

The Beavers rack up 137 yards in offense, as Washington looks thoroughly outmatched. The UW linebackers are shooting gaps on running plays and guessing wrong most every time, allowing Bernard to run unabated in the secondary. If that continues, it's going to be a very long day for the Huskies.

The 'football 101' play strikes the UW offense once again. On 4th and 6, you HAVE to throw to a route that's beyond the chains. Stanback doesn't appear to be very settled in the pocket, and when he is flushed, he certainly appears to be looking very quickly for outlets instead of calling his own number. And when he is calling his own number, he's not pump-faking or doing anything to ease pressure.

Looks like the Huskies didn't come to work prepared to tackle like they have in past weeks, especially the linebackers. Scott White and Tahj Bomar have to do a better job of wrapping up and getting their heads across. The arm stuff isn't going to stop a guy like Yvenson Bernard, who took his first snap from scrimmage today, got turned around backwards and still was able to drive Washington DT Donny Mateaki back five yards.

Looks like Kent Baer is going to take his chances with minimal blitzing today, seeing if Matt Moore can thread some passes with eight defenders in coverage. So far he looks pretty good doing it. E.J. Savannah is in the nickel right now, a pretty-big black club draped over his right thumb and hand.

The Huskies start out cooking from the get-go - completing a 56-yard pass from Stanback to Russo, but almost immediately start going backwards. Mike Braunstein connects on a career-long 45-yard FG, but agains it's a case of UW not capitalizing on big momentum when it's on their side. If they can force OSU into a couple of early 3-and-outs, that might serve notice that this team came to play from the opening gun.

I've always enjoyed Washington's presentation of the National Anthem, but adding OSU's band to spell out 'USA' during it was a very nice touch. Matt Fountaine, Dashon Goldson, Sonny Shackelford and Clay Walker are today's game-day Captains. The Beavers come out first, followed by the Huskies. Johnie Kirton came out of the tunnel like he was shot out of a cannon. Washington will receive to start the game. Safety Jason Wells did not dress, being held out after suffering a concussion Saturday against USC.
10 minutes before kickoff:

Looks like there were between 40 and 50 prospects on the sidelines earlier during warmup. Those in attendance included Chris Izbicki, Leroi Edwards (Kentridge), Everette Thompson (Kennedy), Vonzell McDowell, Quinton Richardson, Nate Williams, Alameda Ta'amu (Rainier Beach, Class of 2008), and Isaiah Vercher (Hudson's Bay, Class of 2008).
40 minutes until kickoff:

The Huskies are now on the field, warming up - while the OSU Beavers are on the east end of the field, doing the same. The fog is settling in, but it doesn't appear as if rain is going to come along with it. I believe UW is going to try their best to get out of the blocks with a very quick start. I think they need to get a solid 1st quarter under their belts in order to settle them into the flow. The coaches are searching for answers when it comes to this team playing a full four quarters, and you can't do that unless you come out with focus and drive right from the beginning.
(10/12/06 3:45:09 pm):

Willingham afternoon briefing

Asked about injuries and he said that Jason Wells is the only one that's been held out this week and today is the last day he has to determine whether or not he'll play.

Goldson, Stanback and Savannah have all had good weeks of practice and are good to go against OSU. With regards to Savannah's cast on his thumb, hand and wrist, the officials check the cast before the game and consult with the officials to determine the 'level of firmness' (Willingham's term) it can be.

Asked if there was any significance to the scoreboard being the way it was yesterday, and he said it was just the way they were running their two-minute drills and had no other significance than that. The board was exactly the same as the LA Coliseum board was when USC scored their last FG to go up 26-20 with 1:34 left. The name of the opponent, however, was left blank on the UW Jumbotron.

Asked if he anticipates that it might be tough for the team to get fired up for a team that hasn't won a game in conference yet, and Willingham said that the key to their team is 'what do you want to accomplish this year'. 'How important is winning the game to us? I'm pretty sure they feel that it is very important'.

Asked about playing at home for the first time in three weeks and Willingham said that there is a 'buzz that is being created about the team'. '4-2 is a far cry from what a lot of people thought we were going to be'.

Asked about whether or not they've prepared a lot to see backup QB Sean Canfield, considering the struggles OSU starting QB Matt Moore has been having, and Willingham said that he feels the Beavers will not stray much from the structure of their offense. 'They won't drastically change their system'.
(10/11/06 3:46:14 pm):

Willingham afternoon briefing

Asked about injuries and Willingham said that Isaiah Stanback was a little slower yesterday, but will do more work. Jason Wells mostly stayed away from practicing, but will be worked in today. Willingham didn't say if Wells was definitely out of Saturday's game or not. Added that Dashon Goldson worked for most of the day and will continue to ramp up his work during the week.

Also said that if Wells couldn't go, they could go to 'different combinations' of players.

Asked about what he saw on film of the WSU/OSU game in terms of OSU's physical corners and Bill Doba's comment about OSU basically daring the officials to call pass interference through their physical play, and Willingham said that OSU is very physical in all aspects of the game, so he's not surprised.

He was further asked whether or not the aggressive play would be something he'd bring up with the officiating crew before the game, and he said absolutely not, because 'as soon as you mention something like that to the refs, they start calling it on you'.

Asked about special teams, and especially how good OSU is in the return game, and he said that in regards to kick returns, 'We hope that they have to return a lot of kickoffs'. As far as punt returns, 'You've got to find ways to kick away from them, get additional coverage...find ways to offset their rerturn game'.

Asked about his long snapper (Danny Morovick) and he said that, for the most part he's been fine, but it's that '1 or 2' that have been misplaced. 'He's done it before, and maybe the first ballgame or two you might see him experience some jitters. If his accuracy is a hair more pin-point, you've got a helluva snapper'. Also reiterated that Saturday's block was not due to the snap and he intimated (without actually saying so) that the punt was actually going to be a fake.
(10/11/06 2:28:17 pm):

Spoke with LB Scott White...

And he was asked about Oregon State. 'They're good. They have a good running back (Yvenson Bernard) and I really like their tight end (Joe Newton). He poses a lot of threats. They have a really good offensive line. Jeremy Perry is a good player for them. I think they've really struggled with turnovers, it's hindered them from being the team they've wanted to be.'

Said he's really enjoyed the move from SAM to WIL. 'It puts me right in the thick of things. The coaches have done a great job of putting me in a position to make plays'.

Said because their kicker is so good, the special teams is going to have to be critical. 'We've talked all week about it and how important it's going to be to set up field position and having them have to drive the length of the field. Special teams is really going to stand out and it's going to be critical to our success this weekend'.

Asked about coming back home after playing two weeks on the road, and White said you get more in a rhythm and you're more comfortable in general. 'Hopefully the fans come out to support us and make a lot of noise and make it difficult for Matt Moore and Oregon State's offense'.

Asked about yesterday's practice and putting USC behind them and White said that they had a 'very good session' 'The coaches were happy with how we came to work'. It appeared that things were pretty businesslike. 'We're trying to control our own destiny this year. We don't want to have any help. We want to win every game and treat every game the same so it's like business as usual'.

Asked about getting an identity on defense, and White said that he hopes that around the league they are getting more respect as the year goes on. 'We have to continue to get better. We're not at the level we need to be at and we have a lot of room for improvement'.

Asked about the slow starts and White has said that they have talked about it a lot. 'Coach Willingham has even talked about changing the way we warm up. And it's so critical, especially at home when you can get the crowd involved and the momentum going early'.

Asked about third-down conversions, and White said that the coaches have always made it a point of emphasis, but this year's team is tackling and executing. 'Last year, we'd have guys right where we want them and then we'd bust a coverage or miss a tackle, and we're cutting down a lot of those errors this year, and that's what's helped us on third down this year'.
(10/11/06 2:10:25 pm):

Spoke with DC Kent Baer...

...and when asked about Oregon State he said that they look very similar to a year ago. They have Joe Newton back to help them. 'He's one of the better tight ends that I've seen'. They have a solid offensive line and their running back (Yvenson Bernard) is second in the conference in rushing. Added that Mike Hass was a great receiver, but guys like Anthony Wheat-Brown and Sammie Stroughter have stepped in to fill his shoes. '19 (Stroughter) is a guy he (Matt Moore) likes to go to.'

Added that they use their personnel groups a little different than last year because they don't have Hass. 'But it's a trade off. They lose him but they get Joe Newton back'.

Asked how much the weather last year plays into how valuable the 2005 OSU tape is for scouting, and Baer said that they clearly didn't throw as much as they would have liked to last year, but their placekicker is 11/11 in Husky Stadium the past two years. 'Anytime you have someone that can kick the ball the way he (Serna) can kick it, it's just points on the board. And that's scary.'

Asked how well the team is holding up physically, and he said that they are doing pretty well, holding up from the normal bumps and bruises during a season, especially one that doesn't have a bye week. 'I was impressed with how physical we played last week, especially in the second half. We have to keep matching that intensity the rest of the year'.

Asked about third-down conversions and what has helped in the improvement, and he said that it's something they have emphasized over the past year and worked very hard on correcting. 'A lot of it is just attitude and having confidence in your play'.

Asked about the play of the defensive line and he said that overall it's better than last year. 'It's certainly improved from a year ago', but also there are lots of situations where they have only decided to rush three and it might be against max protect, so a lot of it has to do with the situation. Also said that if you look at the stats for UW's pass defense in league, it's not too bad. 'The first two games, we got off to a bad start'. 'But if you can keep teams to less than 7 yards per pass attempt, you're playing OK'. Said he learned all about that when he was at Utah State going up against BYU and all the great QB's they had.

Asked if UW's defense is starting to create an identity for themselves, and Baer said he wasn't sure - he just knows that he really enjoying coaching this group and he likes being around them. 'They are playing with confidence'. Said that he doesn't normally talk with a lot of other coaches but did say that he talked to a couple of USC coaches after the game on Saturday and they said that UW's defense played very well and that they were fundamentally sound and were very tough to play'. 'Who knows, maybe they were just fooling around with me, but I doubt it'.

Asked about Jake Locker and what it's like to go up against him during practice week, and he said that Jake just loves the game of football and that, even though he's redshirting and not playing, he's still in the offices all the time watching tape and learning. 'He always wants to learn. He has that burning desire to be a great player. And he has some tools to work with'.

'I love to be around guys like that'.
(10/11/06 1:47:28 pm):

Spoke with DB Coach JD Williams...

...and was asked about Jason Wells and he said that any time you have an injury like that, you still have to try and put your best guys out on the field. 'You have to take the stand that, if he's with us, he has to play. But if he isn't, then we still need to get the next best person out there'.

Asked about any dealings he's had with guys that have had multiple concussions, and he said that in the NFL he played alongside Mark Kelso, who had them - but he's never had to deal with it in the college ranks. 'You have to err on the side of caution. The best thing for him right now is time, so once he gets his head right, he'll be fine'.

Asked about actually having some bodies to work with (guys like Goldson, Mesphin Forrester, Chris Hemphill), and he said he never is 'relaxed about depth'. 'You can never have enough of those guys'. He added that the guys are really starting to understand the concepts of what the coaches are trying to get at, and when that happens, it's just a matter of 'putting the right piece of the puzzle in place', because they now understand how the puzzle is put together.

Asked about the first half against USC, where the defense couldn't get USC's offense off the field, and he said that USC is extremely talented, but you 'have to limit them to field goals'. 'If you can do that, then your offense has a chance to score'. If they were pounding out touchdowns, you'd be concerned. Said that their first job is to get the ball back, but if they can't do that, limit points to only field goals.

Asked about slow starts and Williams said that 'you always want to start fast and finish faster' and that you always want your offense to score on every drive and you want your defense to make every stop, but that's not reasonable to expect and you have to keep plugging away at it. Also said that he hasn't had time to sit back and evaluate his guys because he's 'too busy trying to push forward', but he also felt that his guys are getting aligned faster for plays and are playing with more confidence.

Asked about what he's seen from the OSU receivers, and he said that they look the same as last year. 'Instead of throwing it deep 10 times, they may only throw it 8 times'. Said they need to limit the 'explosion plays'. Said that Wheat-Brown and Stroughter are good and Newton is also a weapon.
(10/11/06 1:10:13 pm):

Spoke with S Dashon Goldson...

...and we asked him about the last defensive play of the USC game, and he said that the concussion he suffered was actually the play before. 'I was tapping my helmet to come out and things started to come back. I told the trainer that I was OK, but I don't remember the next play, the defense that was called or anything'. He almost picked off a pass in the end zone on that play. That was the play where his left leg cramped up.

Asked about his ankle and he said that it's 'pretty healthy'. 'I've been practicing on it. It's not where it should be, but it's to a point where I can tolerate playing a full game on it, but it's sore the next day. I have to ice it down'.

He played roughly 60 plays on Saturday, most at safety spelling Jason Wells. Sounds like he'll be spending more time there because of Wells' concussion, and he's perfectly comfortable playing either position. 'It's all the same'.

Thought the move to safety would probably be a temporary move. 'It's just to give a helping hand on defense, a breather'.

For instance, C.J. Wallace moves to the nickel and he moves to safety in the nickel package.

Asked about Oregon State and whether it's basically the same team that they'll face from last year and he said yes. Said that they run a lot of three-receiver sets and throw the ball a lot. Only difference is that they don't have a 'go-to guy' like Mike Hass last year, but Goldson said that they look to try to get their ball to their tight end (Joe Newton) a lot and also have some guys with speed (Anthony Wheat-Brown and Sammie Stroughter).

Asked about third-down conversions from last year to this year and he said that third-down conversions are the most important part of the game. 'We didn't to a good job of that last year and coaches have been harping on that. We've been working hard on it, practicing on it so that when we see it in the game it's easy'.

Asked about seeing Dwayne Jarrett on Saturday and he said he wasn't surprised. 'I wanted him to line up there. I heard that he wasn't going to play and I was like, 'he needs to play'. I want to play against the best'.
(10/11/06 12:50:19 pm):

Spoke with LB Tahj Bomar...

...and last year's OSU game was the game that really got him started in 2005 coming in for Joe Lobendahn. Said besides the game, the team gave a great effort and held the Beavers out of the end zone but 'they got us'.

Said that he's come a long ways from last year in terms of his fundamentals, understanding the defense more and being a leader. 'I've grown a lot'.

Asked about how much he tries to emulate the way he was his senior year at Kentwood, when he was the unquestioned leader on defense, and he said that he tries to do the same things - leading by example. 'I'm not too much of a vocal leader. It depends on the situation. But I try to go out and make plays, and when you do that, guys will follow you and make plays.'

Asked about the USC game and what happened in the first half. 'Like Fresno, UCLA the first drive...we just weren't settled down. Once we got settled, we contained them. It's just a matter of us getting settled and being focused'.

He added that the Arizona game gave them a great idea of what they can do when they come out 'on track'. We just have to keep that consistency and focus all game and that will help us out a lot'.

Asked about Yvenson Bernard, and he said that size-wise he's similar to Maurice Drew, but that's where the similarities end. 'He's kind of a shifty guy, he's a hard runner. He's a quality back in the Pac-10, but he's nowhere near Maurice Drew in terms of strength and vision and cut-back ability. Those are two distinct players. He's a good player though, and we're going to have our hands full'.
(10/10/06 4:45:06 pm):

Spoke with OT Ben Ossai...

...and he was asked about all the personalities on the OL and how he's the young guy that everyone looks out for and he said that he likes that and the chamistry is good. 'We've been getting better and better as things have gone along'.

Said that he found out Friday night that he wasn't going to play against USC. He didn't elaborate on what the punishment was for, 'but it had to be done. I took it in stride and it ended up working out. And I was all behind having (Erik) Berglund starting. I'm glad he started and he played very good'.

The punishment was that he wasn't going to start, and he had no idea how long it would eventually go for. It ended up being a quarter. 'You are always supposed to be ready coming off the bench'.

It's all over now, and Ben is going to be starting on Saturday. 'The lesson has been learned, and I learned it by sitting out. I expected it to happen'.
(10/10/06 4:38:57 pm):

Spoke with TE Johnie Kirton...

...and he was asked about the TD catch. Said that first of all, he'd never seen Stanback's eye get as big as they did on that play, and when the ball hit his hands he blinked. 'I knew I had caught it, but it made me blink, so it was a hard ball'.

Added that he was the first read on that play, 'but I felt the linebackers coming down, so I didn't think he would throw it, but he gave me his eyes at the last second'.

Said that his blocking was also good. 'I wish I could have pulled down a couple more passes, but I can't change that now'.

Asked about Oregon State, and he said that last year, he didn't remember them being physical at all. 'I don't know what's changed with them as far as defensively and aggression, but as far as I know they aren't aggressive with the tight end at all'.
(10/10/06 4:33:36 pm):

Afternoon practice notes...

Not too much going on. Goldson and Wells were in red, the only ones out there donning crimson. Savannah was in purple, but he was also sporting a humongous cast, ala Trufant in the 2001 Apple Cup. It could be used as a weapon.

Stanback was throwing, and looked to be moving around just fine. The team was in shells and shorts today.
(10/10/06 3:57:08 pm):

Willingham afternoon briefing...

Asked about chemistry on OL and he said that they have accomplished some good things to date and he likes a lot of the things they have been doing, especially with the leadership provided by Stanley Daniels, Clay Walker and Juan Garcia.

Asked about Ossai and he said that both Ben and Chad Macklin are the 'youngsters' in the group ('they are on equal footing') and that he's made a lot of strides.

Asked if the punishment on Ossai for the USC was just a small roadbump, and Willingham said that it's 'no problem at all' for Ossai.

Asked about Wells and Goldson and their health and Willingham said that they would both be 'working through today' and the same goes for EJ Savannah too. They are also going to limit Isaiah Stanback's work, at least initially. 'We'll speed up what he does as it gets closer to the weekend'.

Said that Braunstein suffered a 'bump' making a special teams play, but he should be alright.

Said one of his main responsibilities as a coach at this point during the season is to keep his guys fresh, so they did a Sunday pool workout, but he also said that it isn't a substitute for actual running, so at some point 'they will have to run'.

Asked about Oregon State, and just like Monday he said they are a difficult team to assess, especially based on the stats. They are productive defensively, especially in regards to things like sacks and turnover ratio, but their record is 2-3. 'So it's a struggle to find an explanation for it. We expect them to play hard and physical, and that always presents a special challenge'.

Asked about Alexis Serna, who has made 11/11 the last two years at Husky Stadium, and when Willingham found out that he walked on at OSU, said that he's 'probably mad at the world' for not being recruited, and that he has a special thing going at Husky Stadium, for whatever reason.

Asked about Sonny Shackelford and why he's emerged, and he said that Sonny is one of the smarter players on the team and that 'he knows the system just like a quarterback would'.

Asked about the turnaround from last year and he said that the team is simply playing with more confidence, which has allowed them to play 'freer'. 'We're doing things well, but there is still ground to cover. We haven't played our best football yet'.

Asked about the difficulty of getting the ball to playmakers, when more are emerging all the time, like Marlon Wood, and Willingham said that when you play to win, it's amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. Said that it might be Shackelford who steps up for a few games, but this next week it could be someone new.

Asked about Wood, and he said that right now the coaches have 'got to provide' things for him because he's in a 'feeding frenzy' and playing so well that they sense it and they have to continue to put him in situations where he's going to continue to be productive.

Victory Club - Dashon Goldson, Matt Fountaine, Dan Howell, Isaiah Stanback, Kenny James, Sonny Shackelford and Clay Walker.
(10/10/06 3:21:15 pm):

Spoke with OC Tim Lappano...

...and he was asked about his time at OSU under Erickson, and he said that they had a good run while there and that he's been on record as saying Erickson was 'out of his mind' in taking that job because they were basically the losingest program in the country up to that point. 'But we had a lot of good kids that bought into what we were doing, very similar to what is happening here'.

He said in general, to rebuild like that you need to change mindsets. 'You have to change the way people think.' He added that if you make them believe that they are better than what they have been and they do all the right things on and off the field, it creates a discipline that leads to success. 'We were able to do it (at OSU) and do it in a hurry'.

'If they believe they can win and are doing the right things on and off the field, you can succeed in anything you want to do'.

Asked about differences in offense, and he said that at OSU they never really ran any two-back, 'and we're starting to get more toward that here because we're spreading the ball out more'. Added that he feels like he's been able to be a little more creative at Washington.

Asked about Carl Bonnell and the fact that he was was close to coming in the second half against USC and if that would have changed the gameplan at all, and Lappano said that the 'nothing changes'. 'He doesn't have the 100 meter or 80 meter speed of Isaiah, but he can run. So our plans never change. It's the same with Jake Locker. That's the kind of guy we're recruiting now, someone that fits that kind of style. All of our quarterbacks can run'.

Asked about the difference between Bonnell this year and last year and he said that 'Carl is taking the game more seriously. He's studying the game and preparing himself like a starter, because he is just one snap away from getting in the game. We weren't sure if Isaiah was going to play (in the second half)'.

Said he felt as if the offense was closer to playing four quarters of football against USC, closer to being consistent than before. Still needed to take advantage of opportunities in the red zone.

Asked about the improvement in third-down conversions, and Lappano said that they've been running the ball pretty well, and it's allowed them to manage down-and-distance situations. Also said their quick game has allowed them to do that.

Asked about the OL and what strides they've made, and he said that he always felt that whatever lack of experience they had they were going to make up for in toughness and scrappiness.

Asked about what he's seen in Isaiah, and he said that 'the sky is the limit' for him. 'He's hard to deal with, hard to defense. If you try to blitz and you don't get him, be prepared to pay a price. And if you don't blitz and sit back, he'll take advantage and find his spots. I know a lot of guys don't like facing him'.

Added that there would have been 'no chance' Stanback runs the last series against USC the way he did on Saturday, he's improved that much. 'That game was physical and fast, and we just came up a tick or two short'.

Said now the only refinement in his game is his decision-making, to alway try and make the correct decision and always take what's given. 'If he does that, he'll be fine'.

Asked about Oregon State and he said that they really got after Washington State and beat them up in the trenches. 'They blow gaps and cause a lot of problems up front'. Added that the corners like to disrupt things and they expect OSU to blitz a lot. 'They (OSU defense) gave their team every opportunity to win'.

Asked about the run game and if it's where he wants it to be and he said he was pleasantly surprised by the totals on Saturday, but also understood that going in, they were hoping to be able to catch USC in some situations were they could break off some big plays. They were never going to try and just force a two-back attack on USC's defense. 'We thought that they were going to be so worried about Isaiah that we could have some success making some big runs'.

Added that when it came to trying to run in the red zone against USC, the Trojans were playing two safeties, meaning there was only six in the box. 'Basically they were begging us to run the ball, so that's what we did. And we had a couple of breakdowns, but we should have scored'.

Asked about the tight end position, and Lappano said that he feels it's getting better because of how they've stepped up their run blocking and 'knocking people off the ball'. Added that people may not realize just how important the TE is to UW's passing game, but the TE is probably the first read in over half the progressions that the QB will see all game long.

Asked about the final play of the USC game in review, and he said that the only thing he really got out of it was that there needs to be some way of making sure they can effectively communicate what's going to happen so that a play can get off in two seconds. 'It's almost like we need a code word to get everything ready in time'. He also added that there was a play already in, but the confusion with the referees and the clock was the thing that started all the chaos.

Asked about Marlon Wood, and Lappano said that he told us a week ago that they were going to have a little something for him, and they came out with the reverse right out of the gate in the second half. 'We've always had something for him, and he's been playing so good on special teams that we have to get him in more. That way it's not just when 83 comes in that everybody - including my wife and kids - knows what's going to happen'.
(10/10/06 2:56:09 pm):

Spoke with QB Isaiah Stanback...

...and he said he'll be ready to play on Saturday.

Asked about when it happened, and he said that it happened in the first Q. 'You always play with pain in football, it happens'.

Asked about Berglund starting on Saturday, and he said that he was aware of it, but he trusts all the guys that are protecting him and it's the same no matter who is in there.

Asked about moving on to OSU after a tough loss to USC, and he said that you just have to put it behind you because that game is over. 'We lost, and you take that, make the corrections you need to make, and go play your next opponent'.

Asked if there's something he can still take out of a loss despite playing well, and Stanback said that they expect to play well every week. 'I don't expect anyone to beat us. I don't have moral victories. I want to win every game'.

Asked about a letdown, and he said that the team doesn't feel that way. 'Every week you play in the Pac-10, it's going to be a tough week. There's no week off. We expect every team we play to bring their 'A' game'.

Asked if getting outside praise from the media means anything to him, he said no. 'The people I listen to are the ones I work with every day...the coaches are the ones that are the experts at the sport, so they are the ones I listen to and learn from.'

Asked about the connection he's had with Sonny Shackelford of late, and he said that it's not been one thing. 'The thing about Sonny is, he's a smart player and he makes plays. I have in confidence in all my guys and I don't key on any one receiver. But with Sonny, he's so smart he's learned every receiver position. So that's enabled him to play more and to be at more spots.'

Asked about what he's been doing better of late, and he said that he doesn't think he's played well the last couple of games. 'I'm looking to get back on my game. It hasn't been there. The people on the outside may think so, but not myself. I haven't been as accurate as I have. I want to try to get 60 percent completions, and I haven't been close to that. We have big plays now and then, but that doesn't make up for the easy throws that I've been missing.'

Added that he feels that it's all mechanical in terms of being accurate. 'I have to focus on the easy throws too'.

Still would not comment on the final play of the USC game. Added that his injury didn't hamper any of his play on that final drive.

Said that it's simply a matter of executing the gameplan against OSU to come through with a victory.

Asked about miscues, and he said that with more experience the better they are getting. You can't turn the ball over in the Pac-10, especially against good teams like USC.

Said that it's good to be home. 'The more people we have turn out, the bigger the impact they can have on the game'.

Asked about Quintin Daniels...Stanback's first TD pass as a Husky was to Daniels two years ago (it was also Daniels' first TD catch at UW)...he said that Quintin is UW's fastest receiver...'he can get up and move'...'he's a big body and physical, we can count on him to get the big blocks'.

Asked about third-down percentage improving, and he said that the more they understand what they are doing, it's no comparison to last year. 'We can still be better. I keep telling my guys, I don't even want to see third down'.

Asked about mindsets changing with games they are expected to win, like on Saturday, and he said that they shouldn't. 'Mine doesn't. I expect to go out and win every game we play. That's how I prepare'.

Asked about what's working well and what needs to improve, and he said that they did well running the ball last week, but they want to continue to do that. 'Running is the base to any good offense, it opens up everything else'. 'We have to execute in the passing game. I have to throw the ball better and we have to catch the ball'.

Asked about what he's expecting from OSU, and he said that based on what they do, they usually have big physical corners that present a challenge for the receivers. 'They play hard, they always do. They are going to come after us and that's something we have to be prepared for'.
(10/10/06 2:10:12 pm):

Spoke with WR Sonny Shackelford:

...and he said that the Oregon schools always play UW tough, so that's what they're expecting and they'll be ready.

Said that Stanback is a lot more comfortable with the offense and knows where receivers are supposed to be, so that's helping a lot. 'He can now look at the defense, see the coverage and know where the ball is supposed to go before the play even happens'.

Asked about his own productivity of late and he said that IS is seeing him and he's open and he's getting him the ball.

Said he feels pretty good right now, and will finish the season strong. Still goes through treatment every week to handle the week-to-week wear and tear, but he's fine.

Asked about his role as leader, and he said that he has produced and is a vocal leader, so he doesn't have to do anything different than what he's been doing. Asked about who might step into that role next year and he said there are going to be a lot of fifth-year seniors coming back, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Asked about motivation based on what happened at USC, and he said that a situation like that 'leaves a bitter taste in your mouth' and 'an awkward feeling' that you want to take out on someone else.

Asked about last year, when Johnny DuRocher came in, and he said that they are comfortable with all the QB's because they practice with them all the time.

Asked about whether or not the players are surprised about being where they are at in terms of wins and losses and he said that he's not because he sees everybody in practice all the time and he knows what everyone is capable of and who is stepping up and making plays. 'A lot of guys have had a chance to showcase and a lot of guys are showing their talent'.

Said his goal is to help the team 'win out' and do well in the Pac-10 and hopefully get a berth in a BCS game. 'To finish strong'.

Asked about the last play at USC, and he said that after review 'it was still crazy'. 'When I was tackled it was a first down, and in college football the clock stops on a first down, and there was five seconds on the clock. I don't know how it got down to two seconds, but that happens sometimes'.

Asked about OSU and how tight their corners play, and he said that he doesn't expect them to change their philosophy. 'Arizona had their guys try to play bump-and-run and play us tight, but we came out of that game with a win, so we'll see what happens.'

Asked about whether or not this game feels different because this is the first one where they are prohibitive favorites, and he said no. 'It just feels like a different game'.

Asked whether or not he feels like the team is over the USC game, and he said that - while the USC game still hurts - it's Tuesday now and that game was on Saturday. 'You have to put that game in the past, or else it's going to hinder you all season. It's in our back pocket now, and we're all looking forward to Oregon State'.
(10/10/06 1:18:11 pm):

Spoke with C Juan Garcia...

...and he was asked about his snapping, and he said that there are no excuses. 'It will get fixed by OSU. I'm the starting center and it won't be a problem from here on out'.

Added that if anything, if he does end up missing, it's going to be 'on the floor', as opposed to over Isaiah's head. 'I don't try to do it that way, but in the back of my mind I'm trying to make sure it doesn't go over his head. But I don't try to put it on the ground either. There's no excuse, though. I need to get it right.'

Asked about the review of the final play. 'Whenever I see that ref down the road, I'm going to talk to him and tell him that he pulled a fast one on me, but I put the blame on myself because I should have caught it earlier. The whole situation was unfortunate.'

Added that the thing that really caught him off-guard was the refs talking about how much time they were going to put on the clock. 'If we had known from the beginning that there was going to be two seconds on the clock, we would have run down and I would have got on the ball and as soon as that whistle would have sounded, I would have snapped the ball. But they took their sweet time'.

Also said the refs were 'arguing the whole time' and the only thing he remembers is getting the play from Isaiah and him telling Isaiah that he was going to snap the ball as soon as he heard the whistle. 'I learned a valuable lesson. If it ever happens again, I'm going to be right on that ball.'
(10/10/06 12:49:42 pm):

Spoke with OT Erik Berglund...

...and he found out he was going to start at LT against USC during breakfast on Saturday. 'I got the word from my coach, so it was pretty exciting. I didn't really expect it, it caught me off-guard, but I knew I had to step up.'

Added that he didn't get a lot of work at left tackle at all going into the game. He had never played LT ever until then...he played right tackle his career in high school.

He didn't know that Ben Ossai would come play in the game, but kind of expected him to play at some point. 'I wasn't really sure how it was going to go. Coach just told me to be ready, so I just did what I was supposed to do.'

Said that he got the nod over Morgan Rosborough because, to his knowledge, he's the first tackle off the bench, and Coach Denbrock wants his tackles to be able to play both positions.

Added that during practice, the lines are often mixed up, so he has some chemistry with them.

Asked about his 'second chance' with UW, and he said that when he left he thought about it a lot and talked about it with his folks and he said it was a 'snap, immature decision' and 'the biggest mistake of my life'. 'If I could have taken it back, I wouldn't have left the program.' He thought he was done with football, but then he talked to one of his high school coaches in Portland and he said that he could play again and he decided then he wanted to go back to UW if he could.

He's still a walk-on, and he's talked to Coach Willingham about it and since he left the program he totally understands earning it back. 'I'm trying to be as good as I can and help contribute to the offensive line'.

Starting the fall of 2007, he'll have one year to play one.
(10/9/06 2:17:22 pm):

Noon Willingham Notes...

Obviously a lot of time was spent on not only the last play of the game, but also on the fake field goal.

Willingham said that his general thoughts on the game were that both teams had done a lot of things well throughout the game but much attention would be placed on the ending, and that 'could have been executed better on our part'.

Asked what play was called when the refs signalled the end of the game, and Willingham said they had a call that had all the receivers going vertical into the end zone and one of the receivers had an 'option' of either running his normal route or cutting it off, based on what the safeties were doing.

Added that it was his job to make sure that his team was set and ready to go. When he was talking to Stanback before the last play, he was telling IS that he could 'clock it' if there was added time put on the clock, but if not - to run the called play.

He also added that - to his knowledge - a play could not be reviewed for time unless it involved a reversal of possession.

He was asked if he was aware of the referee letting Stanback know that they were going to start the clock before actually doing so, and Willingham was not aware if that conversation occurred. He agreed that, in theory, that conversation should take place - especially after the referees stopped action in the first place.

Each Pac-10 coach files a weekly report to the Pac-10 about the game and referees. Willingham had not submitted his to the Pac-10 at the time of the press conference and wasn't going to divulge any of the contents of that report.

Asked about the health of Dashon Goldson and Willingham said that both Goldson and Jason Wells, who had left the USC game at various points for concussion issues, should be back for OSU, but they won't know for sure until they get going and see how things play out during the week. When asked about Wells and his penchant for getting concussions (this was his second of the year), Willingham said that he felt they were of the variety that would still allow him to play without jeopardizing his health in any way. If that were to change, they obviously would take the advice of the team doctors and do what's in Wells' best interests to make sure he stays healthy.

Also asked about Stanback's health, and that even though he hadn't seen Isaiah yet, Willingham said that he was definitely feeling the 'bumps and bruises' of a hard-fought football game.

Asked about whether or not Stanback's hip pointer would not allow him to play on Saturday, and he said he didn't know that yet.

Asked about OSU's struggles offensively, and Willingham said he was 'having difficulty finding their difficulities'. 'More than anything, their turnovers have contributed to their downfall'.

Added that they have the second-leading rusher in the conference (Yvenson Bernard) who plays very well and is a 'fighter'. 'He's amazingly productive'. Also said that Matt Moore is completing more than 50 percent of his passes.

Asked about his players' focus right now and he said all the coaches are doing right now is letting the team know that the USC game is over and that they have 6 days to prepare for the next game. 'And a lot of work in this world has been done in less than six days'.

Asked about the play of his two snappers - Juan Garcia and Danny Morovick, and Willingham said that both are trying very hard, and it's not a lack of effort. 'They are trying to do their best'. He added that they have options at both spots, but feels very good about both getting the job done.

Asked about coming back home after two weeks on the road, and he said that it's a great time to come back home because he senses that there is a lot of excitement about the team still and this game is going to be a great one for them to 'kick-start' the second half of their year.

Asked for a 'state of the union' on the first half of the year, and he said that he would have hoped they would have been undefeated. Added that it may not have been realistic ('That's for others to decide'), but 'if you play better than that team on any given Saturday - even if they are better than you are - you have a chance to be successful'.

'It all starts this Saturday'.

Asked about the Stanback-Shackelford connection, and Willingham said that starting with that TD catch against Fresno State, where Sonny took the ball away from the FSU defender, he's been playing with a very aggressive mentality and it's been showing - in all areas of his play.

Asked about Mike Riley's comment that this game on Saturday is a 'crossroads' game for OSU, and Willingham said that 'every game is a crossroads game' for UW. 'If we don't cash in, it just diminishes our opportunities to do what we want to do'.

Asked about EJ Savannah coming back and Willingham said 'we'll see'. Also asked about Ben Ossai coming back, and Willingham said that whatever issue that held the redshirt frosh LT out of the first Q against USC is over and he'll be fully back for Oregon State.

Asked about Marlon Wood, and Willingham said that Wood is also playing very aggressively. 'I'm excited to see him back returning punts'. Added that he plays the position with reckless abandon ('it reminds me of watching Coach Yarber as a player') but also with smarts, making smart decisions.

Asked what determines when they use Roy Lewis as the KOR man, as opposed to Marlon Wood, and Willingham said that it's all situational based on the time of the ball game, the conditioning, what just happened on defense, etc...)

He finished by giving out the Pepsi Player of the Week honors.

For Offense - Sonny Shackelford
For Defense - Dashon Goldson
For Special Teams - Mike Braunstein
For Service Teams - Matt Houston (ST), Shelton Sampson (O) and Donald Butler (D)
(10/9/06 1:43:54 pm):

Mike Riley Press Notes...

Said that he's 'very disappointed' in the way things have gone in general for the Beavers this year, but he hopes they can rebound in a 'big game' against the Huskies on Saturday.

Said that his defense has been sporadic all season long, but they were pretty good in a 13-6 loss to Washington State. Added that his offense has struggled with turnovers (even though they are +2 for the season). Added that during the Cal and Boise State games they didn't tackle very well and they are still trying to get some new faces totally integrated into their system. They are playing three new linebackers and three new defensive linemen. 'They are still getting their feet wet'.

Asked about Matt Moore, and Riley said that he would be starting Saturday at QB and then they would 'go from there'.

Moore was hearing it from the OSU fans on Saturday, and Riley said that it's just the nature of fans and that 'they are frustrated as we are. We need to play better at home and win some games'.

Said it was nice that they had to compete for four quarters and play a close game for once, because their first four games were blowouts in either direction. 'It was a physical game and the competition was good'.

Added that from an injuries standpoint, they are in pretty good shape, and Riley expects that all the players that played in the WSU game should be available.

Asked about having to come up to Seattle for the third straight year and he said that after this year, 'it gets simple'. Added that WSU has had to travel to OSU three years in a row too.

Asked about Washington, and he said that they are playing 'solid football on both sides'. Said their defense has been 'disruptive' and that they have a nice zone blitz package. 'They are sound and tenacious'.

Added on offense, Isaiah Stanback is having the best year of his career and that the coaches are utilizing his capabilities. 'He appears much more confident'.

Asked about his own offense and he said they had three fumbles and an interception picked off in WSU's red zone that really killed their chances. 'That takes away a lot of opportunities, and that was the difference in the game'.

Asked about his running back, Yvenson Bernard, and he said that he's been very consistent, 'probably our one basic consistency we've had'. Added that he can block well and also is good out of the backfield catching passes.

Asked about Joe Newton, and Riley said that the coaches have not done a good job of 'having him be a factor the way he can be', and they hope to get him rolling in their offense very soon.

Asked about his team's mindset right now, and he said that he feels like they've rebounded mentally after 'getting killed by Cal' and that they came out against WSU ready to play for a full 60 minutes. 'We killed ourselves with lost opportunities, but our spirit is good'. Added that with the coaches trying to work young guys into rotations that they've shown resiliency.

'Every game is a crossroads game for us right now'.
(10/9/06 1:37:00 pm):

Oregon State's two-deep depth chart, as announced by OSU's Sports Information Department:
SE  19  Sammie Stroughter    6-0/188/JR 
     3  Chris Johnson        6-1/180/SO
SLT 82  Brandon Powers       6-2/215/JR
    29  Shane Morales        6-1/197/SO
LT  61  Adam Koets           6-6/294/SR
    76  Tavita Thompson      6-6/319/SO
LG  62  Jeremy Perry         6-2/313/SO
    51  Adam Speer           6-3/276/SO
C   75  Kyle DeVan           6-2/294/JR
    65  Marcus Henderson     6-5/285/SO
RG  67  Roy Schuening        6-4/318/JR
    78  Zach Harris          6-3/301/SR
RT  66  Andy Levitre         6-3/324/SO
    76  Tavita Thompson      6-6/319/SO
TE  89  Joe Newton           6-7/256/SR
    87  Jason Vandiver       6-4/262/SR
QB   8  Matt Moore           6-4/193/SR
     5  Sean Canfield        6-4/222/rFR
TB  26  Yvenson Bernard      5-9/204/JR
    22  Clinton Polk         6-2/214/JR
    34  Patrick Fuller      5-11/204/SO
FL  17  Anthony Wheat-Brown  6-1/218/JR
     2  Ruben Jackson       5-10/197/SR 
FB  33  Micah Strickland     6-0/229/FR
    38  Andy Stewart        5-11/213/JR

LE  27  Joe Lemma            6-3/257/SR
    93  Dorian Smith         6-3/258/JR 
LT  97  Ben Siegert          6-4/288/SR
    99  Pernell Booth        6-1/302/SO
RT  98  Curtis Coker         6-1/309/JR
    53  Gerald Lee           6-1/280/JR
RE  49  Jeff Van Orsow       6-4/266/JR
    90  Victor Butler        6-2/233/SO
SLB 45  Derrick Doggett      6-3/210/JR
     1  Dennis Christopher   6-1/205/SO
MLB 43  Alan Darlin          6-1/251/JR
    41  Bryant Cornell       6-1/240/SO
WLB 42  Joey LaRocque        6-2/230/JR
    56  Eric Moala Liava'a   6-0/236/SO
LCB  6  Keenan Lewis         6-1/194/SO
     5  Gerard Lawson       5-11/190/JR
SS  24  Sabby Piscitelli     6-3/225/SR
    23  Bryan Payton         6-2/211/SO
FS   9  Al Afalava          5-11/198/SO
    39  Daniel Drayton      5-10/204/JR
RCB 36  Brandon Hughes      5-11/174/SO
     4  Coye Francies        6-1/177/JR
PK  13  Alexis Serna         5-8/162/JR
P   18  Kyle Loomis          6-2/195/FR
    32  Jon Strowbridge      6-2/256/JR
HLD 32  Jon Strowbridge      6-2/256/JR
    10  Ryan Gunderson       6-5/229/JR
SNP 55  Joel Cohen          5-11/249/SR
    70  Aaron Carlson        6-1/243/SO
PR  19  Sammie Stroughter    6-0/188/JR 
    84  Taylor Kavanaugh    5-10/174/rFR
KOR  4  Coye Francies        6-1/177/JR
     5  Gerard Lawson       5-11/190/JR

(10/9/06 9:37:00 am):

Here are the official Washington Huskies two-deeps for the Oregon State game, as released by UW Media Relations.
WR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11/185/JR
    18 Corey Williams        6-2/195/JR 
    19 Quintin Daniels       6-0/195/SR
LT  79 Ben Ossai             6-6/300/rFR
    70 Morgan Rosborough     6-6/375/rFR
LG  74 Stanley Daniels       6-4/320/SR
    72 Casey Bulyca          6-6/320/SO
C   58 Juan Garcia           6-3/315/JR
    73 Ryan Bush             6-2/305/SO
RG  63 Clay Walker           6-4/305/SR
    65 Ryan Tolar            6-6/325/FR
RT  75 Chad Macklin          6-8/300/JR
    69 Erik Berglund         6-6/290/JR
TE  37 Johnie Kirton         6-3/270/SO
    86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5/245/SO
    92 Walter Winter         6-5/250/SO 
    82 Tim Williams          6-6/230/rFR
QB   4 Isaiah Stanback       6-3/215/SR
    11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
TB   8 Kenny James           5-10/215/SR
     9 Louis Rankin          6-1/205/JR
     7 Shelton Sampson       5-11/210/SR
FB  43 Mark Palaita          5-10/245/SR
    32 Luke Kravitz          6-1/225/SO
    25 Paul Homer            6-0/225/FR
WR  21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR
     3 Marcel Reece          6-3/240/JR
    29 Cody Ellis            6-0/185/JR
    83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR

DE  66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim   6-4/245/rFR
    41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
DT  91 Donny Mateaki         6-5/285/SR
    95 Jordan Reffett        6-6/295/JR
DT  74 Wilson Afoa           6-3/290/JR
    77 Erick Lobos           6-3/285/JR
DE   7 Greyson Gunheim       6-5/265/JR
    41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
OLB 34 Dan Howell            6-1/225/JR
    20 Kyle Trew             6-2/235/JR
ILB 47 Tahj Bomar            6-2/225/SR
    57 Trenton Tuiasosopo    6-2/240/SO
OLB  4 Scott White           6-1/235/SR
    29 Chris Stevens         6-0/215/SO
    22 EJ Savannah           6-2/222/rFR
FS  26 Jason Wells           6-2/210/SO
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO
SS   1 C.J. Wallace          6-0/210/SR
     3 Chris Hemphill        6-5/235/JR
CB   6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
     8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR
CB  28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO

P   17 Sean Douglas          6-2/230/SR
PR  14 Michael Braunstein    5-8/185/JR
    11 Michael Book          6-3/195/SR
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
SNP 49 Danny Morovick        6-3/230/rFR
KOR 28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
     6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
FR  83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
    21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR

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