Week 7: Dawgman.com Predictions

Washington hopes to rebound from a very difficult road loss at USC where the officials took away a last shot at victory. Oregon State is still looking for their first Pac-10 win on the season. Here is what my staff thinks will happen on Saturday in Husky Stadium.

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Grinolds, 5-1:
Fetters, 4-2:
Eklund, 5-1:
Baird, 4-2:
DuckFighter, 4-2:
Thrapp, 5-1:
Rico, 4-2:
Beach, 5-1:
Han, 6-0:
David Samek, Publisher, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)
Washington is in a strange position. They have felt good about themselves for the first time in years, and they have learned how to win football games. Yet this week, they are in a position to worry about letting down. That seems strange, but that is where they are. It's kind of nice to be honest with you. I think that the Huskies may come out flat, as they have for several weeks on offense, but I also think that the running game will pick it up this week. Look for Kenny James to go over 100 yards, for Stanback to pick up 50 more on keepers, and will throw for nearly 200. OSU's Joe Newton will pose problems but QB Matt Moore won't be able to finish the job in a game that will be close. Washington will (read: BETTER NOT) have any punts blocked or give up any long returns on special teams.

Kim Grinolds, Managing Partner, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)
Remember Kenny James and Louis Rankin? You will see them both on Saturday. I expect both to have big games as the dawgs will run the ball all day long, or at least until Oregon State proves that they can stop it. They won't and the Huskies will win this going away from the guys in the ugly orange.

Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)
This is the first league game where the Huskies come in as prohibitive favorites, an interesting situation to be in considering OSU has won the last two times these teams have played in Husky Stadium. But the USC game was no fluke; Isaiah Stanback will find ways to move the ball against the Beavers and the Washington D would still be happy to give up six field goals to Alexsis Serna ala 2005, just as long as they never smell the end zone. The difference this year is that the Huskies can move the ball and are more dangerous with the big play than they were last year.

Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)
This is a classic "trap" game for the Huskies. After their heart-breaking loss to the Trojans, will they come out fired up ready to drill someone or will they revert to playing like the teams of the past two seasons that folded when adversity came their way? I'm betting it'll be somewhere in between. This is a different Washington team than fans have seen the past few seasons. They seem to believe they can win now and they're making plays and not making mistakes. I expect them to win this game, but it will be tougher than many think. Oregon State keeps it close until Washington gets a late score to pull away.

Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)
Washington is not about to let down after just barely missing on the road against the Trojans. Bernard is a nifty tailback but this Husky defense wraps up and tackles so much better thsi year that they should be able to limit his effectiveness. Moore can get hot, but the Husky blitz packages have been active and should give him some trouble. Stanback rebounds from a sub-par game against USC to light up the Beavers with is legs and arm, leading the Huskies to a victory and extending their home winning streak to four.

Race Bannon, Publisher DuckFighter Illustrated, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)
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Prediction: WASHINGTON, 35 - OREGON STATE, 17
Patrick Thrapp, Numbers Guy, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)
You would think that this game with OSU should be a gimmie considering we just went 14 rounds with one of the top heavy weights, and lost by decision. Yet I think OSU will present a very tough game for us. They have the better numbers. Which is understandable considering they haven't played as tough a schedule so far as the DAWGs. According to Sagarin our average opponent's strength rank is just above 42 for UW. While OSU is almost 59. Lower is better. Both teams have played 3 top 30 teams. OSU is 0 & 3, UW is 1 & 2. With Stanback maybe limited some now by injury. I have to think this will be a another close game.

Rick Samek, Columnist, RECORD: 4-2 (.667)
By now, you've no doubt read that the staff above me has all picked Washington to win this week - and rightfully so. The Huskies have played better football than the Beavers, and have a couple of chips on their shoulder as well – the USC tragedy to wipe clean; two more wins are needed to get bowl-qualified so they MUST protect their home field; plus the fact that OSU kicker Alexis Serna has personally outscored the Dawgs 35-24 over the past two seasons in Husky Stadium - both Beaver wins. Simple remedy for that one – have one of the wedgies wipe Serna out on the opening kickoff and the rest should be easy *smile* (honestly, I kid. Wouldn't dream of putting another player out – especially a kicker). What does have to happen is that Stanback must turn around his two-year 16-for-41 passing history against the Beavs (0 TD, 1 INT). If nothing else, that last ill-fated drive against the Trojans – on the road, no less – should prove to everyone that he's more than capable of such a turnaround. It should be a happy Saturday evening for the men in Purple as they take another step towards San Diego, El Paso, or Las Vegas.

Aaron Beach, Columnist, RECORD: 5-1 (.833)
It has been a while since the Huskies have been favored by more than a touchdown at home to another Pac-10 foe. Could the Dawgs come into this game "overconfident" being a large home favorite against a Pac-10 opponent for the first time in…..3 years? Doubtful. Willingham has done a remarkable job of keeping this team humble, hungry, and honed in on the prize….that is winning the next game on their schedule. I expect to see the Dawgs resort to classic "smashmouth" football to rush for 200 yards and control the game and the clock. This will create gaping holes to allow Shackleford and Wood to find holes behind the safeties for multiple deep completions.

Henry Han, Seattle Times, RECORD: 6-0 (1.000)
The sign of a strong team: The ability to bounce back after a tough loss. This should be the case of Oregon State being at the wrong place at the wrong time and being the focus of a team that has been scorned. With the Beavers looking like the Huskies of yesteryear, this is a chance for Washington to come roaring out and re-establish their dominance of the Northwest. With the rowdiness of Husky Stadium slowly coming back to life, Isaiah Stanback and the gang should be able to win game number five and get one step closer to a bowl game.

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