Coaches' quotes - Oregon State

Here are the Washington and Oregon State coaches' quotes from Saturday's 27-17 loss to Oregon State at Husky Stadium. Was it a step back? Was it a 'hangover' from the tough loss at USC the week earlier? The coaches address those questions, and more.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

On the Status of Isaiah Stanback: "It's a foot injury. We don't know the extent of the injury, other than it did not allow him to come back into the ballgame."

On the battle in the trenches: "We took it on the chin. If you win the battle of the trenches, you have a better chance of winning the football game."

On his team's effort: "I thought it was OK. It was definitely not our best effort. We just didn't take advantage of the opportunities that we did have."

On OSU completing some long passes: "They got what you call a 'sail' route on us a couple of times. We had a couple of opportunities to make tackles, and on at least one time we weren't able to keep them out of the end zone."

On the injury report coming out of the game: (Dashon) Goldson, who returned (ankle), (Trenton) Tuiasosopo, who did not (Stinger), (Kenny) James did not finish the last play of the game (Stinger), Roy Lewis (bruised knee, not considered serious) and (Clay) Walker had a situation with his elbow." Greyson Gunheim had a bruise to the leg, but came back in.

On not trying field goals in OSU's end: "We were in what, I like to call, that in-between where the field goal may be a little long and you aren't going to gain that much on the in those situations I like to keep our offense on the field and see if we can go for it."

On another slow start: "We've been talking about that all year...but in this particular case I thought our guys were ready to go, prepared. But we just physically didn't step up. They mauled us taking it down the field with a simple zone play and did a much better job of blocking and running than we did getting off blocks and tackling."

On the first half lead: "We got some turnovers, so that gave us some opportunities to put some points on the board, so at that point you're in good shape at the half, but you know that you have to take the momentum for the third quarter. And we didn't do it."

On the 80-yard pass to Sammie Stroughter: "We thought that it might have been a pick that, as it came across got one of our guys and one of our guys didn't make the tackle on the sideline."

On Stanback's day: "Actually I think we struggled in a lot of places. It wasn't a clean day for us. Offensively, just didn't have that...sharpness that we needed."

On possibly having a 'hangover' from the USC game: "I don't think so. In that case, we wouldn't have made some of the plays we did to keep us in the ballgame. We were doing some good things, we just weren't sharp enough. I don't think it was a USC hangover."

On Stanback's hip pointer bothering him throughout the day: "He wasn't 100 percent, that's for sure. But he made a couple of great throws...and there were some other throws that he didn't make."

On this loss feeling different than the other two losses during the season: "The second half of the season comes with greater expectations and that changes a lot of perspectives in and around the program. But the goals are the same, because you always want to win the next ballgame."

On Bonnell's performance: "I thought it was tough duty to come in and save the game. But that's what we expect our second guy to do."

On getting out-physicalled: "I told our guys during the week that this was going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight. This was a football team that was a lot better and couldn't understand why they were 2-3. They played a very physical style and got after it well tonight. And we didn't match it...we were off just that little bit."

On this game being a step back: "I think that's a little too harsh, but we didn't get the win. And that's what I'm more focused on."

On bouncing back for the next game against California: When you lose, it's always disappointing. You always hurt, and if you don't hurt, then I'm disappointed...because if you don't hurt, why are you doing it? We'll be stretched, as you are anytime you lose, to bounce back, come back and be ready to go for the next ballgame."

On Stanback being ready for Cal: "I wouldn't begin to say that until Tuesday, just based on the lack of information we have available."

On Stanback's mood: "He's disappointed. He's been the Captain of this ship all year long and he wanted an opportunity to lead us through it and he wasn't able to."

On if the team can move forward with Bonnell if Stanback can't play on Saturday: "Yes."

On Yvenson Bernard: "He is a good back, the second-leading back in the conference. They have a good offensive line, they performed well. We have to get better up front, better in our tackling. They did a great job against us and we needed to do a better job against them. Some it wasn't even tackling, because at times it was a scrum and you couldn't find him at times."

On taking any positives from the game: "There will always be something positive to take away from a game, but what looms the largest is that we didn't win the football game. Tomorrow there will be some positives."

On Stanback still being UW's best offensive option, even at less than 100 percent: "Yes."
Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley:

General Comments: "You play one week at a time. We didn't rally talk about it like it was the season on the brink because we are just going to play one week at a time. I know it's cliche, but that is really what's big for our team. I thought we put forth a great effort last week and we weren't rewarded with it. And tonight it looked like the same way in the first half - just kind of giving them too many opportunities - but we kept playing."

On O-line and D-line play: "I thought they were outstanding factors in the ballgame tonight, which is the way it is going to be. I don't think (Washington) got a sack, and they have been having a lot of pressure on teams. I thought that, obviously, the run blocking was huge in the first half for us. So I thought that the offensive line and the defensive line were big factors in the game."

On the 80-yard touchdown pass: "It was a great pickup on the blitz by the line, and I think they just picked up their safety tremendously when he blitzed. Matt (Moore) stood in there and made a big play, and it was a big catch by Sammie (Stroughter)."

On Matt Moore's play: "I thought he did a great job. I thought he overall just played very, very solid. I thought his poise was great, he seemed to make good decisions, and he really competed."

On confidence going into next week: "We'll see...we are in another one-week season. It was a tremendous example of endurance, and perseverence, and persistence. I loved it...that's the main part of it for me. The execution was better, particularly in the second half, and the football was good that way. Those qualities are things we had, but we had not executed with it."

On the OSU coaching staff: "The staff are very, very good football coaches. Those guys are very good, and I think they work within our personnel very, very well with what the strengths of our guys are. They have added that technical defense that has added a spark to our team. They are very detailed, they are as hard a working people as you could ever get, and they are just doing a tremendous job for the Beavers."

On the passing game: "We just had a much better game. We had more balls, we had deep balls and that was good to see."

On Sean Canfield: "I really thought that he has had two really significant weeks of practice. It wasn't just me, but I really felt it myself...that this guy is ready. I didn't make it public, because I didn't want a lot of hoopla going into the ballgame, but we just said we would put him in at the start of the second quarter. It didn't look like such a great idea for awhile, but he is capable, very capable, and it is good for him to do that."
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On the overall play of his defense: "They were physical and we didn't match that at all. I'm very disappointed. They ran the ball early on us and we made some adjustments and I was very disappointed in how non-physical we were."

On anything tipping him off to the lack of physical play: "I can't say. I didn't see anything during the week, but I'll have to wait until I watch the tape."

On OSU's long TD play: "We were in man coverage and we were trying to make something happen. The man fell down, got tripped on the crossing route and their guy is wide open. That's the chance you take."

On it being a significant step back for the defense: "We didn't play well at all. My hat's off to Oregon State. They outplayed us today. I'm not going to say that it's a step back, because we're going to come back and work hard next week."

On the play of linebacker Scott White: "He's playing well. He's doing what we ask him to do and he's making some really big plays when it counts. That's huge. We just need a few more."

On bouncing back against another potent offense in Cal: "Well, we've played some pretty good teams, we've played some physical offensive lines. We'll bounce back. It's a matter of pride."

On what he said to the team at halftime: "I didn't get a chance to say much, we were busy making adjustments with each group. We just told them how we needed to come out and play hard. They outplayed us. That's the bottom line."

On lacking emotion during the game: "Emotion is a big part of it, but I don't know all the things that happened. There were some things we didn't do very well, but there were some good things we did at times. It wasn't enough. First down killed us."

On the tackling breaking down: "We just weren't physical enough."
Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

On the game: "It was hard to get into any rhythm to make some plays. We just shot ourselves in the foot. It was hard to sustain any drives. I don't think we got off their bump very well, we didn't separate well. And we didn't run well enough to stay out of third and long."

On Bonnell being ready to play: "We're going to find out. We have to get somebody ready."

On the offense not changing with another QB other than Stanback: "There's no question that we built this thing around Isaiah and it's going to have to change a little bit. We'll have to see and go from there."

On trying to get the big plays early: "The way people were moving the ball on them was to get the big play on them. They disrupted Washington State enough so we were wary of that kind of stuff, but when you look at all the games to see what hurts this defense - shots over the top hurt 'em. But we didn't separate very often."

On OSU's DL: "They got to us. And they got to us with four guys, so they didn't blitz all that much. They got there with four people."

On Bonnell coming into the game: "It's hard to sit for three quarters and it's tough to go into a situation where we're behind and there's not much you can do other than try to get back in the game. It's a two-score game and we had to throw the ball down the field and there's not too much time's a hard situation for him."

On Bonnell having enough experience: "He doesn't have a whole lot."

On what he told his offense at halftime: "We thought we had a chance to run the football a little more consistently. We still thought we could take a couple more shots over the top, but we just didn't separate very well."

On the QB pecking order: "Right now it would be Johnny (DuRocher) and Felix (Sweetman). That's all we have left."

On Jake Locker's status: "That's something we might look at right now, but right now that's not something I can even comment on."

On possibly losing Stanback: "It's unfortunate for him. The type of year he was having and what he brought to this football team and what he brought to this offense...we built the offense around him. He's the guy that made it go. We have a tough task ahead." Top Stories