Player quotes - Oregon State

The players were understandably down after a tough-loss at home to the Oregon State Beavers and they said collectively that things need to get fixed soon with the California Golden Bears on the horizon.

S C.J. Wallace (8 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, on forced fumble)

On how physical the game was: "We knew coming in it was going to be a physical game with Oregon State because they like that just as much as we do. It's kind of like a rivalry. It was a big game and there were a lot of hits out there and it was a fun game even though we lost."

On the wide-open Oregon State receivers: "We just have to play better. We are a much better secondary than what we showed tonight. I think there were a lot of mental things that happened. They weren't more physical than us, it was just something mentally that happened with us and we weren't on the same page."

On the turnovers: "We feed off our offense a lot. We came and tried to do the best we could to create turnovers for the offense. I think we did a good job of that. Besides about two big plays I felt that we had a pretty good day on defense forcing turnovers and things like that."

LB Scott White (7 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions)

On where the team goes from here: "As one of the leaders of this team it's up to me to step up and make sure that we get this thing righted and back to winning. We need to come back tomorrow and try to get this one out of our system. We have a very tough game with a hot Cal team that just came off a win against Washington State."

On his two interceptions: "It's exciting. I just go out every game with the mentality to just make plays. I'll do whatever is needed to make plays. It doesn't matter what the situation is, we're going out there to make plays"

WR Anthony Russo (4 catches for 89 yards)

On the first play: "Everything happened exactly how we drew it up except we expected to score. They usually tell us on Wednesday or Thursday what the first play is going to be and we run it so it's like second-nature for us. It went well, but I wish we had scored."

On not scoring after the first big play: "Not scoring was big for us. If we could have scored I think we would have been more confident. We didn't though and I think that was big for them and for us. Just in different ways."

On the physicality of the Beavers: "They weren't that much more physical with us. I didn't feel their defensive backs holding me. I'm not saying they didn't hold anyone else, but they didn't hold me."

C Juan Garcia

On Isaiah going down: "I looked at the rest of the line and I said ‘man I think that was our fault' and it was deflating to see him go down. It was a little deflating, I'm not going to lie about that."

On the intensity of the team coming into the game: "This is division one football. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and get things fixed because Cal will come out and blow you out of the water if you don't come out prepared to play. We need to get it fixed and we need to get it fixed now."

On the offensive line not playing well: "It's pretty frustrating because I know, if the offensive line would have played better we probably would have won this game. I look at the offensive line, I think we came up short on this game. I won't say one name, but we did not play well and I'll take it all on me because if it doesn't get fixed soon, they need to put someone else in there."

LB Tahj Bomar (10 tackles, 1 tackle for loss)

General thought on the game: "They came out and made the plays when they needed to. They hit some good runs and a couple of big passes and they played a good game and just beat us."

On what the Beavers did to be successful: "Basically they didn't do anything that we didn't expect them to do. Their back (Yvenson Bernard) is a good player, but he shouldn't have gotten the amount of yards he got. We have to play better and recognize things better."

WR Cody Ellis (4 catches for 40 yards)

On Oregon State wanting it more: "I don't know if they came out more physically ready, but they were more physical than we were and they sure seemed to want it more than we did and I really can't tell you why. We wanted to win out and that's still our goal. Now it's just about putting this behind us and focusing on Cal."

On success possibly getting to their heads: "Personally, I think from success we should have more success and be more motivated to come out and play hard. Success should breed success and I don't know what it was, but we had better figure it out because we can't come out and play like that again."

OG Stanley Daniels

On the problems the offense had: "I honestly don't believe it was them being more physical than us. They're a very physical team, but I honestly feel we just made too many mistakes today to win. Like coach (Tyrone) Willingham says, it's the ‘Law of play better' and today, they played better than we did."

On how difficult it will be to come back: "It's no more difficult now that it was when did hadn't played yet. Something happened that we didn't plan on happening and we have to reboot, re-strap our shoelaces and come to play this next week." Top Stories