IN THIS ISSUE: A Legend's career is in the balance - Time for the next Legend? - Vengeful Bears await - Ducks run over Bruins - Cougars run over themselves

Black Saturday at Husky Stadium
Race Bannon

DFI legend Isaiah Stanback lay prone on the Husky Stadium turf after coming up two yards short on a 4th down run and the silent crowd continued to file out of the stadium shaking their heads at the return of the Bad News Dawgs.

The already hurting Stanback had spent the day courageously ignoring the pain and trying to avoid the relentless Beaver rush and as usual trying to single handedly will the Huskies to victory on a foggy day at Montlake. Alas, the Huskies' fog never lifted and a promising season took a turn for the worse in a defeat for which there is no excuse.

Isaiah Stanback may have played his last game as a Husky, a sad, yet all too fitting end for one of the all time "What Ifs" of Husky Football. Always a favorite of ours for his vast, yet mostly untapped ability, Stanback persevered through the most daunting times of Husky football since the late 60's. Along with his fellow 5th year seniors, the last remnants of the Neuheisel era, IS led a surprising and satisfying resurgence this year that has Husky fans once again looking up and thinking optimistically. It is our hope that his fellow players will take the banner and continue this work in his honor.

Mr. Stanback, you will always have a place of honor in the DFI pantheon of Husky greats.

And yet, half a season remains to be played and now the big question on the table involves the Next Generation, Jake Locker.

DFI has not been a fan of Carl Bonnell and Johnny DuRocher, former Cougars and Ducks respectively. The frail Bonnell got some time Saturday and looks to be unprepared for the rigors of playing behind our offensive line against a team like Cal.

The future is now, and Jake Locker is the future. Arkansas turned to their true freshman QB after getting worked by USC and they haven't lost since, including a big win at Auburn. We have only seen Locker play in two state championship games, so we are basing our opinion in large part on the views of those who have seen him practice this fall. The consensus has been that he is a special talent, a natural leader, and has a big time arm.

Playing at Qual-Commie Stadium in Berkeley is a daunting task but nobody expects UW to win anyway. It represents a chance to feel the fire and learn the hard lessons that he is going to have to learn anyway. This year is better than next year.

Then Locker can try to lead us to the three wins we need to get a vital bowl game this year. We simply cannot afford to give up on the season, no matter who is hurt, or how hard the task appears.

Start the Locker Era now.

Unfortunately, Cal still enjoys paying back the Huskies far too much to let down for this game. Fresh off a desultory whipping of WSU, the Bears will run over our beloved Montlake Mutts for the 5th time in a row. *Sigh*

Prediction: Cal 48, UW 10
Ducks v. Cougars
Mallard N. Moore

Oregon versus Washington State is always a favorite game at DFI headquarters, as Race Bannon tries to figure out a way for both teams to lose the same game. For the Ducks it is another chance for an easy win.

Oregon ran all over UCLA to the tune of 256 yards in a 30-20 win that was far superior to the Huskies 29-19 win over the Bruins. Jeremiah Johnson continues to provoke the heretical thought that he is actually better than the oft injured Jonathon Stewart at tailback.

Dennis Dixon took a big hit in the Kill Your Quarterback offense that has already claimed Kelly Clemmons last year, and Isaiah Stanback this year. Better keep Brady Leaf ready.

This will be a rare road game for Oregon, and the morally victorious Cougars have several big moral victories at Martin P. Vandal Stadium this year. It is a homecoming for the embattled Bill Moos, and one of sorts for the aforementioned Leaf. This is for a bowl game for the Cougs. And they can plan on staying home again.

The Rest: - Frankly, your faithful correspondent was despondent and would rather fold this magazine than write another lame attempt at humor following a heart ripping defeat…but Race Bannon is not a quitter…Race Bannon got up and wrote this issue…Race Bannon is a winner…as was USC with a power display worthy of Tailback U as they drove the field to beat ASU…USC continues to get everyone's best shot and plays just well enough to win….Arizona beat Stanford to clinch 9th place in the Pac 10…UCLA travels to the Notre Dame next week…we feel an upset brewing there…Florida and Georgia meet for cocktails in Jacksonville…Tennessee and Alabama renew hostilities…let's hope it as exciting on the field as it is in the courtroom…we should give credit to Oregon State but we won't…Indiana beat Iowa leaving us once again wondering why Kirk Ferentz gets paid so much…Vanderbilt beat Georgia…that's right, freaking Vanderbilt…Vandy West mourns…..Miami was, well, Miami in beating the crap out of Florida International. They won the football game as well, and the Hurricane player that was swinging his helmet at FIU players was showing off his construction major learnings with great passion. It would appear his future is in demolition….

Thanks for reading, you really shouldn't. – Race Top Stories