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It's hard enough for the Washington Huskies (4-3, 2-2) to have lost a winnable game against the Oregon State Beavers, but to be bruised and battered and minus their No. 1 QB going on the road against California (6-1, 4-0) is a recipe UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham would rather leave in the cookbook.

End of game:

And as quickly as the Huskies had hope, it was dashed by Bonnell's fifth pick of the day. Desmond Bishop was at the right place at the right time, and as he tried to run to the other end zone, the Berkeley fans went berzerkely.

It only took Cal a couple plays earlier to score, capped off by a Lynch touchdown on a toss sweep.

It wasn't a Hail Mary, but she answered the call anyways. UW had all their receivers go vertical, and Bonnell - having been flushed out of the pocket - threw the ball as far as he could.

It ended up getting batted by a Cal defender, and right into the arms of Washington receiver Marlon Wood. Wood, who caught the ball at the two-yard line, quickly squared his body toward the end zone and lept in the air. He crossed over, just as the entire UW sideline went ballistic.

On the road, with the Bears reeling from the play before - does Willingham try to take advantage of a chaotic situation by going for two? No, he settles for overtime.
1:52/4: Lynch tops off a great day running the football, cutting back and running uncontested into the endzone. Tedford goes for two and it looked like the Huskies had Justin Forsett stopped on a trap up the middle, but he sneaks over to give Cal a 24-17 lead. With two timeouts and nearly two minutes left, Bonnell should have plenty of opportunities to get his team a score.

Dashon Goldson was a near pick to seal things up, but can't keep his hands on the ball. Cal continues to move the ball, barely making first downs, but making them nonetheless.

This is coming down like the USC game, but for some reason it just doesn't have that same feel...I can't explain it. UW 17-16 and they get the ball. I'll be back after the game to finish up the blog.

You don't panic if you're Tedford, and the Bears march down the field like they have all day long. Craig Stevens has come up with a couple of big catches for Cal.

All those dance lessons paid off for Louis Rankin, as he ran for 44 yards and then Bonnell does his best Stanback imitation, taking a QB draw in unimpeded for a touchdown. UW now up by four. Now it's up to the defense to rerpise their last effort. If Reffett's play is any indictation, perhaps the UW front 7 can get Longshore in the game and force some miscues.

Quick 3rd Q stats...Cal has 306 total yards, UW has 271...Cal has 147 rushing yards, UW 79. Lynch has 105 yards for Cal, Rankin has 38 for UW. Longshore is 11-22 for 159 yards. Bonnell is 11-18 for 192 yards and one touchdown and four interceptions.
End of the 3rd Q:

Well, UW didn't match Cal's intensity and determination off the bat, but are starting to show signs of life. Tedford is a true riverboat gambler, and his fourth-down try in the 3rd Q might come back to haunt him. But UW has to find a way to stop Lynch and Forsett more consistently, they are finding the UW secondary way too often.

And offensively, maybe that long-gainer by Rankin will kick-start his game...they need his presence badly. And Bonnell has to continue to show the poise in the pocket that he had early on. When he tries to put a lot of zip on the fall, it has a tendency to float on him. He needs to trust his reads and to quote Willingham, 'Take what's given'.

Jordan Reffett proves his worth as game-day captain, stuffing a fourth-down effort by Cal. And Rankin breaks one for 21 yards. I must be buzzed by the contact...

Bonnell throws No. 4, a great play by Zack Follett on a roll-out to the left side. This time, Tedford knows he doesn't need to have Longshore throw and just lets Marshawn Lynch go to work.

The Huskies' defense forces a 51-yard field goal attempt, which is good. Again, UW bends but doesn't break. But the Huskies need to help Bonnell offensively, especially in the run game. Lappano broke out the flea-flicker in the last series, and he's going to have to keep dusting off the oldies-but-goodies if Rankin can't step up and provide UW a decent running threat.

You know you're swimming upstream when you force a fumble and an offensive player grabs it in stride. It happened to Goldson on Lavelle Hawkins, when Craig Stevens grabs it and keeps running.

But Cal isn't helping themselves either with penalties.

Shackelford just gets tripped up on a flea-flicker, or he would have scored. Bonnell tried to force a ball into Cody Ellis, and it gets picked, his third pick inside the Bears'40. Field position-wise, it's like a touchback, but emotionally, it's huge that Cal stopped UW after scoring. Now Cal is clearly winning the battle in the trenches.

Cal waltzes down the field, clearly inspired from getting shut out of the end zone the first half. To be honest, the way Cal's OL usually plays, Longshore shouldn't have to throw a pass this second half. Now that Cal has woken up, Baer is probably going to have to gamble a lot more play a lot more players up by the line of scrimmage and force Longshore to beat them.

Because Lynch can, and has, beaten them in the past.

Mesphin Forrester is in, and Chris Hemphill is in. Just a quick scan of the sidelines, and I don't see Wallace at all. Cal's offense looks like they are taking things personally, especially Marshawn Lynch.

I honestly don't think UW could play any more conservatively. I don't believe the ref could have put his hands any closer together on a third down measurement, but Willingham didn't hesitate to bring out the punt team. He's clearly putting his hopes on the fact that the Huskies can play as well defensively this half as they did the first 30 minutes.

The way Rankin came out this half, I think it's just a matter of time before Sampson, Kravitz or someone else comes out to see what they can do running the ball.

Cal kicks a 21-yard FG to put points on the board. I agree that it was better to put points up than try and take a shot into the end zone. If you come up empty, all that momentum you created driving downfield is lost. For Washington, Willingham has to be kicking himself a little bit for overthinking the kickoff after the Russo touchdown. Braunstein kicked a grounder right to an up-man, and he was able to get the ball up to the Cal 40-yard line. A few plays later, the Bears were knocking on the doorstep.

The Cal sideline reporter just asked Tedford if there were any adjustments he was going to make at halftime. 'A lot' was the answer. At least the UW coaches have Tedford thinking, which is a great sign. We'll see how effective their half-time adjustments actually end up being, because the Huskies have to take a ton of confidence into the locker room in how they played.

Quick halftime stats...UW has 201 total yards, 62 on the ground...Cal has 160 yards, with 74 on the ground. Bonnell has 31 yards and Rankin 21 yards on the ground for UW, while Lynch has 48 yards and Forsett 14 yards for Cal. Bonnell is 8-11 for 139 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. Longshore is 8-16 for 86 yards.

Cal is at the UW 4-yard line...they didn't call timeout, so three seconds ran off. They could have had a shot to take one play before kicking it. UW calls timeout, not only to ice the kicker a little bit, but also to make sure they have all their contingencies in place. They looked a little confused in personnel going onto the field, so it was a smart timeout to take for more than one reason.

Anthony Russo gets clear down the left side and Bonnell catches him in stride for a 49-yard touchdown play, as the Huskies went quick-strike ala the Arizona game. UW up 10 on the road...who would have thunk it?

Butler continues to rack up tackles. Wallace just left the game and was limping a little bit. He did not look happy coming off the field. The Huskies are hitting in the secondary, dislodging footballs.

I definitely feel for Tim Lappano. He knows that Cal's team speed won't allow UW to run zone blocking and stretch plays against a fast and aggressive front 7. He also knows that Louis Rankin isn't the answer between the tackles, so he tries lead iso with Palaita leading, but Rankin just isn't running with any authority.

I wouldn't be surprised if Shelton Sampson shows up at some point. A note on UW's defense; frosh LB Donald Butler is playing quite a bit. Don't know if that's just part of Baer's rotation or if someone else is dinged up.
6:45/2: Troy Taylor is saying on the radio that he saw Cal practice this week and he had a feeling that maybe they just weren't mentally or emotionally invested in this game as they should have been, and it's really showing. But Washington can't rely on a 3-point lead on the road. They need to put together a drive and get some more points on the board. A scoring drive right here to end the half would be just what Willingham ordered. But give Cal's defense credit...they fly around and are as fast as any defense UW has faced this year.

Great play by Cal LB Worrell Williams, taking the ball away from Kirton on a deep seam route. The plus for the Huskies is that it was almost at midfield. An offensive pass interference call on Desean Jackson moves it back even further.

Bonnell takes his shot in the end zone with a long fade to Marcel Reece, but Daymeion Hughes was the one that knew exactly where the ball was and picked it off in the end zone.

Marshawn Lynch runs wild on Cal's first play from scimmage, and gets into UW's side of the field for the first time all game long on his next run. Not surprising that Cal is trying to pound it on the ground. They've got two great backs that should be able to get it done.

Quick 1Q stats...UW has 75 yards of total offense, Cal has 29. UW leads in TOP, 9 minutes to 6. UW has 40 rushing yards, compared with 6 for Cal. Bonnell has two carries for 24 yards and is 4-5 for 35 yards. Forsett has 4 carries for 14 yards and Longshore is 2-8 for 23 yards.

Also just found out that the Referee for the Oklahoma-Oregon game, David Cutaia, is reffing this game.
End of the first Q:

UW gets a first down because Louis Rankin recovered his own fumble. UW HAS to make sure they win the turnover battle. Defensively, the Huskies are getting Cal in third-and-long situations and are sitting back in zone and hoping Longshore makes some questionable reads. So far he has. James sprained his right ankle and right now they do not expect him to play the rest of the game.

Kind of surprised they didn't sneak it on third and short. Cal's team speed on defense right now is tremendous. Also kind of surprised UW didn't go for it on 4th down inside Cal territory, and a Douglas punt ends up netting less than thirty yards of field position. But give credit to UW's defense right now...they are definitely giving Jeff Tedford something to think about. Gunheim is now in the game.

Longshore is helping UW's cause, throwing early on timing routes. Kent Baer is content right now to rush three and four only, and while UW isn't getting a ton of pressure on Longshore, they are doing enough apparently to throw his timing off a little.

Brandon Ala started for Greyson Gunheim and he's doing some good work up front. Don't know if Gunheim is a little more banged up or what, but it's all Ala right now. Gunheim is dressed and is right there if needed.

Mike Braunstein kicks a 33-yard field goal for UW, as they take an early lead. Bonnell looks great and confident in the pocket, but Sonny Shackelford betrayed him on an easy slant that he let bounce off his hands. And another creative play-call, a pass out to the flat to Kenny James didn't get a chance to materialize as Johnie Kirton completely whiffed on his block.

Bonnell looks like he can move this team with his legs and arm. He just needs to get help from his receivers to make sure that happens. So far? Mixed results.

The wind continues to blow hard, it will be a factor today, for sure. Washington comes out and makes a nice three-and-out stand defensively. Bonnell finds Robert Lewis for a 22-yard gain on 3rd down, an easy throw for Bonnell to complete to start things off. A great call by Tim Lappano.

Washington wins the toss and defers. The Cal radio guys are surprised at that decision. Troy Taylor is the color man for Cal radio, the former Bear quarterback.

Marshawn Lynch is not starting for Cal, Justin Forsett is. Washington's star has really fallen, apparently, as there are large chunks of stands at Memorial Stadium empty. Jordan Reffett is starting for Donny Mateaki, and Dashon Goldson is starting for Matt Fountaine.
20 minutes before kickoff:

Watching the Huskies going through their warmups and running plays, it's pretty clear that Locker is getting reps over DuRocher. In fact, DuRocher looks like he's more intent on making sure Locker is making the right reads and throws after each rep.

If anybody had any questions until now, it's looks obvious to me that it's Bonnell and then Locker.
30 minutes before kickoff:

The Huskies go from their stretching to position warmups. Stanley Daniels, Jordan Reffett, Scott White and Kenny James are today's captains.

The color guy for Cal's radio team is talking about UW's defense and he's not that impressed with the DL, but is very impressed with Scott White. He said that he thinks UW will play cover-4 and try and zone up and keep all the big-plays in front of them. Also said he thinks UW will zone blitz a lot and try and scheme to give Cal different looks. Said it's a good way to try and keep UW's corners off an island.

On offense, they said that losing Stanback is huge, and they are saying that with Bonnell coming in, UW will have to alter their gameplan somewhat but the good thing for UW is that Bonnell might actually be a better passer than Stanback.

They are not impressed with Washington's OL at all.
40 minutes before kickoff:

The kicking guys for both teams are coming out right now. Phil Collins in blasting from the stadium speakers. Washington comes out in their normal purple pants, while Cal comes out in their dark blue tops and yellow pants. All four UW QB's have the playsheet attached to a wristband, so no clues there as to who is backing up Carl Bonnell.

The wind is most definitely playing tricks with punts and passes.
80 minutes before kickoff:

Here in the press box in Berkeley. Open air, and VERY windy right now...probably between 15-30 miles per hour coming out of the south. I don't believe it was supposed to be this windy. We're trying to figure out what the writers do if it ever rains.

During this time I would normally be listening to the home pre-game show, but in the Bay Area both Stanford and Cal have to buy air time, so KGO has only 30 minutes of pre-game. If I'm a betting man, I'd say Cal is the only top-10 team in the country that only has 30 minutes of pre-game.
(10/19/06 3:38:42 pm):

Willingham afternoon notes

Said Carl Bonnell had a good week of practice running things and taking charge of the system and huddle like he's expected to.

Said that Bonnell has been a successful quarterback at the high school level where he led his team to a state championship and that he's an intense competitor.

Willingham noted that he has in his mind how things will go and what order the quarterbacks are in at this point, but was coy when asked if Jake Locker would play.

Said he knows teams rotate quarterbacks at times, but he prefers to have a starting QB and go from there. When asked if Bonnell went down, who would enter the game, again, Willingham was non-committal saying he wasn't trying to be evasive, but he doesn't want to be too informative either.

Said Jake and DuRocher have both done well with the limited snaps each has gotten during the week.

Said he and the coaching staff will cross the Locker or DuRocher playing when they get ready to cross that bridge..not before then.

Said the team is in a "rebounding" mentality this week after their disappointing loss to the Beavers. Said he's been happy with their week so far.

Said that Dashon Goldson is working with the team, but they are trying to find the balance between working him too hard and resting him. He expects Goldson to play a lot on Saturday.

Said tight ends are getting healthier which is nice to see.

On California, he said that they are a team that can hit you in so many ways. From the running back, to the wide receivers to the quarterback, this team has "explosive balance" and the Husky defense has it's work cut out for it.

Practice will be indoors today and there will be no walk-through in Berkeley.
(10/18/06 3:46:25 pm):

Willingham afternoon notes

Asked about Stanback's injury and the surgery, and he said that it went well and he's back at home resting. 'He should be up and about next week'.

He hasn't talked to IS, but he did talk to the UW doctors, and they seem to feel that everything went according to plan.

Said that because it's so soon, he won't travel to Cal, but Willingham said that it could be open to seeing him travel to Oregon and WSU.

Asked about practice on Tuesday and he said that it was a good day but far from their best day. 'We were able to get our work in that needed to get done. It wasn't perfect, but it was a good day'.

Asked about Dashon Goldson, and he said that 'it'll be interesting to see how he goes through the week'. If he does play a lot, it'll most likely be at cornerback, because Jason Wells is back and healthy at safety.

C.J. Wallace had a slight bruise to the knee during practice Tuesday, but Willingham doesn't expect it to be a big deal.

Asked about Jordan Murchison and Willingham said that he probably will not redshirt, and that he's been seeing more action at corner last week and this week.

With the weather getting worse in Seattle and less than a 10 percent chance of rain in Berkeley, Willingham said that he may move his team into the Dempsey indoor tomorrow, but he prefers to get as much time outside as possible.

All the rest of the QB's will travel, including Felix Sweetman - who has already made all the road trips this year. Willingham said that Sweetman also works with some of the backup special teams units.

Asked how Cal's offense looks under new OC Mike Dunbar, and Willingham said that they are running a little more one-back read option than last year, but they still use more two-back sets than you would normally see in a full-spread team like Oregon.

Asked about the fight between Miami and Florida International, and what he would expect his players to do if they saw one of their teammates being beaten up on the field, and he said that since the refs are clearly outnumbered by players on the field, you can't expect them to defend players, so if one of his players saw a teammate getting beaten up, he would expect that player to do everything in their power to get their teammate out of harm's way without escalating the situation.
(10/18/06 1:56:08 pm):

Spoke with DB Coach JD Williams...

...and he was also running late, so there wasn't much time to talk, but he did reiterate that his familiarity with the Cal personnel should help Washington.

'Of course, especially when it comes to personnel and habits and tendencies of players. You coached them, so you know their strong points and weak points. But we still need to take advantage'.

Also said that he feels this year's Cal team is better than last year's. 'They have more experience.' Mentioned Daymeion Hughes, Syd'Quan Thompson, Bernard Hicks, and Brandon Hampton as all guys he knows that are very talented.
(10/18/06 1:51:32 pm): Spoke with SAM Dan Howell...

...he didn't have a lot of time, as he was about to get on with the Groz for an interview on KJR, but he did say that the team 'understands that they can't help what happened (to Isaiah Stanback), but they have to move on and help those that are going to be expected to step up - including Carl Bonnell.

'But it's also on all of us that we need to step up too'.

Asked if he's started to really assert himself as a leader, despite not being a senior, and he said that it's an 'everyday' thing for him. 'I need to step up and be a leader'. He also added that just because Stanback went down, he doesn't feel any 'extra pressure' to step up even more. 'It's always the same for me'.

Asked who has started to really become vocal leaders in Stanback's absence, and Howell said that on defense, Tahj Bomar has been more vocal and that Scott White has gotten increasingly more vocal as the week has gone on. 'Brandon Ala is a guy that's always in our ears, and Erick Lobos is also a guy that is always encouraging people and trying to be as uplifting as possible'.
(10/18/06 1:45:59 pm):

Spoke with DE Greyson Gunheim...

...and he was asked about the 'OR' with Brandon Ala in terms of starting at DE on Saturday, and he said that 'we need to get better in our rotations, and I need to step it up. I feel like I could do a whole lot better'.

Asked about what the difference is between now and the beginning of the year, and he said that it's not just one thing. 'I've been thinking too much, and that slows me down. I have to get back to basics.' Added that it helps him when he just gets off the ball quickly, reads the play and then reacts.

Said the knee that he was having a problem with earlier before the season is OK. 'It feels good'.

Said that he's been noticing teams doubling up on him or sliding their protections toward him. It's a sign of respect, but it makes his job twice as hard. 'It makes me upset, but I have to deal with more people'.

This game will be like a home game for Gunheim, who lives roughly 45 minutes north of the Bay Area in Sebastapol.
(10/18/06 1:31:50 pm):

Spoke with S C.J. Wallace...

...and since he is from Sacramento, the Cal game is a little bit of a homecoming for him. 'It's always good to get home'.

Asked if facing Cal is a lot like facing USC, and he said that they are similar in the sense that they both 'take their best athletes and but them in the best situations'.

Asked about the seniors having to step up after the loss of Isaiah Stanback, and he said that losing Isaiah is a 'real big loss' and 'he's a big part of this team as a leader', but the seniors are definitely going to have to step it up 'more than we ever have before'. Mentioned himself, Dashon Goldson and Scott White as just a few of the guys that will have to continue to step up.

'We need to all come together, we don't have a choice. Whoever is going to play quarterback, we're going to have confidence in them'.

Asked about what he's seen in Carl Bonnell in practices, and Wallace said that he's really excited about what he sees in Carl. 'We don't lose much when he comes into the game, other than a little experience, but when he's on, he's on'.

Added that he was one of a number of players that rallied around Carl the minute they knew that Isaiah was going to be out of the game against Oregon State. 'We went to the bench. We try not to put too much pressure on him or talk to him too much, but we always want to encourage him. And the defense is going to have to step up getting the ball back for the offense, or even score if that's what it takes'.
(10/18/06 1:24:09 pm):

Spoke with DB Dashon Goldson...

...and even though he just took 'mental reps' yesterday in practice, his right ankle feels better. It was in a boot Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday, but when we saw him today he was not in a boot.

Said that there was a play in the first quarter against Oregon State where it reaggrevated the high ankle sprain that he's been dealing with all season long. 'I was done for the rest of the half, but I was able to get in the whirlpool at the half, warm it up and get it retaped'.

He's anticipating that he'll be able to play 'full go' on Saturday. Asked if he feels like it's been of 'one step forward, two steps back' the whole season for him in regards to the ankle, he said yes. 'It's just how it is. I just have to rest it as much as I can. But once I get in there, my adrenaline and love of the game take over. I have to just go out there and play. That's why I'm here - to play and get an education'.

He also said that because of the injury to Isaiah Stanback, it's brought a whole new meaning to the team when thinking about playing every down like it's your last. 'We have to play all out all the time. We have to play full-speed. It's hard when you lose one of your soldiers like that, one of your weapons on offense.'

He added that Carl Bonnell 'gashed us' on defense during two-a-days, so the team knows he can move the ball and score points.

Asked about Cal, and he said that they are going to have to bring their 'A' game. 'Nothing is going to be handed to us'. He added that they have one of the more explosive backs in the country (Marshawn Lynch), so they have to play 'great, sound defense'.
(10/17/06 4:18:33 pm):

Tuesday Practice Notes

There was no media session with Willingham today.

As far as practice, they were in 'lightbulbs', meaning shells and shorts. Willie Kava was not in pads, and Matt Houston was wearing a boot on his left foot. Ben Ossai and E.J. Savannah are sporting some nice sized wraps on their hands, they look like clubs.

Trenton Tuiasosopo and Kenny James were in red today.

Victory Club was made of up Dan Howell, Scott White and Kenny James.
(10/17/06 3:12:21 pm):

Spoke with QB Jake Locker...

....and he said it's 'just tough to see a guy that you look up to go down'. He added that he's Isaiah has really helped him get ready to play.

Said he has 'no say' in whether or not he plays this year, and completely defers to the coaches on that matter. 'I just go out and do what I do and prepare myself. I feel like the coaches will do what's best for me and what's best for this team, and whatever they feel is the best choice for me and the team, I'll support them 100 percent in whatever they decide.

'I came here because I trust the coaches. I think they are great people and I don't think they are going to throw anyone in a situation that hurts them or the team. So I trust them 100 percent with any decision they make'.

Asked if he felt like he could play right now, and he said that he's 'confident in my abilities'. 'It's obviously a different game and I haven't played in a big-time atmosphere yet, but I feel like I can move the ball and help our team'.

Said that being on the sidelines during the games has been a big help. 'I haven't been on the field yet, but I think it's helped to slow the game down for me a little bit. I'm getting more comfortable with what defenses are doing each week'.

Asked about comparing Bonnell and Stanback, and Locker said that they are pretty similar, but Isaiah 'is a lot faster than any of us', but Carl is a great runner too and sees things very well. 'The offense won't change much when he's in the ballgame because he can still run those quarterback powers and draws'. Added that they are both leaders and the team responds to them. 'They'll be thinking about Isaiah and praying for him, but I know that Carl will do a great job this weekend'.
(10/17/06 3:00:45 pm):

Spoke with RB Kenny James:

...and he said that he was feeling a little down and out when Stanback got hurt and it still hurts now, but 'Isaiah is still the leader of this team and everybody looks up to him. But now Carl (Bonnell) is coming in and we believe just as much in Carl as we do Isaiah'.

Added that Carl has been in the system a while and he knows the system. 'He's a great athlete and he'll get the job done. Now all we need to do is help him get his confidence up so he can lead the team'.

Added that the seniors 'will play a huge part in where we go. We need to lead'.

Asked about the 2003 rout by Cal in Berekely, and he said that he had been thinking about that game. 'We got embarrassed, but it's a totally different team now, and totally different coaches, and our whole attitude is different'.

Asked about being the go-to RB against OSU, and he said that his sole job is to 'make plays and help put the team in a position to win'. 'If I can do that, the stats don't mean anything. The most important stat for me is wins'.
(10/17/06 2:52:46 pm):

Spoke with OC Tim Lappano:

...and he said that with Bonnell starting that they would 'cut down the package a little bit' - saying it would probably go from 250 plays to 200. 'But we'll do a lot of similar things, but he'll have a thinner forearm'.

Asked about Bonnell, and he said that he's not as fast as Isaiah, but he has 'above average speed' for a quarterback. 'He's a mobile QB that can cause problems. Asked about his accuracy and he said 'We'll see.' 'He was very accurate during two-a-days.'

He still said that, while Bonnell would start and DuRocher would presumably back him up that they would continue to look at all options.

'Carl will get the most reps as a starter and we'll go with him and see what happens from there'.

Asked about DuRocher, and Lappano said that his lack of mobility hurts, but his competitiveness and knowledge of the offense help a great deal.

Asked about Locker and whether or not he's ready to play, and Lappano said that they would find out this week in practice. 'He's done a nice job with the 'show' team, giving us great looks, but Isaiah normally gets 90 percent of the reps. Jake will get more reps - but when it comes from the standpoint of understanding the offense, he's right there. He's prepared himself to be the starter, just like we've asked him to do. I'm really pleased with where he's at right now'.

He also said that it would be Willingham's call as to whether or not Locker's redshirt gets burned this season.

Asked about what went wrong against Oregon State, and he said that 'third down was a nightmare'. 'We wanted to attack their back third, but nine times we had third-and-long and five times we had third and 12-plus. And those come from penalties. Calling the game was similar to a year ago. We can't have negative yards in the running game. I can deal with a run for no gain, but 2nd and 14 or 15...we can't have that'.

He added that basically he felt the offense 'didn't trust the techniques' that they had been taught, from getting separation to dealing with blitzes. 'If you don't trust the techniques you've been taught, it's going to hurt execution'.

'Part of our gameplan was to 'out-discipline' them and play smarter than they would, but we didn't do that. We just got sloppy'.

He was asked about offensive leaders, and he said that they will be looking to the seniors mostly, but even guys like Bonnell, DuRocher, Locker can step up. 'And Isaiah will be around us.'

Asked about how Stanback's injury has affected him personally, and Lappano said that Tuesday was a really difficult day for him. He added that Derrick Johnson came back from the same injury and made it to the NFL, but Isaiah isn't going to have the benefit of being able to go to the NFL combines. 'And it hurts too, because he was getting a lot of attention from the next level'. 'He's going to have to do it like he's done it here the last couple of years...he's going to have to do it the hard way. And he's going to'. He also added that there didn't seem to be an explanation as to why the injury happened the way it did. 'It looked like it just popped on him'.

Asked about Cal's defense, and he said that the statistics are very deceiving with them. 'They will bend-but-don't-break and create a lot of turnovers'. Said they are very similar to USC in how they fly to the ball and force it out, but probably don't have the same caliber of athletes that USC does.

Said that they'll put Bonnell in 'comfortable situations' so he won't feel like he has to do things all by himself. So that means there will probably be an added emphasis on the run game to take some of that pressure off his shoulders.

Asked what it's going to take to get Louis Rankin going like he was the first couple of weeks, and Lappano said that Rankin is the kind of runner that does really well if he gets going right from the start. 'We have to get creases for him.'

Asked about using Kenny James as the hot hand against OSU, and Lappano said absolutely. 'Kenny was playing great, he was breaking tackles and making things happen. I think he had almost 75 yards at the half. And we would have done the same for Louis. When he's doing that well, you want him to go to work'.

He added that the stinger that James had right at the end of the game Saturday was very minor and he'll be fine for this Saturday.

Asked about the difference in bouncing back from a loss this year as opposed to last year, and he said that even though Monday is the team's day off, there were a lot of players in the building. 'We watched film on Sunday and made our corrections, but on Monday, there were a lot of guys in watching film and working. I really like the attitude that I'm seeing. Last year after a loss, there might not have been anyone in the building'.
(10/17/06 2:31:17 pm):

Spoke with WR Cody Ellis:

...and he said that even though there will be a new QB leading the offense on Saturday, he will not change up anything he does. 'A quarterback is a quarterback. To be honest, I don't even really notice who is throwing me the ball in practice'.

He also said that Stanback had clearly been the starter for a reason, but that 'we have faith in Carl too'. 'Anytime you lose your starting quarterack, you lose something. But we won't skip a beat too much with Carl in there. I like to stay optimistic'. Said that right when Isaiah went down in the game, players were going up to Carl and offering support, so he's already seeing the team rallying behind Bonnell.

Said the biggest reason he's been more productive of late is because he's healthy from his collarbone problem he had earlier in the year. 'I've been a lot more involved. And I don't know if it means anything or not, but I think we've had success when I've been in there'.

Asked about Cal, and he said that they will look at the OSU game and see what the Beavers did. 'They'll play physical, but they always do'.

Asked how difficult it has been mentally to stay with things lately, and he said that he doesn't read the papers at all, and he knows that the popular perception is that they lost a winnable game and they lost their starting QB, so why have hope? 'But we'll be fine'.
(10/17/06 1:36:11 pm):

Spoke with QB Johnny DuRocher...

...and he said that he anticipates things picking up for him and 'being more active' in practices this week as Carl Bonnell's backup. Said that it's a 'tough situation' but 'we have to make the best of it.' 'I have to be ready when my number is called, there's no room to be rusty'.

Asked about coming in last year to spell Isaiah against Oregon State and he said that it was 'tough'. 'It wasn't the ideal situation'.

Said he saw Stanback yesterday and he was 'upbeat and positive'. 'He told us to keep grinding, we have five games left and we have to get as many as we can'.

Asked about the differences between Carl and Isaiah, and DuRocher said that Stanback might have a stronger arm, but Carl is probably a little more accurate as a passer. 'They've done a good job helping each other'.

Said that it's been fun this year for him because they've been winning.

Asked about what he's seen with Cal so far, and he said that they have a good cornerback (Daymeion Hughes) and they 'play hard'. 'They are a good team with good athletes and they just play hard'.

Asked what things the coaches would have to limit in the playbook if he came inl, and he said - with respect to being able to run the ball - 'you either have it or you don't. Isaiah, Carl and Jake have it'.

Asked about his best asset that he brings to the field, and he said he wasn't quite sure anymore because it's been a year since he played, but he's known as being more of a pocket passer. He added that he feels like he's more prepared to go in this year because he's always been there on the sidelines, being active in sending in plays and always getting feedback from Isaiah and Carl whenever they come off the field.

Asked about Jake Locker and what might happen with him from now on, and Johnny said 'you can never count Jake out, but I have to get ready like I'm the backup'.

Asked if Jake would be ready to play, and DuRocher said that 'I thought he was ready in August. I think he's more prepared now, but I thought he was ready to play back then'.

Asked if Bonnell has earned the right to start on Saturday, and DuRocher said 'definitely'. 'He's put in his dues and he played well at Oklahoma and now he has even more experience. He's kept his nose in the (play) book and has been grinding'.

Asked if the team has already started to rally around Carl, and DuRocher said that Saturday night the team had a feeling that Stanback's injury was serious, so by Sunday the team was already rallying around Carl. 'We want to see him succeed, and success for him means success for us'.
(10/16/06 7:38:59 pm):

Spoke with WIL Scott White...

...for a very long time. He talked about a variety of subjects. I'll try and make it as topic-oriented as possible, but there might be some detours along the way.

We were at the tail end of a bunch of interviews today for Scott, but he was happy because usually it's always about negative things, but this year it's almost always been about positive things. 'When you're asked about positive things and you're doing positive things, it's much easier to answer questions'.

Said that with all the turmoil surrounding the program for the past few years - with all the coaching changes and everything that's gone along with that - the team is finally in a place where they can really concentrate on playing games and get to a bowl game. 'And not just get to a bowl game, but win the bowl game'.

Asked what's better about this year and he said that it's everything - physical, mentally and emotionally better, and when you're feeling good about what you're doing, that's critical. He mentioned that he was watching a conversation on TV with Pete Carroll, and Carroll said a big key for him is making sure his players feel good about what they are doing. When the UW players are feeling good, they have more confidence in the coaches, and vice-versa.

Said after the UCLA was when players really started to believe that 'we could take this thing as far as we want to take it'. Mentioned Howell's interception.

Asked about the step backwards and what needs to be done to avoid further slippage, and he said that everybody has to step up - especially losing Stanback. 'Not just losing his presence and his performance, but also losing him as a friend and teammate that everyone respects. Not seeing him in the huddle is going to be a setback, but at the same time we're excited about what Carl can do and what he brings. I think he could be a starting QB for a lot of teams in the Pac-10, the only thing he really lacks is experience. But once he gets those experiences and takes those lumps, he'll be all the better for it and it's going to make us a better football team'.

Added that he's going to have to raise his play, but it's also going to be key that the team really sticks to what they can do. 'We don't want the offense feeling like they have to press because they have to pick up the slack. I think special teams is going to be even more critical in trying to set up short fields, hopefully taking the pressure off the run game and off of Carl'.

Asked about Isaiah, and White said he saw him yesterday for senior picture day, and while he's upbeat he's also a little down because he's a little in limbo right now. 'Just not knowing your future as a senior is tough'.

Added that he's come so far and is having the best year of his career, so having it cut short is pretty emotional. Asked if not knowing how long he might be out would affect the team at all, and he said that knowing he won't play this week is all they need to be concerned about right now. 'We're going to rally behind him and put our faith in Carl. He has to show leadership, and I think that's going to be his biggest challenge because Isaiah was such a great leader. He was unshakeable'.

Said 'we have our hands full' with Cal. 'They are a damn good football team'. Added that they really need to just focus on the guys that are going to be playing.

Asked if there's a sense that the team wants to win out for Isaiah, and he said that he isn't getting that sense. 'There's more a sense of wanting to go to a bowl game for the seniors'.

He also said that it's critical that they not only get to a bowl game, but also win it, because 'it sets our table up for recruiting and gives you a good feeling going into the off-season and it gives the younger guys something to build on'.

Said that he fully expected to be going to bowl games every year when he came to UW, but that it became so commonplace that 'we started taking it for granted'. 'That's when we lost sight of just how important it was to come in and work hard everyday and put the time in and make it a reality. We realize that now and that's why you see the hunger and the fight. We're hungry and dying to get to a bowl game'.

And winning a bowl game is high on White's mind, because 'I'm not the one that gets to write the story lines - you guys do that - but when I leave here I want to be known as someone that left the program in better shape than where it was. The time I came in, we went 7-6, 6-6, 1-10 and 2-9. Those are my career records. I want to leave it better than I found it for the younger guys that are going to be here. 'I tell them that their best days ahead and that anything is possible'.

Asked about the big swings of the last couple of weeks and he said it all boils down to consistency. 'Last week, we played solid in the passing game until halftime...and then the wheels fell off. And that's what the great teams do...they are consistent in everything they do'.

Asked about what he does to try to build on solid performances like the one he had on Saturday, and he said that it all boils down to great preparation. 'I'm going to do the same thing I did last week. I'm going to prepare the same, work hard and listen to Coach Baer and Coach Tormey. They've done a great job with me this year'.

Asked if he knew anyone on the Cal team, and he said he played in the CaliFlorida Bowl with Marcus O'Keith and he also knows LB Mickey Pimentel from way back.

Asked what he remembered from the 2003 Cal game, where Washington's defense gave up 729 total yards. 'That's just downright embarrassing. We cannot allow that to happen again, and being a prideful defense like we are, it can't happen'.

He added that he likes the 'backbone' of this UW team. 'They came in yesterday and took the criticism from our coaches and they weren't discouraged. They are hungry. In the past, we'd lose a tough game, like that (2004) Nevada game, and it just deflated us for the rest of the season. I don't see that in this group. I anticipate us having a great week of practice'.

Asked about the film session, and he said that it's always the worst day if you lose. 'That's just part of football, part of being at a big-time school. It's good that they care like that, that they want to coach us hard, but it makes you hungry because it leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you get embarrassed like that in front of your teammates. It gives you that edge to go out and have a good practice. It just makes you feel so much better when you're playing good, you're confident and you feel good about what you're doing'.

He said that during the spring and summer, the whole team took a class from the Pacific Institute. 'They taught us about being positive and feeling good about yourself'. He added that former UW linebacker Antwoine Richardson was the one that ran the class. 'He taught us about positive self-talk - like if you say, 'Dang, I was terrible today', then that's how you're going to think of yourself. It's the theory of 'garbage in-garbage out'. And the coaches took part in it too and I can definitely see that they are much more positive with us, even when we don't play as well as we should'.

Basically everyone that was affiliated with the football program took part in the program.

Asked about the 'buy-in', and he said that it's all in the way it's being presented to the players. 'There's no personal attacks on players, there's no embarrassing guys. We're being coached hard and we understand that. In the past, when it went bad, it really went bad. It seems like now we're on the same page, the players and coaches are together and we're all moving forward in the same direction.'

Said the USC game should pay 'huge dividends for us' in getting ready for another hostile atmosphere at Cal. 'There's going to be times where they make plays and their crowd is going to get excited - but if we can revert back to the lessons we learned at SC and at Oklahoma - two enviroments that are as hostile as it gets in the country - those lessons will pay dividends when we play Cal'.

Asked about the OSU game being a one-time thing, and White said that 'they did some things that we weren't expecting, to be honest'...it wasn't just a matter of them coming out and whipping UW, they did a nice job schematically. 'They made more plays, that's what it all boils down to'. Added that they did some things that stressed their defense schematically. OSU was using a receiver as a tight end, and the defense didn't adjust to a receiver playing in the TE position, and that helped them break some plays.

Said that the coaches are using him in various positions all across the LB corps because he knows the system and when he can play either the SAM, WIL or MIK at any time, that's allowing the younger guys some room to learn and grow at a normal pace.

Asked about leaving right at the beginning of fall camp, and he said that it was the first time in his life where he didn't know what to do. 'It was never about me against the coaches. I just didn't feel like I was in control and I was really unhappy. I was miserable and I didn't know what to do. I have chalked it up to inexperience and it's made me a much better person."

Finally - he was asked about the late hit on OSU QB Matt Moore. 'My job on that scheme is to contain the QB. I couldn't see the ball being handed off, and I'm thinking that if he holds onto the ball, I'm going to hit him. I'm not a dirty player and I'm not going to intentionally hurt anybody. I'm just going to play hard and make my presence on the field felt.

'If you watch the tape, I didn't hit him hard. I don't play the game like that. A guy could hit me very easily and take me out, so I don't play the game like that. They were down at the 5 or 6-yard line, so I was just trying to make a play'.

Added that he doesn't have a lot of respect for Moore. 'I don't like the guy, to be honest. He had a lot to say in the game, I don't like him. But I don't want that to be misconstrued that I was trying to hit him late. I wasn't.'

He also said that anytime you get into a rivalry game like OSU-UW, there's going to be a certain amount of bad blood. 'You are always competing with those schools for recruits and who has the best facilities and who has the best record, who has the best stadium...it's like a sibling rivalry in a sense. It's great. I love those types of games because I love to talk out there on the field and it makes it even more competitive.

'I love that'.
(10/16/06 6:31:41 pm):

Spoke with OG Stanley Daniels...

...and he said that they knew Oregon State was going to play like that. 'It was nothing physical, they just better than us that day. That's what it comes down to'.

Added that there was no USC hangover. 'The team that played better that day will win. And that's what happened'

Said that the key to staying with a strong Cal defense is really focusing on the mistakes that were made during the OSU game. 'You have to really make an effort to correct them and understand that the next team you play is going to try and capitalize on the same mistakes. This is going to be one of those weeks where we see how much team 'buy-in' we have. And that's going to depend on how well we prepare and how we correct our mistakes.

Asked if there was possibly some complacency going on at halftime based on the way things were going, and he said that he really didn't know. 'I always go out there thinking we're going to win'.

Asked about the 'buy in' and how that showed itself during film review. 'Our coaches weren't yelling and screaming at us - they were simply telling us that if we want to win the game, we can't do the things we were doing'.

Asked what a session like that feels like, and he said that it's the 'worst part of football' when you have a loss and you have to watch that game. 'But to be a great player and a great team, you have to embrace those moments. If you don't learn from those mistakes, you're going to make them again. And we're mature enough to know we can't be making the same mistakes and we also know that teams are going to keep doing the same things that the previous teams were doing'.

Asked about the play he went out on, and he said that he twisted his ankle 'pretty bad', but then OSU called timeout and he was able to get back in the game without missing a snap. 'I went out and got it spatted up and came back in'.

Asked about the differences between Carl and Stanback and Daniels said there's really not that much difference. 'Isaiah is a little more explosive, but they both run 4.4, they both have cannons and they sit at around the same height. They are both they same kind of QB's, other than Isaiah is Isaiah and Carl is Carl. But for the OL, we have to do the same thing regardless of who is back there'.

He added that Isaiah will always be a leader of the team. 'He's still going to be Isaiah. He's always been like that and that's not going to change'.

He also said that because they do lose Stanback's leadership on the field, he'll have to step up his leadership, as well as guys like Clay Walker and Kenny James. 'It's hard for the offensive linemen, because we make plays that people never see. It's hard to spark a team based on what we do - but if Isaiah makes a cut and goes upfield - bam, there's a spark. Someone has to step up and be that spark, make that play'.

Asked about the 2003 Cal game and he said that it was his first game ever playing offensive line at Washington. 'Clay got hurt and they just threw me in there. I remember how we lost. It wasn't pretty. I didn't like it. You definitely don't want that to happen again'.
(10/16/06 6:13:08 pm):

Spoke with DE Brandon Ala...

...and he said that their job is very simple - to defeat your man, get off their blocks and make plays. Said this weekend will be the best team they face.

Said that the way they came back after the Tennessee game is the reason why he feels Cal is better than USC right now. 'With their loss, their defense is now playing real well and their offense is high-powered'. Added that the way Cal handled that Tennessee loss is something Washington can look to to try and emulate. 'That's how I look at it'.

Asked about the difficulty in 'defeating his man', and he said that it's just a matter of getting off blocks, disengaging and making a tackle for loss instead of making the gap bigger for the LB's to fill. 'If we give all that space up and let the running back run through the front seven, then C.J. Wallace has to make the tackle, or Dashon Goldson has to make the tackle. Our number-one tacklers are our safeties because running backs are breaking into the backfield.'

'Everything starts up front. QB's get throws off because the d-line didn't get pressure. If someone is getting double-teamed and someone else has single-man and you aren't getting pressure - you aren't defeating your man'.

Asked about this time of the year and staying fresh, and Ala said that now is the time when you have to make big sacrifices. 'You have to sleep later, stay away from the video games. Stay away from your friends, stay away from your girlfriend. You have to suck it up and handle it like a man if you want to play at the next level. It's reality'.

Asked about the mood of the team, and Ala said that from yesterday already, the team had a good workout. 'The bitter taste is still in our mouths', but we have to move forward'. Everybody is working hard because we have to start winning...now'.

Asked about the way they played against USC and how that would help them in another hostile environment, and he said not just at USC, but also at Oklahoma too...they would both help a lot. 'We went into their big house and got up early on them and were shutting them down on defense. That game alone showed us that we can play with anybody'.

Also said that the conference is 'very unpredictable' and that's a big driving factor for the Huskies this week. 'You can't let your guard down and you have to be ready to play every week'.
(10/16/06 5:58:11 pm):

Spoke with QB Carl Bonnell...

Asked about his injury last year and he said that it was a quad injury. 'I thought it was a dead leg at first, but then the days went by and then weeks and then months'. Said it was a bruise that 'sat there too long and calcified and limited his mobility'.

Said that he has some experience starting, even though it was a while ago, so he won't be 'wide-eyed' about it. Added that it feels like it's been a long time since he started. 'Everything was different, completely new coaches, competely new system, completely new team.'

Asked about Cal and starting out against a team of that caliber, and he said 'might as well start out with the best'. Said that since their offense has been putting up big points, they are going to have to do the same. 'It's a big challenge, something we're going to work all week on trying to do'.

Asked what Husky fans will see out there from him compared to what Isaiah Stanback was doing, and he said that there is going to be a lot of similarities. 'Obviously I'm not as flashy, but hopefully I can use both my arm and legs to move the ball. That's my goal, to get first downs and get to the red zone and put up points'.

Asked about his comfort level working with the receivers and line, and he said that you get a lot of time to work with the receivers as the No. 2 QB, and all last week he worked with the offensive line, so he feels comfortable about that. 'Now I just have to work really hard on my leadership and make sure that they know they can trust me'. He also added that with regards to specific WR's, he mentioned Cody Ellis, Anthony Russo and Sonny Shackelford as smart guys that he expects will 'keep doing what they are doing and I'll get them the ball'.

Added that the best way he can show leadership is by going in there and moving the ball down the field and putting up points. 'Once that happens, a lot of people will be behind you'.

Asked about the game he started against Stanford on the road and how much he would draw from that playing another game in the Bay Area, and he said that the two circumstances are totally different. 'Just the experience of getting out there and playing against some of the nation's best athletes will help out a lot'.

Asked if he was going into this week like he was preparing to be the No. 1 QB for the rest of the season, and he said that he has to, especially not knowing what Stanback's status is. 'It could be five weeks, or all the way up to a bowl game'.

He added that he did see Isaiah on Sunday. 'He had a boot on his leg, but he seemed to be doing well. We watched the game yesterday and we just went over some of the reads and what happened to him in the game and what happened to me'.
(10/16/06 4:01:28 pm)

Willingham Noon Briefing

The theme of today's briefing was 'what's in the best interests of the individual and what's in the best interests of the team'.

He reiterated the point when asked about Jake Locker and the various scenarios that could unfold in the weeks to come, adding that 'all options are open'.

Asked about any of the other frosh right now and whether or not overall health or depth concerns would move Willingham to burn redshirts and he said no. 'Performance is dictating that'.

'It just means he's one step closer' - in reference to seeing Locker play. He added that he did expect that Locker would be getting more snaps this week, and said that because he has travelled all year long, there's a chance he could play if circumstances dictated it.

He also said that if Johnny DuRocher were to play against Cal, the plays would change a little bit because he's not the runner that Stanback and Bonnell are. 'We would have to eliminate some things from that standpoint'.

He added that first, there was 'no new information' regarding Isaiah Stanback's injury. 'He will go through his exams today and when the information is available, the coach will make that information public. 'But based on the limited amount of information at hand, he won't play this week'.

Stanback was on crutches yesterday.

Asked about any additional injuries, and Willingham said that he won't know for sure how his team was physically affected by the OSU game, but he didn't believe that there was going to be any loss of players for Cal, outside of Stanback.

There are some positions in the new two-deeps that have an 'or' next to them, like Greyson Gunheim OR Brandon Ala - and Willingham said simply that it's due more to competition and players stepping up than injuries or anything else shaking up the mix.

Chris Hemphill is one of those players. He played roughly between 6-8 snaps against OSU and he's 'moving in that direction' where he could see even more time.

He said that losing Stanback hurts because of his physical abilities, and how those abilities would normally take a defense that wouldn't have to worry about putting a man on the QB now having to put one or maybe even more than one player just on the QB. Losing him takes a lot of that away from their offense.

Asked how the team has bounced back from the 10-point loss to OSU. 'Just as I anticipated they would be, the team was down. I wouldn't expect them to be jumping up and down'. Added that some 'sound leadership' will help 'get the hurt out of us' as they prepare for probably the best team they'll face all year or have faced all year.

Asked about losing Stanback's leadership, and Willingham said that Stanback's leadership 'will not disappear'. 'But we'll miss his presence on the field'. 'We have to get guys to step up their level of play and level of leadership'.

Asked about the biggest problem on Saturday, and Willingham said that they gave up too many 'explosive' plays. 'We had three explosive plays, and if we eliminate those, you have a workable game - even with the way they were running the ball.'

So they need to eliminate the explosive plays, limit the run and continue to win the battle of third down to get their defense off the field. But it won't be an easy task, 'because we are playing one of the more explosive teams in the country'. 'We just need to play sound defense and stay on our feet and tackle'.

Asked about Carl Bonnell, and Willingham said that his transformation in the last year and a half has been tremendous. 'He's healed now, and he's made a much greater effort to be involved in the position'.

Asked about Desean Jackson, and Willingham said that there are not many guys in the country that can do what he does as a returner, and that he can also catch the deep ball really well.

Asked about the differences he's seen in Cal since he was at Stanford, and he said that it's their 'ability to play as a team'. They always had individual talent, but they now function as a team. 'You see it in the way they play'.

Asked about Scott White and his play, and Willingham said that he's made the transition to WIL very well and that he's been a consistent performer for them. 'He's been a leader on defense and had another solid game on Saturday'.

Asked about the offensive line, and Willingham said simply, 'We need to get on our game'. 'We have to be able to run the ball, convert on third down and eliminate the penalties'.

Asked about the same thing on the defensive line, and Willingham said that they need to get more pressure in both the run and pass game. 'We have to create more lanes and avenues to make it easier for our linebackers to make plays. We need to get to where we are 'being brilliant'.

The Pepsi Players of the game were...

Offense - Kenny James
Defense - Scott White
Special Teams - Sean Douglas

For service teams...

Offense - Erik Berglund
Defense - Cameron Elisara

(10/16/06 3:14:01 pm):

Jeff Tedford Press Notes

General comments were that last week Cal's defense was solid, holding WSU to three points. 'I was very pleased with that'. But the offense didn't play as well. 'There were too many balls on the ground. We shot ourselves in the foot'.

He said that the Oregon game was the one game this year where they've played up to potential in all three phases of the game. 'We were very sloppy the second half last week, I wasn't very excited about that'.

Asked about Nate Longshore and the job he's done leading the offense and he said that he's done a nice job transitioning into it, considering he played just one quarter of one game last year. 'I'm pleased with his progress and how he's studying the gameplan. He's done a good job of taking the boardwork onto the field'.

Asked if their defensive preparation changes at all with Stanback being out, and Tedford said no. He said that Isaiah certainly brings that 'added dimension' of being able to pull the ball down and run, but added that 'whoever Washington plays will have the ability to pull it down'.

Asked about Tennessee, and he said that basically it was breakdowns on three play (two 5-yard hitch routes and a play they thought was over) that was the difference.

Asked about being No. 10 in the BCS, and he said that they aren't concerned about that at all, they don't talk about it. 'It's not something we focus on'. 'We're playing one game at a time, and now our focus is on Washington'.

Asked about Desean Jackson, and he talked about his versatility as a receiver and return specialist. 'He's been a big-play guy. He's explosive when he has the ball in his hands. He's found the end zone 10 times so far this year, so he's always a threat to score'.

Asked about Tony Felder and how the former O'Dea LB is playing, and Tedford said that he was a little banged up in the beginning of the year, but he's getting into games - playing anywhere from about 12-20 snaps a game, including special teams. 'We have depth at linebacker now, but he is a strong contributor'.

Asked about what he's seen from UW so far this year, and he said that they are a 'very solid group' and appear to have good team speed on D. 'They are doing a nice job of running the football'. Added that Scott White and Greyson Gunheim are good players, and in general they aren't allowing big plays to happen. 'They have a lot of experience back there with seniors and juniors playing.'

'They play very, very hard'.

Asked about their OL, and Tedford always felt good about them, but the only real question was when they would all come together. Because of injuries early, they've had to play more players, which has now given them some depth on the line. 'They've jelled pretty well together'.

Asked about their propensity to throw deep, and Tedford said that 'we have receivers that can really run. With receivers like that, you are going to take your shots at certain times'.

Asked about Marshawn Lynch, and he said that he's been hampered by an ankle, and usually with injuries like that you're never going to be 100 percent for the rest of the year unless you have a chance to really rest it. 'It's always going to be a little bit bothersome, but all indications are that he'll be ready to go' on Saturday.

He also added that it's a 'nice luxury' to have players like Justin Forcett and Marcus O'Keith backing Lynch up.
(10/16/06 3:12:00 pm):

California's two-deep depth chart, as announced by Cal's Sports Information Department:
WR  11  Robert Jordan       5-11/165/JR 
     7  Lavelle Hawkins     5-11/181/JR
OT  71  Andrew Cameron       6-5/305/SR
    79  Mike Tepper          6-6/336/SO
OG  75  Erik Robertson       6-2/315/SR
    65  Tyler Krieg          6-4/296/SR
C   51  Alex Mack            6-5/300/SO
    77  Mark Gray            6-2/275/JR
OG  63  Brian De La Puente   6-4/306/JR
    55  Noris Malele         6-4/294/SO
OT  53  Mike Gibson          6-5/290/JR
    52  Scott Smith          6-4/286/SR
TE  82  Craig Stevens        6-5/254/JR
    83  Eric Beegun          6-3/246/SR
WR   1  Desean Jackson       6-0/166/SO    
    88  Sean Young          5-10/178/JR 
QB   9  Nate Longshore       6-5/233/SO
    16  Joe Ayoob            6-3/223/SR
FB  38  Byron Storer         6-1/219/SR
    23  Will Ta'ufo'ou       6-0/250/SO
TB  10  Marshawn Lynch      5-11/217/JR
    20  Justin Forsett       5-8/186/JR
     2  Marcus O'Keith       6-1/190/SR

DE  43  Abu Ma'afala         6-4/270/SR
    94  Rulon Davis          6-5/275/SO 
DT  69  Matt Malele          6-3/335/JR
    98  Mika Kane            6-3/303/SO
DT  52  Brandon Mebane       6-3/295/SR
    90  Tyson Alualu         6-2/288/FR
DE  53  Nu'u Tafisi          6-2/265/SR
    91  Cody Jones           6-5/255/rFR
SLB  8  Mickey Pimentel      6-2/238/SR
    16  Justin Moye          6-1/228/JR
MLB 10  Desmond Bishop       6-2/243/SR
    55  Greg Van Hoesen      6-3/227/JR
WLB  1  Worrell Williams     6-0/256/SO
    56  Zack Follett         6-2/237/SO
 OR 15  Anthony Felder       6-3/231/SO
CB  13  Daymeion Hughes      6-2/188/SR
     7  Robert Peele        5-11/187/rFR
FS   2  Bernard Hicks        6-1/198/SO
     7  Robert Peele        5-11/187/rFR
ROV  3  Brandon Hampton     5-10/188/JR
    29  Marcus Ezeff         6-1/194/rFR
CB   5  Syd'Quan Thompson   5-11/178/rFR
    17  Randy Bundy          6-0/157/SR
P   11  Andrew Larson        6-1/190/JR
    36  Taylor Kunzi        5-11/231/SR
PK  15  Tom Schneider        6-0/191/JR
    34  Jordan Kay           6-0/197/SO
HLD 16  Joe Ayoob            6-3/223/SR
SNP 68  Nick Sundberg        6-1/254/SO
    48  Greg Yamamoto        6-0/215/SR
PR   1  Desean Jackson       6-0/166/SO
     3  Brandon Hampton     5-10/188/JR
KOR  2  Marcus O'Keith       6-1/190/SR
    13  Daymeion Hughes      6-2/188/SR 
(10/9/06 9:31:00 am):

Here are the official Washington Huskies two-deeps for the California game, as released by UW Media Relations.
WR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11/185/JR
    18 Corey Williams        6-2/195/JR 
    19 Quintin Daniels       6-0/195/SR
LT  79 Ben Ossai             6-6/300/rFR
    70 Morgan Rosborough     6-6/375/rFR
LG  74 Stanley Daniels       6-4/320/SR
    72 Casey Bulyca          6-6/320/SO
C   58 Juan Garcia           6-3/315/JR
    73 Ryan Bush             6-2/305/SO
RG  63 Clay Walker           6-4/305/SR
    65 Ryan Tolar            6-6/325/FR
RT  75 Chad Macklin          6-8/300/JR
    69 Erik Berglund         6-6/290/JR
TE  86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5/245/SO
    37 Johnie Kirton         6-3/270/SO
    86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5/245/SO
    92 Walter Winter         6-5/250/SO 
    82 Tim Williams          6-6/230/rFR
QB  11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
    12 Johnny DuRocher       6-4/225/JR
TB   8 Kenny James           5-10/215/SR
     9 Louis Rankin          6-1/205/JR
     7 Shelton Sampson       5-11/210/SR
FB  43 Mark Palaita          5-10/245/SR
    32 Luke Kravitz          6-1/225/SO
    25 Paul Homer            6-0/225/FR
WR  21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR
     3 Marcel Reece          6-3/240/JR
    29 Cody Ellis            6-0/185/JR
    83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR

DE  66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim   6-4/245/rFR
    41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
DT  91 Donny Mateaki         6-5/285/SR
    95 Jordan Reffett        6-6/295/JR
DT  74 Wilson Afoa           6-3/290/JR
    77 Erick Lobos           6-3/285/JR
DE   7 Greyson Gunheim       6-5/265/JR
 OR 41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
OLB 34 Dan Howell            6-1/225/JR
    20 Kyle Trew             6-2/235/JR
ILB 47 Tahj Bomar            6-2/225/SR
    57 Trenton Tuiasosopo    6-2/240/SO
OLB  4 Scott White           6-1/235/SR
    29 Chris Stevens         6-0/215/SO
    22 EJ Savannah           6-2/222/rFR
FS  26 Jason Wells           6-2/210/SO
    3 Chris Hemphill         6-5/235/JR    
SS   1 C.J. Wallace          6-0/210/SR
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO
CB   6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
 OR  8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR
CB  28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
 OR  8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR

P   17 Sean Douglas          6-2/230/SR
PR  14 Michael Braunstein    5-8/185/JR
    11 Michael Book          6-3/195/SR
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
SNP 49 Danny Morovick        6-3/230/rFR
KOR 28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
     6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
FR  83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
    21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR

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