UW/Cal - Coaches' Quotes

Here are the coaches' quotes from Cal's 31-24 overtime win over Washington Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

General comments: "Carl Bonnell did some very good things for us in this football game. We played a good football team today and I think you could say that we played them toe-to-toe. We just didn't win."

On California quarterback Nate Longshore: "I think he did a good job and played a good game. We think he does a good job protecting the football and really has the ability to be explosive."

On playing close games at both USC and California: "They were both very good football teams and each day we played them we went toe-to-toe with both of them."
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On the game: "I'm not happy with the way we finished. It is what it is. We have to learn how to finish. We had our chances and didn't get them stopped."

On the personnel changes in the game: "It's just trying to get the best players on the field, through practice. Just coach's decisions. I liked the changes.

On whether or not California showed Washington anything new on offense: "No. They are a good football team, the best team I've seen this year on offense."

On the two-point play: "We had it in the backfield and didn't wrap up. It's unfortunate."

On the first half: "We just played our game. We were probably a little conservative at times, but I thought we could make some plays and we did. For the most part I'm pretty satisfied with how they played. I'm just not satisfied with how they finished."

On JD Williams' influence scouting Cal: "We had him give the team a scouting report Tuesday in terms of personnel, but that's about it. He (Tedford) changed his tendencies in the first half...he changed them totally. And we anticipated that. You just have to make sure you are sound in everything you do, make your proper adjustments and go from there."

On Cal in the second half: "We didn't make plays when we had to. They didn't do a whole lot differently. They came out with a mindset that they wanted to run the football more."
Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

On Carl Bonnell: "I think he's good enough to win every game that's left on our schedule. Obviously I'm disappointed in a couple of the downfield throws that were intercepted. We can't throw five interceptions. But overall, in the atmosphere playing the team that we were playing against, I think he proved that he's good enough to win a lot of games with. I just need to do a better job of helping him and his decision-making. Other than that, he did some good things, threw some nice balls."

On the interceptions: "I know on one we ran a slant and go in the end zone and the receiver and QB weren't on the same page. That was definitely a bust, so we have to do a better job of making sure that we know what we're doing."

On Jake Locker being the backup: "I don't know. That's something that we'll address when we go back Monday."

On the play with Marlon Wood: "We didn't want to run a Hail Mary because we didn't feel like they were playing the ball in the air very well. There were a couple of times we thought we could be them, so we ran five verticals and told everybody to get down there and make a play. The biggest thing in that case is to be competing and to get downfield. Everybody hustled and got down there. And we've seen it a lot of times before. It was lucky."

On picking Bonnell up after a tough loss: "I did that right after the game. This game isn't on Carl Bonnell. This is on our inability on offense to get a foot or two feet a couple of times on third and 1. If we do that, we might not even be having this conversation. Carl Bonnell played good enough for us to win. This isn't on Carl Bonnell."

On getting push up front: "To win a game like this against a top-ranked team, you have to be able to get a first down on third-and-one without having to throw the football. You have to knock somebody off the football. We have to get physical running the ball and get physical up front. That's easy to see. We had it at times, but we mixed it up a lot. I'm still not happy with the consistency of our run game. It's too hard to try and find ways to run the ball. It's still not there yet, still not where it needs to be."
California Head Coach Jeff Tedford:

General Comment: "I'm real proud of our guys. There was never any quit. It was a rollercoaster, up and down, and I felt we kept our composure very well."

On Marshawn Lynch: "It was such a gutsy performance by Marshawn today. He put the offense on his back and to make so many plays like he did today is just a phenomenal performance."

On the rotation with Lynch and Forsett: "We don't go in with a plan on how many snaps he is going to have. I told him Justin (Forsett) would start the game and if he felt good, then he would go in after him. He was ready to go. It was just a gutsy performance."

On Desmond Bishop: "Desmond (had a phenomenal performance as well). I think he had 16 tackles or something like that, and to be able to make that pick at the end. From my vantage point, where I was looking, it looked like that guy was open and that ball was right in there and he (Desmond) stepped right in front of it. It was just a great play. Desmond, I thought, had a chance to put the game away with 6 seconds to go, to knock it (the pass) down, and it just didn't happen that way so it was very fitting for him to put the icing on the cake."

On Washington's final touchdown: "I'm real proud of the team. I didn't notice anybody quitting or giving up or anything like that. It was `Okay, we've got to go back and play some more.' Those type of plays are very demoralizing. There are 6 seconds left; it's a Hail Mary deal; they've (Cal) been playing their tails off. And something flukish like that happens."

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