UW/Cal - Players' Quotes

Here are the players' reaction after California defeated Washington 31-24 in overtime Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif.


Carl Bonnell:

On the last play of regulation: "It was desperation. Everybody's going deep and hope a guy can come up with the ball, and that's what happened. I scrambled a little bit and threw it up in the air. I didn't know who actually even caught that ball, but I'm thankful they did."

On Cal's Secondary: "They've got a great secondary, one of the best in the country, and they made some plays today."

On UW's pffensive line and overall performance: "Our line picked up pretty much everything they brought at us. We did what we came here to do, just didn't score enough points. We fought hard, but we had too many turnovers."
Stanley Daniels:

On Carl Bonnell's performance at QB: "He played well. I thought he led us. He was very poised in the pocket, he made some good decisions and I thought he did a good job."

On what the team can take from this game: "You try to correct the things you didn't do. Obviously in this game, we didn't finish. I'm pretty sure Coach Willingham will focus on that next week."

On UW's ground game and not Yielding a sack vs. Cal: I think we did a really good job. Their D-line is exceptional--they have an All-American there [Brandon Mebane], I was going against him all day--and I think as an offensive line we did a good job. I think we did a really good job controlling the line."
Marlon Wood:

On Catching the Hail Mary at End of Regulation: "I was shocked that I actually caught it and just had to dive to get it over and take it into overtime. It feels good to catch it and score my first touchdown, but it didn't end the way we wanted it to. They didn't bat it down like I thought they would, so we were lucky they didn't bat it straight down. It was right there in my hands. I couldn't drop that one. The last 15 yards, I started to see where everyone was. I hadn't seen where Carl threw it yet. I was just trying to position myself."

On catching the pass in front of the end zone: "I realized it as soon as I caught it. I looked down and I didn't want to get tackled because there were still guys right in my face."

On how it developed at the goal line: "It was like slow motion. The ball came right to me really slow. I didn't think I was going to be in that position. Coach needed another receiver in the play so I had to run in there as soon as possible."

On Carl Bonnell: "He was calm. He was calm the whole game. He had some jitters, but he's going to be pretty good."

On being a good football team: "We're a good football team. We just need to learn how to play all four quarters. We made our mistakes, but that's what film is for. We'll go in there and we'll correct our mistakes."

On not having Isaiah Stanback in the huddle: "We practiced with him (Bonnell) in the spring and in fall camp, so it's not all that different."

On the mood in the locker room: "It's quiet. Very quiet. And upset...very upset. We need to win, that's what we need to do."
Donald Butler:

On playing more against Cal: "I was just getting some reps this week with the ones and I was doing what I was supposed to do, so I got some time in. I went out there to have some fun and to make some plays. I enjoyed myself. I tried to do what I could do."

On California: "They are a worthy opponent. They got the 'W'. They made some plays and we didn't."
Louis Rankin:

On the game: "We didn't get the win, so we have to go out against Arizona State and pull out a win."

On the third-and-short downs during the game: "He (Tim Lappano) just wanted me to stick it in the line, but I thought I saw something outside. We didn't get the first down, so I should have just stuck it up inside and get the first down. I probably overthunk it."

On California: "They were a physical team. We knew that coming in. We just wanted to move the ball, and we did that at times...but at other times they stopped us. They closed to the ball really well. For flowing to the ball, they were probably the best I've seen this year."

On seeing Kenny James go down and knowing he was probably the lead runner: "I was just ready for whatever was planned."

On his running style: "I feel like I have to be patient. If I can wait at the line, I know a hole is going to open up, so I just have to wait behind then and spark a big play."

On Carl Bonnell: "He was calm. The whole game he was calm. And he made some great plays for us...the bomb that he threw down to (Anthony) Russo, the checkdowns at the line...I think he had a great game. I'm looking forward to next week with him."

On the final play of regulation: "I never doubt that we're not going to win the game. I thought we were going to win the game the whole time."
Jordan Reffett:

On tbe game: "It's either those or them making plays and they just made more than we did. They are a physical football team. We wanted to come in with the mindset that we were going to be just as physical and try to come out on top. But unfortunately things didn't go our way, and give all credit to Cal."

On starting the game: "I started against Fresno State earlier this year. We have a couple of big guys on the defensive line, so we rotate in and out. It's just the way it went today."

On helping stop Cal on a critical 4th-and-1: "I knew they were physical, so I just tried to keep my pads low and help my team. And fortunately I got in the backfield, got a piece of him and was able to take him down."

On Marshawn Lynch: "He is as advertized. He's a good back, runs hard, slasher and is a good player."
Anthony Russo:

On getting banged up: "In the first quarter, I'm not sure if I banged it or twisted my knee. I played until the end of the fourth quarter. By then I couldn't really bend my knee."

On Marlon Wood's play: "I know before the play I prayed. I saw the tip and saw Marlon caught it. I tried to get guys off the field so we wouldn't get a penalty. When the ball bounces your way, you feel like you can win."

On Carl Bonnell: "He seemed to play great. His deep balls were especially good. He made a few mistakes like everybody else, but he'll see the fim and know what he did wrong."
Scott White:

On the game: "We've come too far to almost win all the time. We need to find a way to get it done in these games."

On Cal's two-point play: "We only had 10 guys out there. I think E.J. (Savannah) was supposed to be out there. I think it was a breakdown right there. He may have thought it was a different situation because they were going for two, you'd have to ask him."

On Donald Butler: "I love Donald. He played great. I have a lot of confidence on whoever is out there, but for his first extended action he played great. He knew he would play. Coach (Chris) Tormey asked me to talk to him. He's been doing a great job for us. He just turned 18, but he's really a mature kid. He's mature beyond his years."

On trying to get something from this loss: "Nope. We lost. In the back of our minds we know we could have won, but that doesn't matter. We have to get ready for Arizona State."

On their last scoring drive in regulation: "They just made more plays than we did. I'm not sure where the breakdowns were, we're going to have to look at that tomorrow."

On Cal maybe overlooking Washington: "I don't know, you'd have to ask them. But we wanted to take the fight to them. After last week, we just took the fight to them."

On Marshawn Lynch: "He's up there with the best in the country, he really is. I've played against the Reggie Bushes and the LenDale (Whites), and he's right up there in that class, an All-American type running back."

Justin Forsett:

On getting the win: "We didn't execute in the first half. We knew they were going to be tough; it's always tough in the Pac-10. We had to play a little differently if we were going to win and execute on our assignments."

On the Cal defense: "They kept giving us opportunities. They are one of the best defenses in the country. They're so underrated because of our offense, but we practice with them every week in practice. They're a tough bunch."
Brandon Mebane:

On the feeling after the game: "This was one to remember. I will remember this game for the rest of my life. I was proud of our guys for how they hung in there and stuck it out."

On winning a close game: "This was a great experience for our team. To be down and fight back is real special for us. It was a good test to see how tough we are."
Daymeion Hughes:

On the Washington touchdown at the end of regulation: "You try not to practice that too much because you don't want anybody to get hurt. You try to get the ball down, but there's always somebody in the back coming in. He made a great play to catch it; there wasn't much we could do. I was just happy we made that two-point conversion. We were confident that we would play well in overtime."
Marshawn Lynch:

On giving his team a lift: "The start of the game was where we got lifted. My man (Forsett) took the first snaps. I give big ups to Justin for getting me through today and through practice because that's where it starts. That's how we got through this game, from all of the hard days at practice."

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