Rick Neuheisel Notes and Quotes

<b>Neuheisel on today's practice</b>: You can see that the effects of a spirited first day have made us just a bit weery, but that's good. A part of this is just developing a survival instinct, playing through stiffness and soreness. There is some usual muscle strains that we are being almost too careful with, but I think caution is the best way to approach that kind of stuff.

That's why you are seeing guys like Paul Arnold, Reggie Williams, Jafar Williams, Braxton Cleman (out of action). As I look at the field, I think that there is great athleticism. It's now just putting it all together and forming a team that has some great mental toughness about it and I think we're well on our well to getting that done.

On Andre Reeves departure: Andre and I just decided that he improved while he was here, but it just didn't look like this was a passion of his. We talked about the reasons why and he confirmed my suspicions which respected it. He was not enjoying himself, so I thought maybe a change of scenery might be good for him. He's exploring his options. You never say you have great depth because something is bound to happen. You want players here that want to be here, and it just didn't look to me like that was the case with Andre.

On Roc Alexander's shoulder injury: Roc subluxed his shoulder. Not the one that was surgically repaired last year, so we are just going to wait and see. It's not nearly as bad as the shoulder that he played with a year ago. I don't think it's something that will keep him from participating, but we're certainly going to be careful with it.

On Cody Pickett's shoulder: I think he's doing well. He's doing all the things that need to be done to take care of it. I'm sure that he would tell you that it's right at 100 percent.

On the runningbacks: I'm excited about our runningbacks. Rich Alexis has come back in great shape and he looks like he wants the position. I wish that Braxton (Cleman) was able to practice, but we're a little bit fortunate in that if we had to choose one that couldn't practice, you'd choose the one with the most experience. You kind of know what you're going to get out of Braxton, great experience and great skill so it's a blessing in some ways because it provides more reps for some of our younger players. Chris Singleton is doing well, and we're excited about our two freshman guys. Kenny James is as advertised, and Shelton Sampson may be the fastest guy on the team. He is really a jet. We're excited about that group.

On moving Nate Robinson to DB: You're just trying to get guys in positions, and it just so happened that (the move) coincided with the day that Roc went down. I just think that we're going to need some guys that like one-on-one (coverage), guys that like that mentality. I don't know of anybody that has more desire or moxie in that regard than Nate Robinson. He's a natural. He'll be fine. He's got lots to learn as far as schemes and that kind of stuff, but in terms of what you get when he goes out there and tries to cover somebody you've got somebody who's going to compete.

On the possibility of moving Scott White to fullback: There's a possiblity. I don't like making decisions too quickly, but we've got kind of a luxury in that Cory Jones is with us this year and he is not able to play. I think (White) has a great future but I'm not sure if it's as a linebacker or as a fullback. I may put Cory over on defense and get a look at him while we're coaching him. Once we get into the season it's more scout team and you don't really get a chance to coach the techniques and so forth.

Gardenhire Absent: Walk-on runningback John Gardenhire did not report to the team this weekend, and won't until after the first game of the season when the rest of the walk-ons report He is currently enrolled in a class at the UW and rather than practice just once a day he and the coaching staff have decided for him to enroll at the later date.

Jamal Fountaine Returns to the UW: Jamal Fountaine, a key member of the Husky National Championship team in 1991, has joined the team as a defensive program coordinator. He isn't allowed to coach, but Neuheisel is impressed with his passion for the game. He took over for Ikaika Malloe, who left the team to pursue a coaching position in the midwest.

Lingley Out: Redshirt sophomore linebacker Matt Lingley will be out for all of fall camp due injuries he sustained in a car accident. Coach Neuheisel said that Lingley was not able to be physically prepared for fall camp, and will join the team at a later date.

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