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The Washington Huskies (4-4, 2-3) come back home after a difficult overtime loss to Cal on the road to face a conference foe they haven't seen at Husky Stadium since 1999

End of the game:

UW gets beat by the wheel. In the end it wasn't Zach Miller that pulls UW's heart out; it's his brother Brent. We'll find out later from Coach Willingham what happened, but either a safety or lineback got caught sneaking a peak into the backfield, and that allowed Miller just enough time to get past his man and catch a Carpenter pass to finish it off.

Two straight weeks...two straight heartbreaks. This team is fighting their brains out, but in the Pac-10, that's not enough. A for effort, but ultimately they were done in by a second-quarter drive that should have never happened.
Going to overtime:

It's too bad so many fans left the game early, because those that did stay were treated to some very gutsy football. The Washington defense was as stingy as they've been all season in that fourth quarter. Now that it's going to OT, the momentum is clearly on their side. They are at home and the crowd is making a huge difference.
2:19/4: After showing some verve in hanging in and getting some key passes, backup QB Johnny DuRocher finds Sonny Shackelford for the tying touchdown. The extra point makes it official - it looks like we're headed to overtime.

On the touchdown pass, I was right in the back of the end zone and saw Shackelford flash open, but DuRocher couldn't get him the ball right away. As soon as he threw the ball, I thought it was going to be picked, but Shackelford did a nice job of taking a step up and shielding himself from the defender just enough so that it was his.

ASU is helping UW in a big way, but even when a roughing call allows a stalled UW drive to continue, it's at the cost of losing Carl Bonnell. We'll see if it's for the rest of the game, but it looks serious. He's woozy.

The press box is rockin' now...swaying to the rumblings of the Husky Stadium crowd...it was doing a little bit of it during the first half, but nothing like this. It's amazing that this team has enough resolve to hang when things were their toughest...no question if this game had happened last year, they probably would have folded their tent...big time kudos to Willingham and staff for getting these guys to play hard every down, even when it's not going their way.

Have to head down to the field now, hope I get to finish this blog tonight with some good news in the form of a UW win.

Just as I figured it would lay out, ASU is handling the game through the ground - I just had the wrong guy. Ryan Torain was the one of late riding the hot hand, but Keegan Herring has more than established himself in terms of being a Pac-10 'home run' threat. The Sun Devils' own version of 'Thunder and Lightning' certainly blew UW's defense away tonight. They've been able to run well, allowing Carpenter a lot of luxury with the play-fakes and play-option game.

But just when the Dawgs look down, they certainly don't play like they are out, coming up with a group sandwich on Carpenter to force a very bad ASU punt. Perhaps there's life in these Dawgs after all...and just like that - Bonnell to Shackelford to Russo for 41 yards, just like Tim Lappano drew it up.

There's life in Husky Stadium again too, only if three-quarters of the 58,822 announced are still around.

Keegan Herring seals this sucker up with a 61-yard scamper on a third-and-one play, a play that saw Washington grasping for jersey, but coming up short. They both the extra point play, giving UW a little bit of life with a 14-point deficit. In short, this game is pretty easy to summarize - no playmakers. None. Nobody on offense, nobody on defense, nobody on special teams. No one that steps up in crucial situations to take the team on their back if they need to.

I believe they have a guy like that sitting on the bench right now, but I don't think they are going to play him...

Another long UW drive, another one with a less-than-desirable result. Two field goals to show for their efforts tonight, and their receivers are playing as poorly as in any game this year. Absolutely no guts trying to go up and make a tough catch in traffic, no one to make a play when the ball is there on a deep route. It's got to be discouraging for Bonnell, who - for the most part - is putting the ball right where he needs to.

UW just can't get the ball back from ASU, the Sun Devils are doing a nice job of mixing up the run and pass and Carpenter is doing a solid job of rolling out and running or passing.

Just then, Greyson Gunheim electrifies the Husky Stadium crowd that's still here with a sack that forces an ASU punt. It was a brief moment in time, but perhaps it will help catalyze the offense and help them get out of their lethargy.

No luck with the offense, even with Bonnell's game play. There's just a dearth of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and right now they aren't good enough to get the benefit of a referee's whistle. Bonnell had two passes go right through the hands of his receivers...he's getting zero help.

The defense passed its first test...holding ASU to only one first down before punting...now it's Washington's turn to sustain a drive and put one in the end zone.

Kind of hard to figure where that second quarter came from. Was it that easy for Koetter to make adjustments? Apparently so, as they ripped through UW with not a lot of resistance. The Huskies are really bruised and battered in the secondary. I doubt they are interested in another pounding like they took in the first half. The DL HAS to step up for the Huskies to have any chance at all. 99 yards passing and 94 yards rushing - that's the story of ASU's first half. They were able to move the ball pretty much anyway they wanted to the last 15 minutes of the half.

The UW offense, by contrast, has just 110 yards; 50 through the air and 60 on the ground. Bonnell just needs to have some safer passes coming out to reestablish his confidence. Also, it's difficult to know just how much his left shoulder AC sprain is bothering him. In talking to some people that have had it, it sounds nasty in terms of pain threshhold. I'm not sure why Carl doesn't like the hook slide...

Washington, from top to bottom, is making an absolute hash out of this final drive by ASU, just allowing Ryan Torain massive chunks of real estate, and all he has to do is follow the blocking of his receivers...the UW corners are totally at their mercy, and can't get off a block to save themselves. And Keegan Herring scores almost untouched...that's 5 plays, 80 yards in less than a minute and a half...to a team that had no timeouts going into that drive.

Probably the worst drive from a defensive standpoint I've seen UW play this year...a give-up. And it appears as if they may have lost Jason Wells too, as he got hurt on the scoring play...in watching the replay, it appears that a Herring cut literally caused Wells to hurt his ankle, not a good scene...

Arizona State does a nice job of imitating UW's defense of late - bend but don't break. Braunstein's 27-yarder puts them up on the scoreboard, but what they needed was a real answer.

The Huskies are in the middle of a promising drive, but find themselves with a third-and-9 at Arizona State's 17. They've been making the plays they've needed to make, and it's certainly been a good answering drive for ASU's touchdown drive, but they aren't stepping up to make the big play when they have the chance. Rob Lewis' does his best juggling imitation as he has a chance to tie up the game, but can't come down with the pigskin. But UW is hanging around; they aren't doing anything extraordinary, they are hanging around.

Koetter goes after Jason Wells and comes up aces, as Jamaal Lewis separates from the UW safety in the end zone for 6. I anticipate Wells could be the target of a lot of Arizona State's pass game, considering that's not his forte...his strength is getting in there and laying the lumber.

Carpenter uses his last timeout of the half to figure out what to do on a third-and-goal from the 10. Give UW's defense credit...they have come to play today and are tackling very well so far. Limiting the Devils to 3 here would be a nice stop by the Huskies.

Other than a play where C.J. Wallace lost contain on his man and Ryan Torain took an outlet pass for nice yardage, the Huskies have been quite stout. They face another 4th-down situation - this one is a 4th and 7 at their own 35.

Quick 1st Q Stats: UW has 52 total yards to ASU's 37...between the two schools, they had six penalties for 50 yards...Bonnell and Rankin both have 12 yards rushing, while ASU's Torain has 6...Bonnell is 3-6 for 27 yards and one interception...Carpenter is 3-5 for 26 yards.


Carpenter calls timeout as Koetter decides to go for it on 4th and 6 from the UW 37. Might as well, if he feels like his placekicker can't hit a 54-yard field goal. Chris Stevens comes up huge in UW's nickel package to keep Carpenter at least a yard short from getting a first-down, and UW takes possession.

One of the dreaded 'off the pads' interceptions, and ASU's Josh Barrett comes up with the first 'sudden change' play of the game. Johnie Kirton gets his first carry as a Husky, getting a first down on a one-yard run. Basically so far it's been a battle of field position, with neither team really gaining a sizeable advantage over the other.

No question the Washington defense came to play. They are limiting Torain by putting him down after contact, and are staying disciplined when Rudy Carpenter rolls out. Now all they have to do is limit the penalties on their offensive end and they might have a formula to win this game.

UW is killing themselves with third-down penalties...definitely not Stanley Daniels' best day so far. But ASU is not helping themselves much either as far as yellow flags. Three holding calls so far and we're not even halfway through the first quarter. That doesn't bode well.

Not too much to report so far...both offenses look tentative.
15 minutes before kickoff...

Watched the walk-through, and it was nice to see them come up through the SE parking lot. I think a lot of people thought it was going to start at the climbing rock, but it was further east, toward the Waterfront Activities Center. Not a lot of smiles as the team made their way to Husky Stadium...just a lot of earnest-looking faces.

Looking for some of the recruits on the sidelines...Brandon Thomas and Calvin Schmidtke (Life Christian), Leroi Edwards, Chris Washington and Brandon Turner (Kentridge), David DeCastro (Bellevue) and Drew Schaefer (Eastlake) were the ones we could definitely tell were there.

Watching UW warm up, it looks like Dashon Goldson, Juan Garcia, Mark Palaita and Dan Howell are going to be today's captains. James was definitely warming up with the other running backs. It was weird to see only five running backs working out with Trent Miles.
(10/26/06 4:45:43 pm):

Thursday afternoon practice notes...

Jordan White-Frisbee was wearing a sling around his left arm, don't know what the injury is.

Kenny James was practicing with a heavily-taped right ankle. Fullback Luke Kravitz, who apparently hurt his knee Wednesday, was out at practice in gear, but not practice.

I saw them run one 'hurry-up' scenario. They were down 12-10 with :57 seconds left and no time outs. I believe they started the drive at their own 39-yard line. They moved the ball to the point where Mike Braunstein tried a 50-yard field goal, but it was low and to the left. It also appeared that it had been tipped.

Marlon Wood made a couple of nice plays in the time I saw, whereas Johnie Kirton and Sonny Shackelford dropped very catchable balls.
(10/26/06 3:48:01 pm):

Willingham afternoon notes

Asked about injury updates, and he said that Luke Kravitz injured his knee and isn't expected to be available for Saturday's game. He may also be out of the Oregon game.

Kenny James did not take any snaps yesterday, but Willingham still would not say what that means in terms of whether or not James would be available on Saturday.

Asked about Carl Bonnell's injured shoulder, and Willingham said that it will still nag him this weekend, but that it shouldn't affect his mechanics. C.J. Wallace participated in roughly '70 percent' of practice on Wednesday.

Asked about whether or not this game against ASU is a 'must-win' game, Willingham said that he approaches all games like they are 'must-win' games, and that he sensed his team has had a good week of practice and have taken a 'workmanlike' approach to 'prepare for a heckuva football game'.

Also added that if they bring a 'consistent focus to every ball game', they can avoid the ups and downs that they have had up to this point in the season.

Asked if the ASU team they will face on Saturday is like any other team UW has faced this year and Willingham said no. 'They have quickness across the board'. Also asked about their ability over the history of the program to throw the ball downfield, and he said that it all starts with a strong offensive line and receivers that have the ability to stretch the field.

Asked about ASU TE Zach Miller, and he said that 'I can't say he's 'Todd Heap-good yet, but he's not far from it'.

Asked about the 'UW Football Player Walk' that will be happening at the southeast corner of the Husky Stadium parking lot between the climbing rock and the Waterfront Activities Center. The buses will drop the players, coaches and staff off there, and the team will walk from there through the southeast corner of Husky Stadium and then presumably through Husky Stadium and up the tunnel to their locker rooms.

Willingham said that the player walk is a chance to hopefully 'spark a new tradition' and create a 'new connection' between the fans and the football team. 'There is great passion here about the football team and I've said before that I think it's the most passionate about it's football on the west coast. And this gives us a nice opportunity to continue that connection with our fans.'

Asked if the timing of it was to conincide with Homecoming weekend, and he said no - that's it's been in the planning stages for a while now and this was the time they wanted to unveil it. He also said that the 'walk' is 'still in development', meaning that they may try other places around Husky Stadium to do it to find the best place.
(10/25/06 4:34:36 pm):

Quick afternoon practice notes...

This was the second day that Chris Chandler was seen at practice.

Not too much to report, no on wearing red. Ryan Bush was sporting a mohawk today, and Willie Kava was not wearing pads. Kenny James was running around, but with a very noticeable limp.
(10/25/06 3:38:05 pm):

Willingham afternoon notes...

Asked about Kenny James, and he still said that it's 'day-to-day', and that he didn't practice yesterday, but 'he's pretty committed to playing this weekend'.

He added that Luke Kravitz has gotten some work running the ball and 'has been doing a lot of things' for UW. Johnie Kirton does not figure into the running equation yet, Willingham said.

He said that C.J. Wallace was probably the 'most limited' yesterday, due to the 'accumulation of a football season', and the toll it takes. 'It's a battery of things', Willingham said when asked what injury Wallace was trying to overcome.

He added that Carl Bonnell threw the ball well yesterday and that he didn't appear to be hampered at all by the shoulder sprain he suffered against Cal.

Asked how his team has bounced back so far this week after another disappointing loss, and Willingham said that Tuesday is a tough day to judge because they are just coming back together after their off day, and it's also the first day where they install the offensive and defensive gameplans. 'They get it at 2:30 and at 4 they are asked to execute it...that's not easy'. That being said, Willingham said that it 'wasn't bad' for a normal Tuesday practice session for them.

Asked about the team starting to realize that the end of the season is near, and Willingham said that they always try and coach a sense of urgency, and also making sure they know what game 'knocks you out of what you want'. He added that when he talked about winning a bowl game this year, he never mentioned a number of games that it was going to take to do that. 'It's always the maximum number that gets you to the Rose Bowl', he said.

Asked about Michael Houston. He wouldn't comment on any specifics, but said that it's always a case-by-case thing for him, and that the laws of the 'university, municipality, state and country' supercede anything that he might do.
(10/25/06 2:27:38 pm):

Spoke with DC Kent Baer...

...and he was asked what UW will have to do to improve on last year's defensive performance (gave up 44 pts to ASU), and he said that he's never concerned with yards, just points. He said that Dirk Koetter is a great offensive coach, and he'll do what it takes to be successful. He also mentioned that they have a good back (Ryan Torain), who has helped ease a little bit of the load for Rudy Carpenter, who had some mid-season stuggles. Also said that they have a 'big offensive line'.

He added that Torain has probably been a little bit of a surprise for the Sun Devils, because he didn't start out the year as their starting running back.

Asked about Dashon Goldson's play, and Baer said that he's played well, and that USC and Cal have been his best games. Said that he didn't practice yesterday, and has only practiced sparingly since the Oklahoma game, yet has still played well despite his injury limitations.

Asked about the additions and changes to the UW defensive depth during the Cal game (Ala, Butler, Reffett, etc...), and he said that he's been pleased with how all those players played and that it 'helps create competition, and people tend to play better because of that'. He added that because of their packages, they probably run as many different players on the field as anyone in the league, and it's all done in the spirit of trying to get the best players on the field.

Asked about Zach Miller, and Baer said that he went to recruit Miller when he was a senior at Desert Mountain High School, and 'he was a senior in high school and he looked like a senior in college'. He added that Koetter has always had good tight ends and knows how to use them and it adds a lot to their offense.
(10/25/06 1:40:46 pm):

Spoke with CB Roy Lewis...

...and he said that he felt the team 'let one slip' against Cal, and that the losses are starting to mount. 'We need to play as one team and go out and get wins'.

Asked about ASU, and he said that they do a lot of things on offense, so they have to get in the film room and really study this week because they should be ready to make a lot of adjustments during the game. 'We have to be on task'.

He added that they may have some different personnel ('They have a great tailback) and they may have moved some guys around, like Rudy Burgess, but the name of the game for the secondary this year is the same as it was for last year - get on Zach Miller early. 'They might change players a little bit, but they probably won't change schemes too much'.

Asked about some of the mental mistakes that are still happening on defense - like the 10-men on Cal's two-point conversions and the breakdowns on Cal's last scoring drive, and he said that it's very frustrating not having that completely down after 8 games, but 'mistakes will happen' and they need to do their best to eliminate as much of the human factor as possible.

He added that Coach Williams has been stressing to the DB's all year long about being disciplined in all their assignments, and that's what he's been personally working on the hardest. 'He teaches us about effort, technique and toughness, and how being in the right place at the right time will allow you to be in a position to make plays'.

He said that his first responsibility is to defend the pass, so he'll make sure he gets his hand, foot - whatever he needs to - to make sure that pass doesn't get completed. Said that having one thrown right at him is usually a big shock because you're in the middle of a route, concentrating on taking the ball away from the receiver, and all of a sudden it's on you and you have very little time to react.
(10/25/06 1:00:02 pm):

Spoke with WIL Scott White...

...and he was sporting a fairly gnarly gash on the left side of his nose, a result of his chinstrap cutting his nose on a play in the 3rd quarter of the Cal game. 'I was kind of dizzy, there was a lot of lost blood'.

Asked about ASU and what UW has to do differently to not get beat through the air like they were last year (Rudy Carpenter threw for 401 yards), and White said that they are a different team than a year ago. Their leading receivers are guys like their tight end and running backs, so that's his responsibility. 'That's on my shoulders, because those are the guys they feature. My responsibility is to get depth on my drops and when I'm asked to blitz to be aggressive and apply pressure'.

Asked about the various personnel changes that have been made lately on defense, and he said that his main focus is just winning, so that whoever gives them an opportunity to win, that's who he wants to play with. Said that both Greyson Gunheim and Brandon Ala have been playing great up front and that at MIK, Tahj Bomar has been playing great and Donald Butler has really stepped up as of late. 'He's filled in admirably. He just turned 18 and he's just taken command of the huddle. He plays beyond his years. Whenever I make a tackle, it seems like he's right there next to me'.

Asked about a possible letdown against ASU ala OSU, and White said that it's something that Willingham addressed to the team yesterday. 'It something that he put in our minds. We're aware of the significance of this game. It has a big impact on our bowl hopes and we're still in control of that'.

Asked whether or not he's been aware of the rollercoaster nature of the past few weeks and he said yes. 'I'm a thinker. I probably think too much. I read a lot of what you guys put out there and I'm on top of it. I've definitely been thinking about it and am conscious of it'.

Asked if that OSU game was the Beavers just catching UW at the right time, or if the Beavers simply outplayed UW, and White said that all credit goes to OSU. 'They took the fight to us, and we didn't play well enough for 60 minutes. Losing Isaiah (Stanback) took the wind out of our sails too. We can't let those things happen to us'.
(10/25/06 12:39:19 pm): Spoke with Linebackers coach Chris Tormey...

...and I asked him about Donald Butler and his ascension up the charts as far as playing so much for a true frosh, and he said that they had him in their camp before his senior season and they really liked his size and explosiveness and it was also clear that he liked contact, so they offered him at the end of camp. Tormey added that he's been impressed with how Donald has picked up the system, and that playing on special teams all year long has helped too. 'After a while we realized that he was playing too well for us not to take advantage', so they gave him more reps during practice last week and he looked good.

Asked about the comparisons between Butler and Dan Howell, and Tormey said that they both come from great families, and they've already had good habits established from an early age. He added that from a development standpoint while at UW, Butler is actually ahead of where Howell was at the same point. 'He understands the concepts and picks up the schemes. He has great instincts. I know it's cliche, but he has a nose for the ball. He's tough and likes contact. At 240 pounds, he can run, is explosive and is also good in pass coverage'.

Asked about who might start or get the bulk of the playing time at MIK between Butler and Tahj Bomar, and Tormey said that they are going to continue to evaluate and get the best player on the field at all times.

Asked about improving on the fundamentals of the game from last year, and Tormey said that he feels that his group is tackling better than last year, but they still need to continue to get better in terms of getting off their blocks. 'We are nowhere near being a finished product'.

Asked about Chris Stevens and Tormey said that since he's playing behind Scott White he hasn't gotten a lot of time at WIL, but he is getting roughly 15-20 snaps a game in their nickel package. 'And I feel that he has improved from a year ago'.
(10/24/06 3:18:40 pm):

Spoke with RB Louis Rankin...

...and he said that it took him a while to get started against Cal, but after halftime he tried to come out stronger. Said that it's just a matter of how quickly he gets comfortable out there.

Said he's 100 percent as far as helth goes. 'I haven't been banged up too much, so I'm ready to go'.

Asked what he's been focused on improving, and he said he just wants to get better overall - running and blocking. 'Hopefully I can get good enough to help our team win these last four games'.

Asked about his relationship with Kenny James, and he said that they are like brothers. 'When Kenny's out there I'm cheering for him, and when I'm out there he's cheering for me.'

Said he wasn't sure what would happen if Kenny played on Saturday, in terms of being a starter. 'Hopefully Kenny will be able to go and we'll be able to roll'.

Said he likes the 'bread and butter play, the power'. 'It tends to be a big run for us. It took a while to get it going, but it's looking pretty strong now'.

Asked about the big run in the fourth Q against Cal, and he said that he thought he was going to score, 'but there ended up being more guys down there than I thought. They started coming down there pretty fast'.

Asked about being more of a 'north-south' runner, and he said that especially on third down, he needs to do more of that. 'We're trying to move the sticks and score touchdowns, and on third-and-one, that's what I need to do'.

Asked about going from sharing the load to being the guy, and he said that it's not a hard transition. 'I always want the ball every play. It's unfortunate whenever someone goes down, but you can always be excited about getting the ball'.

Asked about improving his blocking, and he said that once he gets comfortable in the game, he feels strong in pass protection.
(10/24/06 3:08:42 pm):

Spoke with QB Jake Locker...

...and he said that this past week of practice was fine. 'I just switched spots with Carl. I got a few reps at the end of drills. I was getting a lot of mental reps, just watching him and what he does and go through mentally what you'd do in that situation'.

Asked about how he felt when he Carl get hurt against Cal, and he said that the coaches told him that he would go in if Carl got hurt, so he got ready. 'First of all I wanted to make sure he was OK, being his teammate and all, and then I threw a little bit. I got myself ready, but he toughed it out and I thought he did a great job'.

He added that he did get pretty excited thinking that he might have to be called on. 'Actually my body got really warm. I ran a little bit to calm myself down. Actually I thought I would be more nervous at that point, but I feel like I handled it pretty well. I was pretty comfortable, pretty controlled'.

Asked about just the thought of knowing he might play, and what that's like, and he said that for him, he was a lot more into the game. 'I focused on everything. I made sure I was always kind of around the line of scrimmage in case something happened. There's a lot of little things. Carl, when he comes off the field, likes to know what we're seeing out there, so we'll tell him what we noticed, things that might help him later on. It's a team game, and I know I would want as much help as I could get if I was out there, so I give the same back to him'.

Asked if he's ready to go, and he said that he feels confident in the staff and their abilities and if they called on him they believe in him to get the job done. 'And I have a lot of confidence in myself. I think that's a big part of sports. And I know that they aren't going to put me in a position to fail'.

Asked about Johnny DuRocher mentoring him, and Locker said that Johnny has 'taken him under his wing'. 'He's really spent some time with me to make sure I know what I'm doing. I owe a lot of what I've picked up to him'.
(10/24/06 2:07:47 pm):

Spoke with OC Tim Lappano...

...and he said that Kenny James might be able to play on Saturday. Said that his foot is in a boot right now and he's not sure if he would be out for practice today, but that he could possibly be back by Wednesday and for sure on Thursday. 'I think Kenny is going to be OK. He thinks he's going to be full speed for this weekend, and we're being optimistic right now'.

Asked about Anthony Russo and Lappano thinks that people might be underestimating his speed when they watch him. He also 'knows how to set up defenders'. He is able to create separation and has a knack for it.

Asked about being predictable with the run on first down, and he said that they keep a chart of everything they do on first down for the whole season, so they know exactly what the balance is and 'if things get too crazy we'll change it up'. He also added that if something is working well, he doesn't really care about the tendencies at that point.

Said that, even with Rankin's style where he'll be bottled up for a bit and then break out a couple of 'home runs', they want to get more consistent in both the 1-back and 2-back sets.

He also added that the offense has to have a better awareness of down-and-distance. 'We practice it every day'.

Asked about Arizona State, and he said that the offense has to be aware that the Sun Devils are a 'man-cover' team. 'They'll bump us at the line, so we have to be good at being able to defeat man coverage'. He also added that they've been very good in the sack statistic, so UW will have to be able to handle their cover-1 and their man pressure.

Asked about critiquing Carl Bonnell's play on Saturday, and he said that five picks is way too many, but that's something that can be corrected this week. He also said that Carl has so much confidence in his arm and his accuracy that he'll thread a lot of passes into places. 'His poise, presence and leadership were all outstanding. He did a pretty good job for not having played in a long time, especially against a team that fast and that good'.

Asked about changing the playbook for Carl, and Lappano said that Carl knows his own strengths and weaknesses, so a lot of it has to do with his likes and dislikes. 'I get a list from all the quarterbacks on what they like to run and what they don't like to run. They are the ones that have to do it'.

He added that 'only around five plays' were left off the QB's wristband this week. 'We didn't hide much'.

Asked about Jake Locker's week of practice, and he said that in the beginning of the week you could tell that he wasn't really comfortable with the speed, but he got a lot better as the week went on by coming in and watching film and asking questions. 'Then he handled it pretty well'.

Asked about third-down and he said that it's a combination of mindset and also some personnel changes. 'The mindset, we coach that in practice'. Added that if they are able to handle the third-and-shorts late in the game against Cal, they control that game.

Asked about the possible two-point try at the end of the game, and he said that they practice two two-point plays every week, so they had one ready. He added that if Cal had called a timeout if UW had gone for two that might have actually helped UW out more because of the chaos on the UW sideline. 'It was a whole different personnel group, so we would have had three or four new players in the game for that play...and with all the chaos going on, that would have been interesting to see'.
(10/24/06 1:46:24 pm):

Spoke with RB Shelton Sampson...

...and he said that he senses that there might be an opportunity this weekend, but he just has to stay ready and when his time comes he'll 'do his thing'.

Asked if he felt he thought he had a chance to play against California, and he said he did, but when Rankin was in the game he was rooting him on, 'because that's my boy'. He also said that he tried to give Louis a couple of pointers. 'I told him, like I tell myself', to stay composed and aggressive.'

Said that he hasn't felt a need to bump his leadership up in Isaiah Stanback's absence, that is has more a 'call to arms' for everybody to step up when you lose a player of Stanback's caliber.

Asked about having a similar style to Rankin's and he said that they both have a tendency to 'hit the home run'. 'I hope I get a chance to make a couple of home runs this game'.

Asked about having any regets leaving the team and coming back, and he said no. He added that he wanted to come back and be a part of the team and work hard, because he wants to make it to the next level'.
(10/24/06 12:26:03 pm):

Spoke with FB Luke Kravitz...

...and I asked him about his role in the return game, and he said that he's basically just a lead blocker. 'The first kickoff return of the season was a pooch to the left and I got it. If they do that, that's about my only opportunity to get one'.

He added that the coaches decided that they just wanted one returner, so it's a way of having another good blocker in front of the return guy.

Asked about the injury to Kenny James and whether or not that's going to affect his role running the ball, and he said that up to this point it hadn't, but with the new injuries he might be the next-best option. 'I can step into it if they ask me to'.

He added that since he played tailback in high school, he feels comfortable running the ball and can get third-down yardage if that's what he's asked to do. He said that he's anticipating his role might expand and possibly get more opportunities this week. 'Mentally I'm thinking about it today and getting myself ready'.

Asked how difficult it was in the beginning to play fullback, and he said that his first year he found himself critiquing the running backs more. 'Now I understand my role and I'm finally starting to embrace it'.
(10/23/06 4:49:43 pm):

Spoke with LB Dan Howell...

...and he said that upon further review, he thought that they have to finish. 'We were on top the whole game. That's a top-10 team right there. It's just a matter of understanding concepts and communicating. Late on that last drive, if we had just communicated a little bit more and made sure that everyone was on the ball, it would have been a different story'.

Asked about the coaches deferring the coin toss on the road against a top-10 BCS team, Howell said that it's the ultimate compliment to your defense. 'When you have confidence in your guys, you can do that, and that puts confidence in me. It says to me, 'I know our defense is strong, let's shut their hearts down and get the job done'.

Asked about Cal's last drive and all the close third-down plays. 'That means we're not doing something we should have been doing. We let one go. On that last drive, it's communication. We get on the same page that last drive, we get out of it.'

He added that there's no question that it's frustrating knowing that, eight games into the season, they are still having to iron out communication issues. 'But I don't point fingers and I don't give blame. That's a team thing. We work substitution and we work on communication. We need to get it right, and frustrating to not get something that easy right'.

Asked whether or not UW's defense took it to Cal early, or if Cal was a little flat, and he said it was probably a little of both. 'They didn't really get going until the end of the game so they must have started on four flats. We should have just fought harder, finished.'

Asked about ASU, and he said that they are deceptive. 'They are better than their record shows, so I'm going to give them props'. He didn't play much last year, only in mop-up time. 'They showed it last year and this year they have the same personnel. But it doesn't matter to me. I work the same - just as hard, just as fast, just as hard.'

He added that they are definitely a 'run-first' team.

Asked if Washington's defense has created an identity for themselves, and he said that they play very good red-zone. 'I've noticed it. When teams get into the red zone, I try to give that extra, whether it's there or not'.

Asked about the ups and downs of the season, and he said that he wasn't even aware of it until Coach Willingham brought it up Sunday. 'I always play hard, I try and rock every tight end I go up against, the tape will show that. It feels like I'm working hard every game and I don't try to change that - so it's disappointing to see what is happening. Now that I know it, maybe I'll pay more attention to it. But I definitely did not think about it that way'.

Asked about going up against ASU TE Zach Miller. 'I have a mindset that no one can block me and that I'll rise up against whoever I'm going up against. So whoever I'm going up against, I'm going to get up in your grill and even if you win the battle of hand position, I'm going to find another way to get my win. But I give every tight end I go up against their credit. No. 83 (Eric Beegun) for Cal, he was getting his hands inside my chest. The tight end for USC (Fred Davis), he did a good job of getting his hands on me and this and that. But I always find a way to get mine, and I'll do that no matter who I'm going up against. I hope he's really good, I hope he's awesome, because that will just make me better. The Pac-10 is not a sorry conference. We have some great athletes. If he is anything like the USC tight end, it's going to be a great battle. We're going to fight, because I was fighting with him too'.
(10/23/06 4:13:40 pm): Spoke with Center Juan Garcia...

...and he said that it was because of the fact that they didn't play very well the week before, coupled with a new guy behind center (Carl Bonnell) that helped to motivate the OL's play against Cal to limit the Bears to zero sacks. 'We did our job and he did his job'.

Asked about the up and down nature of the season, and Garcia said that Willingham mentioned it to the team on Sunday, how they come out and play inspired against good teams but don't against others. 'Now that we're playing ASU, he said that it's all in the way we respond...it doesn't matter if you're favorites, underdogs, whatever. We need this game big-time. When we play as the favorite, we don't play as tough. I don't know what it is'.

He said that it's frustrating to not play a complete game in pass pro and run blocking. 'It's time for us to put it together in a game'. Garcia added that he had been hearing about Cal DT Brandon Mebane all week long, hearing about how good he was and everything. 'I told the guys, 'Man, I don't want to be on his NFL draft film', so I played my hardest. I think I got the better of him. It was a good fight. My dream is to get to the next level too'.
(10/23/06 4:05:17 pm):

Spoke with DB Dashon Goldson...

...and he said that his focus for his senior year has been winning, and they have to come back with that 'winning mindset' that they had earlier in the season to get off the 3-game losing streak.

Asked about working with C.J. Wallace, and he said that his work with C.J., as well as Matt Fountaine is really key to finish strong because they have to step up as seniors for the secondary and for the rest of the team.

Said that because he's been hurt for the whole season, he's been having to hit the training room hard to get his body right. 'You body is your business, so you have to get your body right and take care of it'.

Asked about the end of his college career coming close, and he said that he's not focused on that at all. 'I'm focused on winning and play every down like it's your last. Tomorrow's not promised. We saw that with Isaiah (Stanback). We just have to play hard every single snap and play to the fullest'.

He added that he thinks the team is past the notion that Stanback is coming back. 'We're still reminded when he comes around, but we have to stay focused. We just wish him the best. I stay right next to him, so after practice I'll shoot on over to his house and he'll ask me about practice. He's a strong guy. He had a season-ending injury and to see him with his spirits up is amazing. I look up to him for that'.

Said that the Cal game was probably the game he's been able to play as close to 100 percent to, and he's really hoping it carries over. 'It hurts every day, whether it's a game or at practice, but I've gotta play. I've got to play'.

Asked about ASU and he said that he just came back from the film room watching last year's ASU game. 'Last year how we played, that wasn't us; we didn't show up. They made a couple of big plays. Right now we are playing hard and physical, so we should have a better turnout for this game'.
(10/23/06 3:52:03 pm):

Spoke with DT Jordan Reffett...

...and he said that the goal of a bowl game is a big thing for this team right now, and that they take a lot of pride in going out during practice week and practicing hard. 'We're going to come out with a couple of victories and it's going to happen for us. I defnitely believe that'.

Asked about moral victories, and he said that while they can be important, they went down to Cal to do one thing - win. 'Just getting into overtime is not enough. No one is happy with that. It was one of the worst losses I've been a part of. It's tough to swallow, a loss like that'.

Added that the only way to get that taste out of their mouths is to work hard and get ready to win on Saturday.

Asked about possibly getting a 'heavy dose of Seattle weather' on Saturday to greet ASU, and Reffett said he would love that. 'I've got no problem with that. And it's even better when the fans come out and the place is rockin'. I've been all over the Pac-10 and Husky Stadium is the best place to play in the Pac-10'.

Asked about when things clicked for him and he said that he's always had confidence in himself to play, it's just been a matter of going out and earning the trust of Coach (Randy) Hart. 'I think I've done that the past couple of years, and it's a confidence inside of me knowing that I can get the job done because I go all-out on every snap'.

Asked about the fourth-down stop against Cal, and he said that it was a huge play for him and the team. 'I tried to keep my pads low and fortunately made a play in the backfield and stopped them. I think our team feeds off big plays like that, so I was happy to be a part of it'.

Asked about the rotations up front to try and keep everyone fresh during 12 straight weeks of football, and he said that they are holding up well. 'We have the best defensive line coach in the country in Coach Hart. He keeps us prepared and we're ready for everything'.

Asked about the position battle with him and Donny Mateaki, and he said that he came in with the 2002 class, and there's no competition right now, it's just a matter of keeping the rotations going to keep guys fresh. 'I think that Donny and I try to get the job done just the same'.

Asked about big guys coming out of Moses Lake to play college football, and he said 'they grow some big kids out there. They have a great program there and it's nice to see some guys getting a chance to play'.
(10/23/06 3:38:24 pm):

Spoke with QB Carl Bonnell...

Said that he has a '3rd degree AC sprain', but it's not as bad as it sounds. 'I can move it fine, and I'll be healthy to practice and play this week'. He added that three plays after he hurt it, he threw a touchdown to Anthony Russo, so it didn't hurt him too much during the game.

Added that things have changed from last week, when things were a little up in the air with what was going on with Isaiah, to now. 'We know we can move the ball without Isaiah, so we have to go out and do it this week and eliminate the turnovers'.

Asked if he likes doing all the media stuff now, and he said that he doesn't like dealing with all the attention that much, but 'football is the love of my life and hopefully I get a chance to do it for a lot longer'.

Asked if there was anything that caught him off-guard Saturday, and he said that he was expecting Cal to apply a lot more pressure. 'Our offensive line did an absolutely great job'. Added that the game started out pretty slow for him speed-wise.

'We were pretty conservative in our play-calling. We ran a lot of plays and threw short passes, so by the time the game really got underway I was ready to play'.

He added that he didn't feel like he was too rusty. 'We got the guys in the right place and get the plays off, so the extra experience will really help, but I feel I ran the game pretty well'.

Asked about the interceptions, and he said that they are all on him. 'Even if it's a miscommunication, it's your job to know what everybody is doing on every play. It's your job to hold onto the football and move the ball down the field and get some points'.

Asked if he caught Cal off-guard with his running and he didn't think so. 'I don't know if our play-calling worked or if I caught them off-guard, but I was able to move the ball with my legs'.
(10/23/06 3:20:15 pm):

UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham press notes:

Started off saying that it's hard to tell where his team is at during the beginning of the week, just because Monday is their day off. He added that just playing good is not enough. 'We want to win'.

Asked about Kenny James sprained ankle, and he said that he didn't know anything more about it today, other than some tests were run Sunday and more are going to be run today. 'I'm not sure how severe it is'.

Also asked about Carl Bonnell's left shoulder, which he hurt against Cal. 'He should be fine. It's a slight sprain of the AC joint in the shoulder, but he should be fine'. Also added that he shouldn't be hampered as far as practice and should be able to practice all week and get roughly the same number of snaps.

Added that there were no other injuries of note. Anthony Russo and C.J. Wallace also left the game at some point, but came back in.

Asked about Shelton playing more, and he said that if he has to, 'he won't have a choice'. 'You've got to get it done...that's how the game of football is; it's what you demand of yourself and what your teammates demand of you'.

Added that they might have to add depth at running back, and a fullback might be used in that role, but 'it would all have to depend on how we want to use him'. Also left the door open for Johnie Kirton, but said that he would 'probably not' get time at RB.

Asked about Rankin's play, and he said that Louis' running style is the kind where he get stuffed a couple of times, but then he'll break a big one. 'He has his own individual style. There are certain plays where you wonder what he's doing and then it's like, 'great run!'. That's Louis, that's his style and I'm comfortable with his style'.

Asked about Bonnell's game on Saturday, and Willingham said that he loved his 'command of the system' and of 'getting guys in place'. 'Overall I thought Carl did a good job'.

Asked about going for two at the end of the game, and he said that in part, he had made the decision earlier. 'We didn't have any timeouts, so I thought it would be difficult to make sure we got all the right personnel back out onto the field'.

He added that both 'schools of thought are good, but the whole key is making it work. If you gave me an opportunity that allows us to win, I would change my mind'.

Asked about defensive breakdowns, and he said that on Cal's two-point try it was a situation where they were trying to get a certain grouping in and 'young people don't hear you sometimes'. 'Unfortunately it happened at a critical time, so that's disappointing, but we try to practice and work on that at every time we can'. Added that a couple of coaches saw the breakdown, but they didn't get the info relayed to get a timeout called to get another man in the game'.

Asked about Arizona State and he said that they are a very good team that is traditionally a fast team. 'That probably frightens me the most about them, because if you aren't prepared for it, it can jump up and really surprise you'. Said their team speed last year was as good as USC's, and this year's version might be just as good'. He added that you have to go into games 'conditioned for certain things mentally', so he doesn't want to come into the ASU not mentally prepared for their speed. 'That way, they don't surprise us. And if we do that, we'll be fine'.

He added that turnovers have been big when the Sun Devils have lost. Also said that their defense likes to get pressure upfield. 'It can allow our backs to exploit some seams, but it can also create havoc with blocking schemes'.

Asked about none of ASU's players ever having played in Husky Stadium before. 'You're hoping that every advantage you can possibly gain works in our favor. If they are starstruck looking at the mountains or the lake, let it work. If it's cooler temperatures, let that work. But the real key is how we play. If we play well, that energizes our stadium and it becomes more of a factor in determining what happens in the ballgame'.

Asked about the backup QB situation, and Willingham said that depending on the situation, either Locker or DuRocher could play. Added that Locker, even though he is a true freshman, has 'prepared himself to play since Day One. He's put in the extra time and done the little things that it takes to get ready'.

Asked about some of the defensive rotations, like plaing Brandon Ala and Donald Butler more, and Willingham said that they aren't changing the rotations that much, both have already been in the rotations. In Ala's case, Greyson Gunheim may have had more snaps against Cal, but Ala got a lot more work for his effort in practice and it showed in the game. In the case of Butler, 'he's been coming, coming, coming...and he's starting to work his way into being a starting 'backer.'

Asked about weathering the 'emotional storm' after losing Isaiah Stanback, and Willingham said there are two areas that have allowed that to happen; the assistant coaches and; the senior leadership. 'You can't rest on what you've done or you can't feel so dejected about losing a teammate or game that keeps you away from reaching your goals. Our guys have weathered the storm, but the storm is always approaching. There's a new storm every weekend - it's called the 'Sun Devils'.

Asked about the up and down nature of the season, and he said that 'it's been brought to my attention by some outside forces', so he has to pay attention to it. Said that the system is designed to be consistent in everything they do. Hopefully that allows us to go out every Saturday and play well and not play up or down to our competition'.

(10/23/06 3:19:13 pm):

ASU Head Coach Dirk Koetter press notes

Said that they got a 'much-needed win' over Stanford. It was 'methodic'. 'We did what we needed to do'. Added that the mindset is there now for his guys to 'go out and compete'. 'The way the schedule stacked up we played three very good teams and didn't play very well in two of those games'.

Said that he thinks Washington and ASU match up pretty similarly, especially if you look at the stats. 'They (UW) started well too, but have lost a couple of late. 'Both are hungry, and being in a tough conference it should be a good game'.

Asked about Rudy Carpenter, and Koetter said that the Stanford game was his 'most efficient' game. 'He made excellent decisions and also made some plays with his feet'.

Asked about what happened against Oregon, and Koetter said that it's difficult to play that poorly and then have a bye week. 'You have a lot of time for soul-searching. You try to get back to basics'.

Asked about ASU coming back to Husky Stadium, a place where none of his players have ever played, and he said that 'it's about time'. 'Husky Stadium is one of the most awesome stadiums in the country, so the fact that none of our guys have seen it until Saturday is pretty sad. But I was a big proponent of playing everybody in the conference. This game will be no different than any other road game in the conference, other than they won't really know what to expect.'

Asked about being a run-first team now. They are 3rd in the conference, averaging 170 yards a game. He said that it's definitely a change for him, because in all the other years he's been a head coach - at ASU and Boise State - he's been a pass-first guy. 'You have to build around the team you have'.

Asked about JC back Ryan Torain. He's fifth in the Pac-10 in rushing, averaging nearly 88 yards a game. He ran for 90 against Stanford and has a season-high 191 yards on 24 carries against Cal. 'We've been very happy with Keegan Herring, but all our backs in the past have been 185-190 pounds. We wanted to add a bigger back, and Ryan is around 215-220 pounds. He can run through arm tacklers, he's a slasher. He's got good speed, but the best thing he does is break tackles. He makes one cut and then does a great job of going 'north-south'. He's a nice 1-2 punch with Keegan. He started out a little slow, but now he's hitting on all cylinders'.

Asked about UW's turnaround from year one to year two, and he said that any time you have a 'major philosophical change' in a program, there's always going to be some differences the first year. In year two, there are a much larger percentage 'on board'. 'And Coach Willingham has always had success wherever he's been, so I'm not surprised at all'. When you couple that with the fact that UW was getting 'MVP of the Pac-10-type play' from Isaiah Stanback before his injury and the credibility you get when you win, things have a tendency to build on themselves'.

Asked about Rudy Burgess and where he would be playing on Saturday, and Koetter said defense. 'You'll see him at corner. We knew that if we got dinged up at corner, he'd be there'.
(10/23/06 10:12:00 am):

Arizona State's two-deep depth chart, as announced by ASU's Sports Information Department:
 X  16  Nate Kimbrough       6-1/188/SO 
     1  Mike Jones           6-3/208/SO
LT  62  Brandon Rodd         6-4/301/JR
    79  Julius Orieukwu      6-7/318/JR
LG  73  Robert Gustavis      6-4/308/JR
    67  Shawn Lauvao         6-3/316/rFR
C   76  Mike Pollak          6-4/305/JR
    56  Thomas Altieri       6-2/281/rFR
RG  63  Paul Fanaika         6-6/355/SO
    67  Shawn Lauvao         6-3/316/rFR
RT  66  Stephen Berg         6-5/316/SR
    75  Richard Tuitu'u      6-5/346/rFR
TE  86  Zach Miller          6-5/259/JR
    80  Dane Guthrie         6-3/253/SO
HB  87  Brent Miller         6-5/238/JR   
    82  Jamaal Lewis         6-4/229/SR 
QB  12  Rudy Carpenter       6-2/207/SO
    15  Danny Sullivan       6-4/200/FR
TB  26  Ryan Torain          6-0/216/JR
    24  Keegan Herring      5-10/186/SO
    36  Shawn DeWitty        6-2/215/SO
    31  Dimitri Nance       5-10/211/FR
     4  Preston Jones        5-8/176/JR
 Z  13  Chris McGaha         6-1/184/rFR
 OR  1  Mike Jones           6-3/208/SO

DE  58  Dexter Davis         6-2/243/rFR
    57  Tranell Morant       6-5/280/JR
    55  Wes Evans            6-2/215/SO 
DT  77  Michael Marquardt    6-4/289/JR
    91  Will Kofe            6-2/291/SR
    92  Brett Palmer         6-2/289/JR
DT   1  Jordan Hill          6-2/301/SR
    90  David Smith          6-3/275/SO
    98  Shannon Jones        6-2/310/SR
DE  50  Kyle Caldwell        6-3/272/SR
    85  Kellen Mills         6-3/246/JR
    55  Wes Evans            6-2/215/SO 
SAM 47  Gerald Munns         6-3/238/FR
 OR 25  Mike Nixon           6-2/226/FR
    49  Garrett Judah        6-3/232/JR
MIK 51  Beau Manutai         6-1/253/SR
    29  Robert James        5-11/229/JR
WIL 18  Derron Ware          6-4/217/SR
 OR 44  Travis Goethel       6-2/229/FR
CB   3  Rudy Burgess        5-10/180/JR
     8  Keno Walter-White   5-11/179/SR
     6  Grant Crunkleton    5-10/184/rFR
S   19  Josh Barrett         6-2/227/JR
     2  Ryan McFoy           6-1/194/FR
S    5  Zach Cantanese       6-2/230/SR
     7  Jeremy Payton        6-1/204/SO
    22  Rodney Cox           6-1/211/SO 
CB   4  Justin Tryon         5-9/182/JR
     9  Littrele Jones       5-9/178/JR
    21  Chad Green          5-10/187/JR
P   35  Jonathan Johnson     6-1/205/JR
    20  Jesse Ainsworth      6-3/216/SR 
PK  20  Jesse Ainsworth      6-3/216/SR
    38  Thomas Weber         6-0/195/FR
KR   3  Rudy Burgess        5-10/180/JR
 OR 16  Nate Kimbrough       6-1/188/SO
 OR 13  Chris McGaha         6-1/184/rFR
PR  13  Chris McGaha         6-1/184/rFR
     3  Rudy Burgess        5-10/180/JR
    16  Nate Kimbrough       6-1/188/SO
SN  43  Jason Burke          6-2/268/SR
    53  Jason Perkins        6-1/232/SO
HLD 12  Rudy Carpenter       6-2/207/SO
     1  Mike Jones           6-3/208/SO
(10/23/06 9:52:00 am):

Here are the official Washington Huskies two-deeps for the Arizona State game, as released by UW Media Relations.
WR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11/185/JR
    18 Corey Williams        6-2/195/JR 
    19 Quintin Daniels       6-0/195/SR
LT  79 Ben Ossai             6-6/300/rFR
    70 Morgan Rosborough     6-6/375/rFR
LG  74 Stanley Daniels       6-4/320/SR
    72 Casey Bulyca          6-6/320/SO
C   58 Juan Garcia           6-3/315/JR
    73 Ryan Bush             6-2/305/SO
RG  63 Clay Walker           6-4/305/SR
    65 Ryan Tolar            6-6/325/FR
RT  75 Chad Macklin          6-8/300/JR
    69 Erik Berglund         6-6/290/JR
TE  86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5/245/SO
    37 Johnie Kirton         6-3/270/SO
    81 Robert Lewis          6-5/245/SO
    92 Walter Winter         6-5/250/SO 
QB  11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
    12 Johnny DuRocher       6-4/225/JR
 OR 10 Jake Locker           6-3/210/FR
TB   9 Louis Rankin          6-1/205/JR
 OR  8 Kenny James           5-10/215/SR
     7 Shelton Sampson       5-11/210/SR
FB  43 Mark Palaita          5-10/245/SR
    32 Luke Kravitz          6-1/225/SO
    30 Paul Homer            6-0/225/FR
WR  21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR
     3 Marcel Reece          6-3/240/JR
    29 Cody Ellis            6-0/185/JR
    83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR

DE  66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim   6-4/245/rFR
    41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
DT  95 Jordan Reffett        6-6/295/JR
    91 Donny Mateaki         6-5/285/SR   
DT  74 Wilson Afoa           6-3/290/JR
    77 Erick Lobos           6-3/285/JR
DE  41 Brandon Ala           6-3/260/SR
     7 Greyson Gunheim       6-5/265/JR
OLB 34 Dan Howell            6-1/225/JR
    20 Kyle Trew             6-2/235/JR
ILB 47 Tahj Bomar            6-2/225/SR
    35 Donald Butler         6-1/240/FR
OLB  4 Scott White           6-1/235/SR
    29 Chris Stevens         6-0/215/SO
    22 E.J. Savannah         6-2/222/rFR
FS  26 Jason Wells           6-2/210/SO
     3 Chris Hemphill        6-5/235/JR    
SS   1 C.J. Wallace          6-0/210/SR
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO
CB   8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR
     6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
CB  28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR    
     8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR

P   17 Sean Douglas          6-2/230/SR
PR  14 Michael Braunstein    5-8/185/JR
    11 Michael Book          6-3/195/SR
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
SNP 49 Danny Morovick        6-3/230/rFR
KOR 28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
     6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
FR  83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
    21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR

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