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The best team doesn't win again
Mallard N. Moore

In a DFI first, we present an actual Mike Bellotti post game quote. Not one that we fabricated (not that we would do that, we leave that to other sensationalist internet sites to do that for us):

"I would like to say we're the better team, but we didn't show it today. To Washington State's credit, they took advantage of the gifts we gave them", said the ever gracious in defeat Bellotti as he choked on the words and spit them out with venom.

"Scoreboard Baby!" replied the young and snotty Bill Doba as he tossed his blonde hair and prepared his Final Four pool selections.

Haven't we been here before? What's next, Bill Doba on the Duck Video screen tossing his cookies? Phony WSU depths charts shown to recruits? A snitch in Pullman?

The WSU squad was fresh off a season full of moral victories when they decided to go and get them an old fashioned real victory over the big city Ducks from Eugene. Martin P. Vandal Stadium was rocking with anticipation for the big Monster Truck show that would follow the game. The urine bottles were full and the thugs were ready in the stands.

The Ducks were turnover prone as Dennis Dixon and Jonathon Stewart took turns giving gifts to the Cougars. WSU finally took advantage and turned them into points. The oft injured and now fumble prone Stewart got to see where he could have gone to school and was reminded that as bad as his choice to go to UO was, it was better than going to WSU.

A dismayed Bill Moos knew that he was going to get another earful as the homebody Ducks were once again forced to play a road game and paid the price for it with another big loss. Now 5-2*, the Ducks gear up for a bruising interstate battle with Portland State. ESPN Gameday may want to show up for that one.

"We can still meet all of our goals for this season," Bellotti lied as he quickly changed all of his goals for the season. "I'm still a great coach and if I can get any help from my depleted and talent lacking players we should win out."
Like we said after the USC game……
Race Bannon

Your faithful scribe is not joining the ‘almost victory party' this time after another ‘almost' victory, this time at California at un remodeled Timothy Leary Stadium. We were happy to be happy after the near win loss at USC but the return home and a skunking by Oregon State and another series of non plays that cost us the Cal game have compelled us to insist that the now three game losing string end before we consider any further coach of the year talk for our coach.

We will admit to being mostly wrong about Carl Bonnell although the ghost of Joey Five-Picks that appeared at Strawberry Alarm Clock Canyon was the main reason this should have been victory was a real loss. But Bonnell showed enough Incense and Peppermints that we think the red shirt of Jake Locker can be preserved barring injury to Bonnell, who was hurt, but still played.

A should-have been play for the ages was relegated to the loser file by a poor overtime defensive effort and that 5th pick. After another sputtering clock drive stalled 40 yards from the end zone, the Huskies had one last shot and Marlon "don't call me Tiger" Wood caught the miracle deflection and fell into the end zone for the tying touchdown.

But it was UW that gave Cal the game, according to Mike Bellotti, as the Huskies stopped drive after drive with turnovers and decided that it is better to smash your head into a brick wall than go around it. Tim Lappanno bemoaned the inability of his tailback to make a yard on 3rd and 1 and then continued to call on his tailback to make a yard on 3rd and 1. I thought we had 250 plays?

NCAA rules allow for 11 men to play at a time, yet we went with ten men on Cal's two point attempt. Somewhere Rick Neuheisel wishes Husky fans then were as easy going about major mistakes as they are now. Nobody laughed at his infamous 6-4-2 defense at Michigan. Still the defense had the ball carrier in the backfield, and couldn't bring him down. Alas!....

Make no mistake, this was a loss. And the Arizona State game is now huge, as it will have to be actually won by us scoring more points than they get.

Jeff Tedford polished off his 5th straight win over the UW after taking over a 1-10 team. His 7-1 Bears are well on their way to his second 10 win season and are a national top ten team. The Bears have recruited great and are loaded with talent. He remains the standard that Coach Willingham has to surpass, and the bar is still far higher than Ty has reached yet.

Once upon a time, Husky Football shared the very highest standards on the West Coast. Patience is fine, as long as we don't lose sight of the goal and don't mistake patience for a culture of accepting losing.

I've seen enough this year to not dive off the deep end about the coaches, but they are not immune from criticism and they need to be expected to perform at the highest levels and take this program to the highest levels. We need our numbers up and we need top recruits. We need to win games that are there to win and we need to avoid lying down like we did against OSU.

I saw enough from Bonnell to think he can settle it down and win games. Now we need to see it.

Four in a row for 8 and 4. And please, forgive me for having expectations and expecting to win. I realize it is undue pressure, but it's how we roll at DFI.

Like Bill Doba said, Scoreboard Baby!

The Rest: Texas knocked off Nebraska in a thriller at Lincoln…Tennessee held off Bama…Clemson ran all over Georgia Tech…The Beavers battered the Wrong Stoops…in a shocker, Stanford lost to ASU…WSU travels to UCLA to face the reeling Bruins who got miracle whipped by Notre Dame on a last minute TD pass…Boise State beat Jack Daniels and Idaho at the Kibbles and Bits Dome…OU beat Dan Hawkins and CU…Miami upset Duke then brawled with the lacrosse team. DNA results will be back from the lab next week…not a lot of big games next week so why not head to Husky Stadium and see the ASU game? legendary mother turns 85 next Saturday, so when the going gets tough tell the guys to win one for the grandma.

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