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I have to admit, I was curious. Where is Holyoke, Colorado anyways? Here's a hint. It's pretty close to Yuma. Colorado, that is. Talking to Dusty Sprague, a 6-3, 185-pound athlete from Holyoke, he lives in an area best described as a 'desert', so when he decided to camp at the University of Washington this summer, it was a change of scenery like no other.

"Coach (Bobby) Hauck really wanted me to come up because he liked my film," Sprague told Dawgman.com. "The camp was great. I came up a day late, though. Seattle was beautiful. I live in a desert, so Seattle was like an oasis to me. Lake Washington was like the ocean. (laughs) The campus is beautiful and the facilities are great, like the Dempsey indoor facility."

The Washington team camp was the last one in the series of four camps during Sprague's whirlwind tour this summer. "I went to Nebraska's team camp first and it went really well but I didn't get an offer. I still think it went well. Then I went to Oregon's camp. It wasn't their main camp, more like an elite one-day camp where they did testing and things like that. It was a pretty quick trip."

After a little rest, Dusty visited the home-state schools. "I went to Colorado's camp and did really well there," Sprague said. "I was offered a scholarship at the camp. Then I went to Colorado State's camp. I already had an offer from them. They offered last summer. It went really well. It was a two-day camp."

And the Husky camp? "Well, I was a little tired from a month of camping, but I think it went well," he said. He did have his best vertical jump of the summer, an effort of 33.5 inches, and that was with an ankle he had rolled earlier that day. It didn't deter the Husky coaches, as they offered him at camp.

So what is it exactly about Sprague, a 1A athlete in Colorado that has the Huskies so enthused about his potential as a D1 player? "I have really good feet for my size and I think it's the way that I move and catch the ball," he said. Colorado and Colorado State are recruiting Sprague as a receiver. Washington likes Sprague on the other side of the ball. The next Greg Carothers, perhaps?

The name Sprague is known in the state of Colorado, thus helping Dusty get the visibility he needs during the recruiting process. "I have two brothers that play for Colorado State," he said. Aaron is a senior defensive back and Russell is a sophomore receiver. Is he set on continuing the Sprague legacy at Colorado State? "There's no pressure to go there," Dusty said. "I just need to go out and find the best fit for me. You have to do that to be successful. Coach Sonny Lubick and CSU is a great fit but they are all good, quality places to play. All have good chemistry and great coaching staffs."

Here are the vitals on Sprague: 4.5 40, 230-pound bench press. All-Conference and All-State 1A at DB. In 2001 he played running back on offense, averaging 100 yards per game with over 25 touchdowns.

Obviously he's visited his top three schools already, and he's looking to make one more trip before possibly announcing his college intentions. "I want to go back up to Seattle, before our season if possible," he said. "I may go by myself, but I want my Dad to go too. I want to get that extra point of view."

He just visited CU and CSU this past weekend.

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