Practice report - 8/12 AM

The glorious days of fall camp continued this morning as the sun beat down on Husky Stadium and the University of Washington football team. The team looks to have moved through the wall of tired legs and arms and have a renewed sense of purpose as they work toward an August 31 matchup with the Michigan Wolverines.

The warmup music took a major move along the timeline to today, as Jay-Z and Missy Elliott blared through the mid-field speaker. It seemed to get some of the guys moving, and the coaches also seemed to pick up the tempo. Steve Axman got to work early on Isaiah Stanback, working on the freshman's mechanics. Chuck Heater, Bobby Kennedy and Brent Myers all appeared to be very animated with their groups, especially when they made a big play.

The receiver position was a bit thin, with Reggie Williams, Paul Arnold, Doug Clarke, Patrick Reddick and Justin Robbins all sitting out. Reddick and Robbins are expected to participate in the afternoon drills.

At running back, Braxton Cleman stayed out of drills but still was seen giving advice and guidance to the younger guys. Scott White was tried out at fullback behind Zach Tuiasosopo and mixed time with Adam Seery at the twos. He showed really nice hands coming out of the backfield. We'll see down the road if this is a permanent switch or not. Because of the switch, Cory Jones spent some time this morning at linebacker.

Defensively, the injuries sustained the past two days were not affecting anyone's participation. Roc Alexander and Jafar Williams both participated for nearly all the drills this morning and Roc also took part in the special teams workout. Kai Ellis did not work out this morning, meaning he should be available this afternoon.

The one-on-ones were fun to watch this morning, as there were some great matchups. Tim Galloway came up with another pick this morning and Greg Carothers fielded a ball that bounced off Charles Frederick's hands. Carothers, even though significantly bigger than last year, looks very agile and was moving well and making plays.

Charles looks fantastic on the drills when not going up against the defense. He catches nearly everything in sight. During the 11-11's, however, he appeared to have difficulty knowing which route to run. Bobby Kennedy was clearly working hard with ET on recognition, something he'll really need to concentrate on in the coming weeks. There's an awful lot on Frederick's plate right now and it will be fun to see him progress through camp.

The same goes for newcomer Stanback. It's clear Axman is really giving him a lot to think about, and as a result isn't throwing as tight a spiral as he will. But there are times when he throws frozen ropes. He's got a howitzer for an arm - it will be put to good use in time under the tutelage of Axman.

The offensive and defensive lines had some really spirited competition during the one-on-ones, with the defense getting the early nod and then the offense holding their own late. Standouts in this drill included Junior Coffin, Brandon Ala, Will Conwell, Donnie Mateaki, Terry Johnson, Robin Kezirian and Aaron Butler. Butler is just looking fantastic at weak guard.

Each day the 11-11's get a little crisper, a little more organized on both sides of the ball. Both Williams and Alexander started with the first defensive unit and were spelled by Ty Eriks and Sam Cunningham after 4-5 plays. With Ellis' absence, Houdini Jackson and Kai Ellis are splitting the reps at REB, with Manase Hopoi, Terry Johnson and Jerome Stevens holding down the other positions on the interior.

At one point during 11-11's, the defense had a real island flavor to it. Donnie Mateaki, Tusi Sa'au and Junior Coffin were up front and Joseph Lobendahn was moving between linebacking spots. Hundley is set on making sure number 53 is comfortable everywhere, and it looks like he's picking it up without too much difficulty.

Rich Alexis and Chris Singleton broke off some very nice runs this morning. The tight ends struggled a bit, as Andy Heater and Kevin Ware dropped a couple. It was ironic to see that happen, as that group has really distinguished themselves so far for their route-running and consistency catching the ball.
Offensive play of the morning: Taylor Barton hooked up with Eddie Jackson to get this honor. It wasn't by design either, as Barton was flushed out of the pocket. As he was moving to his right, Jackson followed the quarterback, leaving Sam Cunningham a step behind him. Barton let fly with a long pass that was hauled in by Jackson in stride over Cunningham's last-ditch leap.

Defensive play of the morning: It was a real battle royale between Charles Frederick and Nate Robinson during the one-on-ones this morning. On on particular pass, both players looked to catch the ball almost simultaneously. As they hit the field turf, they were locked in mortal combat. It seemed to be nearly thirty seconds of wrestling for the pigskin, but as they got up Robinson claimed the prize as his own.

Don't stop 'til you get enough: At the end of practice, Pete Kaligis made the team go through gassers inside Husky Stadium. The team had to run the width of the field up and back, with the offensive linemen given 20 seconds and the rest of the team 18 seconds to do. Everybody did them three times and everybody made it each time without penalty. The offensive skill guys went an extra time for good measure without penalty. Top Stories