Practice report - 8/12 PM

The oldies were busting through the stereo and the seats on the north end of Husky Stadium were so hot it made sitting in the afternoon sun nearly unbearable. A nice wind from the west helped to cool things off as the Washington football team got another two and a half hour session under their belts. The first padded practice is on Wednesday, and from all appearances Wednesday can't come soon enough for these guys.

Aerosmith and Kiss were the bands of choice during warmups, and in the initial special teams session John Anderson went perfect on PAT's and field goals, his final one coming from 54 yards out with at least five yards to spare. The senior from Boynton Beach, Florida had his kicking coach, Nick Gancitano up from the Sunshine State to check him out. Gancitano had to have been pleased with Anderson's efforts today.

Elliott Zajac and Cody Pickett are the number one snapper and holder on kicks, with Will Conwell and Casey Paus handling the backup chores.

Derrick Johnson, Chris Singleton, James Sims Jr., Tyler Krambrink, Evan Benjamin, Jimmy Newell, Sam Cunningham, Zach Tuiasosopo, Jafar Williams and Joseph Lobendahn were out with the first kickoff team. On one particular play, Tuiasosopo and Lobendahn converged on walk-on linebacker Ryan Campbell. They both inadvertently nudged Campbell at the same time, sending the Eastside Catholic product sprawling.

This afternoon's receiving corps looked positively robust in comparison to this morning's. Paul Arnold lined up for some early drills and even Reggie Williams appeared ready to take in some work but they both went back to the exercise bike and stretching drills soon thereafter.

Justin Robbins and Patrick Reddick did work out this afternoon and looked good doing so. Robbins especially had a solid day catching the ball and running apparently pain-free, even though he is still wearing a brace for his repaired knee.

There was some great work on both the offensive 7-7's and the defensive one-on-ones. When it came to the guys in the trenches, the offensive linemen really stepped up their game this afternoon and took it to the defense. Other than Josh Miller and Tui Alailefaleula, no defensive lineman got to the quarterback dummy.

The quarterbacks looked much crisper this afternoon, probably in part to a nearly replenished receiving corps. Matt Griffith was the recpient of a nice throw by Casey Paus over the outstretched arms of LB Tim Galloway. Galloway went high to snag the ball but just barely missed. Tyler Krambrink made the most out of a tipped ball intended for TE Todd Jensen and thrown by Isaiah Stanback. The sophomore SAM neatly snatched the ball in full-stride, cheered on by his defensive teammates on the sideline as he ran right past them.

The final 11-11's were chock full of interesting observations. Graham Lasee is running well at DE behind Manase Hopoi. Roc Alexander and Derrick Johnson started out at cornerback, and Jerome Stevens and Josh Miller trading off at nose tackle.

Greg Carothers had his second interception in as many practices, taking a Cody Pickett pass intended for Patrick Reddick all the way to the house. The defense went nuts. REB Houdini Jackson showed some nice rush moves, touch-sacking both Casey Paus and Isaiah Stanback. BJ Newberry made up for botching a gift pick by taking a Kenny James fumble the other way.

Offensive play of the afternoon: Cody Pickett hooked up with TE Kevin Ware for a sweet reception over the outstretched arms of safety Jimmy Newell. Since Ware was in full stride, he was able to beat Newell to the endzone, but he had to haul butt to do it.

Defensive play of the afternoon: This one you had to see to believe. With Nate Robinson defending a receiver on an island, he made a fantastic fully-stretched dive to bat the ball away at the very last moment. He totally sold out to make the play and worthy of a highlight reel.

Daniels proving useful: While Stanley Daniels waits for the clearinghouse to accept his transcripts, he can't practice with the team. He's found other ways to help whittle the hours away. He shagged a couple of balls during the PAT and FG part of special teams play. He throws a pretty mean spiral for a big man.

Mr. Jones: With Scott White's tryout at fullback, Cory Jones is getting the same treatment at SAM and looked pretty good on his first full day on defense. Instead of 30, he's now wearing 32.

Schedule of events: Tomorrow's morning practice will consist mostly of special teams drills, with Wednesday being the first day they can officially practice in pads. They will most likely go half-pads on Wednesday morning and then let 'er fly in the afternoon session.

Rick Neuheisel quotes:
Is the option still an option?: "We haven't scaled back at all," Rick Neuheisel said when asked about his feelings on the option this year. "We were ninth in rushing last year and didn't have the option to hang out hat on like we did when we were first in rushing. It's critical to find ways to run the ball and we can't rely solely on what we had when Marques was the QB. It's not to say we're not doing it. We just have to find other ways of generating something."

Zach attack on hold: "Zach has got a little bit of a muscle pull behind his knee but it's nothing other than that. He just needs to play through it."

Other injuries: "My man Dash Crutchley has a little bit of a hip flexor. Ben Bandel has a hyperextended elbow."

Roc pieced back together: "Roc is back. We kind of dodged a bullet there. Hopefully we can continue to dodge them."

Slye future for local athlete: "We think Jordan (Slye) has a tremendous future at safety but it's hard to get him a lot of reps right now when there's 19 days to our first game but we think he's got a lot of promise."

Arnold and Williams return probable: "I'm hoping he'll be ready by Thursday. Again, if was a situation where we were playing on Saturday he would be playing. I think he will practice full-go by Monday. Maybe earlier, but that gives him two full weeks to prepare."

The best of the best: "We want to play a huge amount of importance on special teams this year. We want our best players out there."

Time to lay the lumber? Not quite: "There's still lots we can teach, but it's as tough for the coaches to stay patient...because football is played in pads." Top Stories