Coaches' Quotes - ASU

Here are the Washington coaches' quotes after the Huskies lost another hard-fought affair, this time 26-23 to Arizona State at Husky Stadium Saturday night.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

General thoughts: "Probably this was one of those games where it starts out disappointing, then it becomes exciting, and then it's disappointing at the end. It was one of those kind of football games. Arizona State beat us out of the blocks and we fought hard, but we just didn't make enough plays in overtime when it counted."

On injury report: "Carl (Bonnell) should be fine for next week. He has a neck/head/shoulder injury that should work its way out next week. Jason Wells suffered an injury to his knee but I can't tell you exactly what it is. I should know next week. Donald Butler had a calf injury, he could not come back. But I would anticipate that he should be able to come back and be OK. Jordan White-Frisbee (arm in sling) is something that happened a week or two ago. Johnie Kirton left the game because of an illness, but he should be OK for next week."

On what to say to the team after having three close losses in four games: "There are a lot of things that I will tell them. The key is, it depends on what you want, and our team has to want more than what they got today. There should be no let-up, no give-up, no step-back for the team."

On who to bring in after Bonnell was injured: "I kind of weighed those scenarios, and based on what I was able to see with Carl - and my ultimate goal, if it's the right thing to do - is to hold Jake (Locker) out and give him the full year."

On Johnny DuRocher's performance: "I think he did a good job coming into a very difficult situation. I thought, for the most part, he made the throws he was able to make."

On their offensive struggles the first three quarters: "We were just off. If I had that answer, we wouldn't have been doing what we were doing. We were just off and we didn't get the surge that we needed. We got penalties at bad times and made mistakes at bad times. We could not get a sequence wher we could rip them and get after them. We just struggled."

On the penalty to start the overtime: "It kills you. Now you're first and 15 and that's a very difficult situation. We're fortunate that Mike had a heck of a hit on the field goal. A 47-yarder, that's a good hit, but that's too much to ask or expect in an overtime. That penalty, you still have to overcome it, but it was a crippling play."

On coming back after another loss: "I think our football team has shown amazing resilience. I think some people questioned whether we could come back after SC, and I think we came back and played some good football, to a degree. I think there were some people who questioned whether we could come back after Oregon State. We came back and plyed good football. Then people thought we were near the grave coming out of Calfiornia, but we came back. We struggled early, but we found a way to keep playing. We've got our backs against the wall and and we're going to a place that's tough to play (Oregon), and we've got to muster up the fight to get it done."

On what to do after another slow start: "We keep working. We keep coaching, because one week ago, we weren't slow out of the blocks. We're going to be consistent in what we do and consistent in our coaching. At some point our football team catches up."

On Louis Rankin's performance: "I thought he made a consistent effort to try and stick things in there and show some patience."

On thinking about getting bowl-eligible: "We have a great opportunity for that. We have three games remaining and we can run the table. I haven't looked at how the standings are affected by all the other games today, but if we can run the table, then we still have a chance to be a bowl team."
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On the last touchdown drive of the first half: "We were just out of sync. We were playing our butts off until that last drive and just got out of sync. They were in their two-minute mode and we didn't play it very well. We just didn't fit the run like we should of, but other than that I thought we played pretty well in the first half."

On whether or not ASU did anything unexpected: "No, not really. The short-yardage play (for a touchdown) is a tough one - that's tough to defend. Other than that, we played pretty well in the second half."

On keeping Rudy Carpenter from running a lot: "We worked on it and talked about it. He's pretty effective running the football and had some big runs against SC. I think he had a 35-40 yard run just scrambling around. When he pulls it down, he tends to run with the football. A couple of screens hurt us and that short-yardage."

On the final play of the game: "We were in a three-deep coverage and you have to have someone run with the wheel, and I thought we did...I think he just took his eyes off of it."

On these last few games taking a toll on the team: "It does, it takes a lot out of them. You try to be perfect all the time and things happen. You've got to make plays."
Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

On Johnny DuRocher getting into the game: "He was as surprised as anyone. He didn't take a snap all week. I thought Johnny did a pretty good job for the situation he was in."

On trying to find reps for everybody: "We can't get three (quarterbacks) ready to go. We have to get two ready to go. For that matter, Jake (Locker) doesn't get many snaps. He gets most of his with the 'show' team. Nobody in the country gets three guys ready to go."

On the decision to try to redshirt Jake Locker: "We were looking at him last week, but we made our decision to sit him for the rest of the year, and it's the right decision."

On trying to finish the season on a high note: "It's tough. We're running out of players. We have three games left and we're going to have to show up tomorrow, make the corrections and get ready to go to play a good Oregon team. That's all we can do, there's nothing else we can do. We have three games left, and we have to find a way to win some games here and compete."

On the probability that Bonnell starts against Oregon: "He probably will be, but he's beat up. He's beat up pretty good. From what I know, he's got a concussion and a shoulder that's hurting too, so we'll see. If Carl can't go, Johnny would go. And then Felix (Sweetman). There's nobody else."

On Felix Sweetman getting into the game: "He got in on special teams. I think he made a play. I think he got a pretty good hit on somebody too."

On Bonnell getting a little reluctant after throwing two interceptions in the first half: "I think he felt a little bit reluctant to push it down the field after that interception, but there were also some guys coming up the field in his vision that forced him out. I think the pressure up the field hurt. I don't know if he needs to push up...we'll check it closer on the films. We had people open down the field and we couldn't connect with them."

On DuRocher stepping in and running the offense: "That's his strength. He knows the system. I thought his accuracy was good. His ability to run the offense and his ability to know where the ball should go is good."

On the touchdown play to Shackelford: "He knew where No. 2 was, and that wasn't No. 1. He got to No. 2 on that. He knows the system."

On Louis Rankin: "I think he got a little more aggressive. There were a couple of times where he's just got to hit it and go, but for the most part, I thought he ran pretty hard and got better."

On Bonnell and not sliding feet first: "I told him to get down and slide. That was the whole plan. And we couldn't do a lot of the read stuff...that got shelved a little bit. We knew he was sore and we knew that we couldn't run some of the stuff we'd normally like to run - like the read zone and the QB Power and QB Draw - things like that. I just think it's his competitive nature."

On the offense changing if DuRocher ends up starting against Oregon: "It will definitely change. The pass game won't have to change, but the run game will change a bit. There are some things we'll have to revamp."

On ASU's pressure: "They came after us at times pretty good, but at times they were able to with only 3 and 4 guys."

On whether or not to use Shelton Sampson: "I thought we were going to go with Louis pretty much. He took most of the reps. We don't have a problem spelling him, but he wanted back in the game. I thought he played pretty hard. He caught the ball out of the backfield and ran it up in there better than he did a week ago." Top Stories