Skyline OL getting nasty

The favorites list for Issaquah (Wash.) Skyline OL Brett Thielke looks like a newspaper specials pull-out for K-Mart - it changes all the time. While he's always looking for more offers, Brett is more interested in honing his game before his senior season starts. There's one area he's looking to improve upon, and if his play at Skyline's team camp at Evergreen State College was any indication it's starting to click for Thielke. In short? He's gettin' nasty.

"I felt really good at camp," Thielke told "I know there are questions about my attitude and aggressiveness because that's something I've just not been known for. I know that's something that's gotten on my defensive coaches' nerves." (laughs)

While Brett is being recruited as an offensive linemen, it was his work defensively that piqued my interest watching him at camp. He made a point of playing all the way to the whistle, a bit of a departure from his play as a junior. "Before I thought it was just enough to push guys out of the way," Brett said. "Now I know that having physicality and being aggressive is huge, so I'm going to be a lot more focused on really finishing my guy off."

Another thing Brett Thielke will take upon himself this year is a leadership role. Being a senior, it's a natural progression. "I'm real pleased about that," he said. "I've made some real jumps in regards to my leadership."

As far as recruiting, it's a little bit on the back burner. "At this point I'm really more focused on my season," he said. "I'll worry about recruiting after that." At this point, Washington, Oregon and Cal appear to be Thielke's current favorites, but is quick to add, "My favorites seem to change almost weekly." Brett mentioned Jim Michalczik (Cal) and Neal Zoumboukos (Oregon) as two line coaches he likes a lot. "I like those three schools the most because of their coaching staffs," he said. "I'm a real people person, and those are the schools I've gotten the most 'face-time' with the coaches."

Thielke also added that the school recruiting him the hardest right now are Cal and Arizona. "At this point, I'm hearing from almost all of the Pac-10 schools," he said. The Portland State Vikings are the only school to step up with a written offer at this point. Top Stories