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The Huskies head to Eugene for the sixth time in seven meetings to take on the Oregon Ducks. Oregon's spread offense will propose all kinds of trouble for a Husky defense that can be spotty at tackling at times. Carl Bonnell is healthy enough to go, and the Ducks defense has given up several 100+ yard days to ball carriers. can Louis Ranking have one? Here is what the staff thinks.

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Dawgman, 6-3:
Grinolds, 6-3:
Fetters, 6-3:
Eklund, 6-3:
Baird, 4-5:
DuckFighter, 5-4:
Thrapp, 6-3:
Rico, 6-3:
Beach, 6-3:
Han, 7-2:
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David Samek, Publisher, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
This game hinges on three things, really. First and foremost, if Dennis Dixon shows up and plays like he's capable of, Oregon will score a ton of points. But if the Dennis Dixon who played at WSU shows up, the Huskies have a chance. When he is on, his passes are laserbeams and his big, tall, physical receivers will toast the Husky secondary. Second of all, Washington must be able to tackle Jonathan Stewart and Jeremiah Johnson, two very solid runningbacks that are capable of torching a linebacking corps that is overaggressive and prone to cutbacks. Third, the Duck defense has given up a lot of 100-yard rushing days to different tailbacks. If Louis Rankin can pick up over 100 yards, it would go a long ways in keeping the Husky defense off of the field, because those guys are gonna get exhausted chasing Dixon and that spread offense. Too much has to go right for Washington to win this game in my opinion.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 21 - OREGON 41
Kim Grinolds, Managing Partner, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
There is absolutely nothing worse than playing a team that lost as a favorite the week before................and they're at home. I'm not counting that sheduling debacle of Portland State, I'm talking the egg that the Ducks laid in the Palouse. Because of that, I don't expect Oregon to look past the dawgs as Autzen will be rockin. It's going to be a long ride home for Husky fans, but enjoy those sightlines in Autzen Stadium - there are none better in the Pac-10 from a fan's point of view. If you don't get pelted with some projectile, you can see the game perfectly from any seat in that house.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - OREGON 38
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
Playing Oregon on the road in the rain...talk about triple-trouble. Everyone is waiting for this banged up UW team to finally crack, but they won't do it during this important interstate matchup. In fact, I think they'll give Oregon a solid test. But Oregon is too tricky on offense and healthier than Washington is right now, and that's all it takes when you're playing this late in the season. The Huskies have also been -7 in turnovers the last two games, and it will be a couple of key miscues that will most likely spell the difference between success and defeat.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 14 - OREGON 27
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
Four straight losses, coupled with the fact that Washington is headed to one of the toughest places to play in the conference make it tough to predict that the Huskies can pull one out in Eugene, but they've got a shot. The offense has to move the ball against an injury-riddled defense that was gashed by Washington State and the defense needs to play lights-out when they're on the field. Will the Huskies get any pressure on QB Dennis Dixon? Hard to believe they will considering they haven't done much of that the past three or four weeks, but maybe LB Chris Stevens can have another breakout game like he did last year against Arizona. The Ducks just have too much talent for the Huskies right now and without Isaiah Stanback to threaten the edges of the Ducks defense, it could be a long day for the Dawgs.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - OREGON 38
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 4-5 (.444)
Another trip down to Autzen Stadium. Gawd if only Washington had that level of commitment to football, that place is amazing. Now back to the game on Saturday. Of course I'm picking the Dawgs. Louis Rankin runs for a buck forty through a Duck defense that has been banged up and has given up a lot of yards on the groud. Rankin will find it to his liking, and PK Michael Braunstein comes thru with three important field goals to keep the Ducks out of range. The Husky defense will contribute a score this week and will knock Dennis Dixon out of the game.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 30 - OREGON 24
Race Bannon, Publisher DuckFighter Illustrated, RECORD: 5-4 (.556)
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Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - OREGON 32 (5 OTs)
Patrick Thrapp, Numbers Guy, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
Do we have a chance against Oregon? Maybe. Lets look at what is considered 'same'-field opponents. Both Oregon and UW have or will have played at Cal, USC, & WSU (Oregon has yet to play USC, we WSU). Same as UW. Both UW & Oregon have or will have hosted Stanford & UCLA. Of those 5, 2 opponents have been played by both UW & Oregon so far. @Cal & UCLA. Oregon lost at Cal 45 to 24 on 10/8. They beat UCLA at home 30 to 20 on 9/23. Practically the same score as our win (29-19). So yes I feel we have a decent shot. Will it be like what we did against USC & Cal? I will tell you that Jaison Williams is a stud and only a sophomore. Uggg With the possibility of less than desirable weather. Let's hope Sean Douglas shows up for the whole game. I think he could have a major impact on a game like this.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - OREGON 30 (OT)
Rick Samek, Columnist, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
It's become trendy of this staff to pretty much stick to the obvious – hence, the closeness of the "standings", such as they are. And I figure that this week, going into Washington's 29th consecutive visit to the sarcophagus known as Pulvis Autzennia (L.), my peers (with the noted exception of the esteemed Professor Baird) will probably ring the Huskies up for more zeros than Alex Rodriguez's career post-season batting average. Well, not me. So what if we're playing a backup QB. So what if our RBs are nicked and bruised and aren't able to hit those itty-bitty holes with some salsa. So what if the DayGlos are out to exceed last week's pasting of powerful Portland State by rubbing Field Turf pellets on our luckless, hapless heroes. Well, (insert the only word in the English language beginning with the letter "f" that's known as the "f" word) that. Luckless? Perhaps. Hapless? Maybe. But trendy? Not any more. Erasing the disappointment of the past four weeks all in one fell swoop, and making the 1982 Cal/Stanford finale look like a victory kneel, the Huskies will find a way to score 21 points on the last play of the game and avoid overtime.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 28 - OREGON 27
Aaron Beach, Columnist, RECORD: 6-3 (.667)
Aaron didn't send in a prediction this week so of course Dawgman is gonna put in one for him. And he may not like it. I believe that Aaron would tell you that this is the week that Washington gets the rushing game untracked, as they play a ball-control game to frustrate the Duck defense and pull of a stunner in Eugene. Dawgs win to even their record up at .500.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 23 - OREGON 21
Henry Han, Seattle Times, RECORD: 7-2 (.778)
Oh how things change so quickly. What once seemed like a promising season, is now full of uncertainty. Those who made plans to attend a bowl game during the holiday season would be wise to hold off on their plans, for now. And Oregon doesn't look like it will make things any easier. The Ducks would love to be the ones to seal Washington's fate of going through a fourth straight bowless season, but for some unknown reason, Washington seems to play better on the road this year. It's as if all of those empty seats in Husky Stadium are booing them. I think fate will once again be cruel to the Huskies this weekend, and Washington will have to rely on beating Stanford and Washington State to cling to a bowl bid.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - OREGON 34 (OT)
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