Quotes from the coach

It was obvious from the outset tonight's game against St Martin wasn't going to be pretty, but Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar was still pleased overall with his team's performance.

"It was a really good game for us. They were a smaller team and we were the more talented team. They were small and quick and that really forced us to bear down and defend." He broke it down further. "They caught us off guard in the first half with their quickness. With a new group here, we didn't do a good enough job defensively."

It not as if it wasn't expected though.

"Early on in the first game you are still trying to find an identity, In the second half our identity became what it needed to be." He said. "That is why you play exhibition games; to find out where you are and learn some things and move on from there."

Coach Romar's emphasis on rebounding and defense we're the keys to the Dawgs big surge to start the second half. "We picked it up in on the defensive end and on the boards. Harvey Perry played a big game and he was kind of the catalyst in that whole situation."

Romar explained what he focused on at half time "At half time, we talked about how we aren't very good when we have our cool jackets on and we are just going through the motions." Apparently the team must have felt the chill in the lockerroom and took the cool jackets off. "We have never been very good when we do that. When we don't really get after it, we're just okay."

On the MVP caliber performance of freshman Adrian Oliver Coach had this to say

"Adrian is very good. He was not only good defensively, but he attacked the glass and was very focused out there. He was playing to win the basketball game, and nothing else matterered. You want those types of guys on the floor. In some ways he carried us in the first half when we we're struggling"

Oliver wasn't the only freshman that impressed him though. "Quincy got after the boards in the second half. Our guys collectively really started to rebound in the second half. We finally got them to miss by playing better defensively and grabbing some rebounds."

"Quincy did a great job and an even better job in the second half. He had 13 rebounds and when guys get that many rebounds, that's pretty good. He also scored, but I will tell you the other thing in the second half along with Harvey Perry was shut down Jake Linton because we were having problems with him in the first half."

As for all the different combinations of players he sent out on the court; "We recruit versatile players so you could see any combination on the court. We will play anybody out there on the court; it just depends on who we're playing. Those guys we're fast, so we had to go with a quicker lineup."

On whether or not he was surprised by a few of his veterans' struggles, it didn't seem to bother him. "It's weird because this is a new team. I remember when Brandon Roy didn't really know when it was his time to take over. He would look at me thinking I was going to tell him, but it wasn't until his senior year where he was fine and he knew when it was his time. It takes time to develop that." He competed that thought by adding that regarding Brandon's performance against the Sonics Wednesday "I was not surprised."

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