Coaches' quotes - Oregon

Here are the Washington coaches' quotes after Oregon defeated Washington 34-14 in Eugene Saturday afternoon. They couldn't praise the Ducks' offense enough, while also commenting on their belief that they felt like they could do what no one expected them to do - win. Unfortunately, as they leave Oregon, they take a five-game losing streak with them.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

Opening Statement: "Obviously there's some disappointment. We recognized that this is a good football team, but we felt like we could come in here and do something that no one thought we could do - play the game and win. We didn't do it. We made some mistakes and there was some good play on their part that, when they were up in the game, didn't allow us to get back in."

On Oregon's run game: "They ran the ball very well today. We didn't have an answer for it, no matter what front we tried. That, along with not getting off blocks, missed tackles and their good play just did not allow us to get on top of the running game."

On the team hitting a physical and mental wall without a bye week: "You have to be concerned about that, but I don't think I saw that in our team today. Given the right situation, our team responded. Our defense got some turnovers for us and our offense moved the ball down the field and put us in position. But we did have some mistakes and we didn't put ourselves in the best position to help ourselves out. The 12-week season is a grind, but you can't make up any excuses. You have to step up and play."

On Jonathan Stewart: "Ovbiously Jonathan is a good back and I don't want to take anything away from him. But we knew coming in that the system of having the spread offense and the option part of that with Dixon makes it very tough. It keeps us just on the line of scrimmage and requires aggressiveness. That's one of the key things that allows their offense to be successful. And he hits the line of scrimmage quickly. He's a good, powerful runner and he makes good decisions."

On Kenny James: "He's still not where he needs to be and it's just better on our part if we give him every opportunity to get himself healthy, or as close as possible so we can get him going."

On Brandon Ala: "He had a dislocated elbow and that should possibly keep him out for the remainder of the regular season.

On other injuries: "(Clay) Walker had a sprained ankle, and we anticipate that he'll come back, it's just a matter of how quickly the sprain comes back. Louis Rankin had a knee problem but came back in and C.J. Wallace also had a knee but came back in."

On Carl Bonnell: "I think it was one of those hits late in the game that was affecting him. We'll see as we go through the week, but I don't think it's anything that caused to re-injure that shoulder."

On thinking about using another back in their run game: "We were going to stay with the guys we had, the guys that had gotten the majority of the work this week."

On whether this game was their poorest performance of the season: "No. I don't think so. I think there's one other one that might be at the top of that list. The thing is, this is a great venue to be able to come in and do something different, to come in and find a way to win and I think our young men truly wanted to do that. We couldn't, for whatever reason, put ourselves in a position to get that done."

On trying to find answers: "We were continually trying to find the right key, the right fit to stop the run game. On the flip side, we were trying to find some run game for us. Because of the explosive nature of their offense, you don't want to abandon your run game totally. Then you start to play in their hands. Four of every six passes are incomplete, and if one of those is on third down, you're giving the ball back to them."

On the motion calls during punts: "The officials were correct on that."

On dropped passes: "I wouldn't say it was just 'one of those days'. We just dropped 'em. We had about three that would have made a difference or kept a drive alive and we didn't make 'em."

On the play of Chris Hemphill and Mesphin Forrester: "The good news is that they did do some good things out there. They came up and made some good tackles on key drives that helped limit their offense, which was good to see. Anytime you face the option, one of our guys has to go down the alley, run downhill and be a factor on the play. Some of the times they were, some of the times they weren't. Both of them had good plays. Chris had a nice interception and return."

On whether or not he expected Oregon to run that much option: "Yes. But they give you a lot of things. They gave you the read-zone. They gave you the wrap. They gave you the shovel pass. They gave you a lot of things. They do a good job of keeping you off-balance with their offensive system."

On thinking about scheduling a 1-AA team in lieu of a bye: "That's not part of our tradition or history, so no."
Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

On the play of Oregon's defense: "They got upfield on us. The whole gameplan was ball-control, keep their offense off the the ball and complete quick, short passes and eat the clock up. But we couldn't run the ball. We tried to run it between the tackles, we tried to run it on the edge...we couldn't run it. we had some opportunities in the first half but we shot ourselves in the foot, dropped a couple of balls and had a couple of costly penalties. To beat a good football team - and Oregon is a good football team, they have some good players - you can't shoot yourself in the foot like that. And you have to execute better. You have to get it done. The second half, everybody in the stadium knew we were going to have to throw the football, and that just makes it tough."

On if Oregon did something different scheme-wise: "No. Not one thing. It's the same thing they've done for the last couple of years. Nick (Aliotti) hasn't changed."

On the play of the offensive line: "We struggled. But it's the whole thing."

On thinking about using another running back besides Louis Rankin: "Kenny (James) wasn't right. He wanted to play a little bit but he was clearly limping around in the warmup so we didn't want to do that to him. And Johnie (Kirton), there weren't very many third-and-one situations. Shelton would be the second guy to come in. Maybe we should take a look at him.

On the play of Carl Bonnell: "I don't think it was that bad. Early he did a lot of good things. He got us in a couple of good situations early with some checks against bump coverage. Had a couple of good balls, had a couple of drops. For the most part, he operated pretty early."

On Bonnell's shoulder: "I talked to him every series, and he assured me it was OK. We communicate every series. I think he was doing OK."
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

On Oregon's run game and UW's issues stopping it: "I can't tell you until I watch the tape. It's a hard offense to defend because they spread you out so much. You put two linebackers in the box and they hurt you with the pass. You try to defend both and I thought that we did a good job against the pass, but it was the run that hurt us. I was surprised they ran the ball that much, but I guess it was just part of their game plan."

On the play of Chris Hemphill and Mesphin Forrester for Jason Wells: "It's hard for me to say. We got beat on that one series when C.J. (Wallace) went out and when Brandon Ala came out."

On tackling: "I don't think we tackled well, obviously. Anytime they run the ball that much it's tough."

On Jonathan Stewart: "Jonathan Stewart is a heck of a back. It's a great offense and we didn't play well." Top Stories