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Cardinals bring show to town
Race Bannon

The legendary Stanford Cardinals pay a visit to Husky Stadium to renew the bitter rivalry between the top two programs on the West Coast. A national television audience will watch to see which team will win and face the winner of the Ohio StateMichigan game for the national championship.

Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso will be here with ESPN Gameday along with 457 national media requests for passes. The other illustrated sports magazine will devote an entire issue to the game, as they once again try to copy this superior illustrated and world wide magazine.

Head coach Ty Willingham has overseen a remarkable and stunning turn around at UW, as he came in here and hit the ground running as he vowed to not rest until UW was back on top again. As it turns out, those first two months of his tenure, when he recruited the studs who are leading the revival this year, was key. Many said you couldn't expect a coach to do much under those circumstances, but Willingham scoffed at that as he proved the doubters wrong.

The other key to the revival was the ability of the coaches to adapt to the talent on hand and do a remarkable job of changing attitudes, playing to strengths and getting the players to believe that they could win every game. Willingham laughed off those who said he needed his own players.

"I can win with any players anytime because I'm a football coach and that's what football coaches do," Willingham asserted as he reflected on the Husky fans who had grown tired of excuses for failure. "They aren't paying me 1.5 million a year to make excuses, they hired me for results."

Meanwhile at Stanford, Walt Harris has built on the fabulous foundation that Coach Willingham had developed on the Farm to build a power to rival the Husky Nation. Stanford is an offensive machine and leads the nation in rushing offense.

Husky defensive coordinator Kent Baer is not fooled by this however.

"Sure, they lead the nation in rushing, but we don't know for sure how they might plan to attack us. We'll play a nickel the whole game so they don't trip us up by deciding to throw the ball."

That is the type of coaching genius that has led this remarkable resurgence by the Purple and Gold.

Smilin' Carl Bonnell will lead the Husky offense as Tim Lappano's complex Seattle Spread attack continues to baffle the opponents even though he only has three plays. This is another sign of the genius that has turned the Dawgs from laughingstock to national power.

"The secret is that the other team doesn't know which order we will run our three plays in," explained Lappanno as he doodled on a cocktail napkin refining the three plays to their maximum effect. "The spread draw, the two yard flat pass, and the QB draw are a lethal combination that college defenses just haven't caught up with."

This should be a great one this Saturday, so get their early for all of the pageantry and excitement that is Husky Football.

PREDICTION: Stanford 23 - UW 20
The Rest: Due to a malfunction, the game wrap for Eugene was lost…we're sure the Huskies won…the Highly Paid Trojans welcome the almost as highly paid Ducks to USC…you will see how the spread is crushed in that one…rumors abound that USC may play some linebackers…WSU killed themselves in the foot yet again by losing to Arizona…break up the Beavers who crushed ASU as they look towards a big Civil War win at Reser…Cal smashed UCLA…we didn't want Tedford anyway…Michigan and Ohio State are bored…Notre Dame beat North Carolina as the over rated Weis moves to 17-4 since ND made the huge mistake of firing Coach Willingham…have you ever wondered why Coach Willingham always coaches at places with bad talent…Louisville swamped West VirginiaLSU scored late to beat Tennessee in a thriller…aw, real college football… we miss it…that's all from here folks.
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