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So, who will quash their dastardly streaks? Washington at five games? Stanford at eleven? Mother Nature at six inches of rain? Tune in for the latest (and hopefully, not soggiest).

Final score - Stanford 20, Washington 3.

There really isn't a whole lot more you can say about this one. Nevada in 2003? That was nothing. Oregon State in 1985? Put that one away. Cal Berkeley a couple years back when they rang up like 8,000 yards? Fergit about it. This was the worst loss the Husky program has endured in last 35 years. Everything was broken from the get-go. Every forward step they took in 2006 erased into quicksand. Nobody came to play, and from the top on down, everyone on the team should feel ashamed of today's performance. It wasn't like Stanford showed up and played out of their minds - they just strapped up and played like they ALWAYS play - which wasn't very good. Washington just DIDN'T show up. And they deserve all the negative press they're going to get from this one. Stanford may be 1-9, but Washington is back square at the bottom of the PAC-10. Perhaps next week's Apple Cup might bring a little levity to a bleak situation ... but somehow, I doubt it. Signing off from the press box - and thanks for reading!!

Fourth QTR, 6:00 remaining:

Time for the press to go down to the field - I'll finish up the blog from the press room after this debacle finally ends.

Fourth QTR, 10:00 remaining:

The game's going to slow down now, as Washington will no doubt be throwing the rest of the way. The Huskies go for it on fourth-and-five from the Stanford 45, but Bonnell throws it a mile behind Marcel Reese. We get to see how Stanford can control a clock, since they haven't been in this situation since mid-2005. On third and eight, Ostrander-to-Sherman connects for 19 yards, giving Sherman 177 receiving yards for the day. Washington really looks like they'd just as soon take their woofing from the staff in the locker room. They do hold Stanford on a fourth-and-one, leaving the door a sliver open.

Fourth QTR, 14:00 remaining:

"Husky Legend" Steve Emtman gets the biggest hand of the day from a crowd announced as 55,000 - about 10,000 more than bodies actually here. The Cardinal call their third and final timeout of the game with 14:50 left, facing third-and-five. Pass interference against Lewis gives Stanford a first down, their FIFTH of the game. Washington gained ZERO yards in the third quarter, while Stanford managed 38. And then boom - Sherman takes a simple out ball from Ostrander and rockets 74 yards down the Husky sideline for the first offensive touchdown of the game. For a team that felt like it still had a bowl possibility, they are playing like the season is already mailed in. Stanford 17, Washington 3.

End of third QTR, Stanford 10, UW 3:

Washington gets its first real break of the game, on a botched punt snap, giving them the ball at the Cardinal 34. Bonnell comes back out, and the Huskies try an end-around. The play is wide open, but Wood drops the pitch, resulting in a 19-yard loss. End of break. End of quarter. I'm searching the thesaurus for another word besides "brutal".

Third QTR, 2:00 remaining:

For the 25th time today, my partner sitting next to me, the esteemed Mr. Fetters, shakes his head and says "brutal". For the 25th time, I agree. An obvious defensive holding call is missed against the Cardinal, but what I see is Bonnell hobbling off the field like he has arthritic hips. Folks, we've got NO quarterbacks the rest of today (assuming Locker stays put). And the defense is starting to wilt as well. Stanford has "Mo" and Washington has "Woe".

Third QTR, 5:30 remaining:

Stanford 10, UW 3. DuRocher circles right, then woefully underthrows it to McNally, who takes it 50 yards to the house. During the return, DuRocher gets laid out on a block, staggering to the sidelines. And Bonnell returns to the game. The pressbox is buzzing with comparisons to the 1985 Oregon State upset.

Third QTR, 8:00 remaining:

DuRocher seems to be willing the ball now, missing a wide-open Gottlieb over the middle. He then can't find a receiver, and his lack of wheels causes a sack. To end the futility, Douglas dribbles a 51-yard punt. By now, Fetters and I both agree that Washington should be blitzing on every down, as the Cardinal can't run it, and Ostrander has proven he'll hold the ball forever. But no, they rush four and T.C. hits McCutcheon for a nine-yard gain. But Stanford refuses to go for it on fourth-and-inches, and Washington takes over the ineptness role.

Third QTR, 12:00 remaining:

Bonnell warmed up on the sideline during the break, but DuRocher gets the call to start the half - and immediately throws his first Husky interception. So much for deferring to the second half. First down Stanford at mid-field. The Cardinal is going to start believing it can win this game now. And Washington - well, they are playing like they are a fractured side that doesn't want to be here. But Stanford just isn't tough enough to grind out a third-and-one, and so they punt it away.

Halftime tidbits:

Combined, Bonnell and DuRocher are 4-15 for 39 yards. The Huskies have rushed for 38. With Washington's four first-half sacks, Stanford has minus-11 yards rushing. Total Yards: Washington 77, Stanford 74. Neither team turned it over, there were five total penalties, and not one personal foul. And the Husky Band actually sent FIREWORKS off as part of their halftime show. More than anything we've seen in the first half. Here's hoping for better.

Halftime (finally), UW 3, Stanford 3:

Uh-oh, the Cardinal hit their second first down on a 45-yard howitzer from Ostrander to Sherman, getting into Husky territory for the first time. Taj Bomar then seemed to sack Ostrander to put it back into Stanford territory, but the officials review it and judge it an incomplete pass. Ostrander then hits Sherman again for 34 yards as Roy Lewis tried in vain to strip the ball instead of defend the pass. Cardinal now first-and-goal at the Husky four. Ostrander peels off from an option, and Te'o-Nesheim chases it down for a huge loss. In a fitting end to a tar-pit half, Aaron Zagary hits from 30 yards to tie the game. I don't know, but this looks like overtime - and it's only half-time. I'm cold, and gonna fetch me some coffee.

Second QTR, 2:00 remaining:

After two comical sacks by Washington in which Ostrander just kept backing up and backing up and running right into Husky players, Marlon Wood makes the best play of the game so far, running up to meet a poor punt (instead of letting it bounce) and giving his team the ball at the Stanford 25. For all of that, two incompletions and a Shackleford offensive interference penalty takes Washington right back out of field-goal range. I tell ya, there is absolutely NObody putting out a reasonable effort. This is as bad as college football can get. It's OK with us if you want to turn the channel - don't fear, halftime is coming.

Second QTR, 5:00 remaining:

Washington goes for it on 4th-and-one from their own 35. DuRocher keeps ... they measure ... the chains stretch ... first down. No matter, James loses a yard, then Johnny throws two rather silly incompletions. And another Douglas punt. Sorry for being so repetetive, but I wouldn't put this game in a time capsule unless it is left behind for a planet of insomniacs. They've played 25 minutes, and there have been 101 total yards and eight first down between the two teams.

Second QTR, 10:00 remaining:

Stanford records its first 1st-down of the game at the 12-minute mark of the second quarter. They celebrated it by giving up a sack by Reffett. And another Cardinal punting situation. Washington seems determined to just run run run with DuRocher at the helm. At least it will make the game go faster. The teams remain slogging their way between the 30s.

Second QTR, 14:00 remaining:

Braunstein absolutely hammers a 28-yard FG, barely skirting the upright and the crossbar as it wriggled by. Douglas had to hold, and the snap was high. Bonnell reported to have a right-thigh bruise, status remains uncertain for the remainder of the game. Washington 3, Stanford 0.

End of First QTR, UW 0, Stanford 0:

Bonnell leaves the game during a time-out ... could be he re-injured his shoulder on that last scramble. DuRocher enters, and begins playing smashmouth with Johnnie Kirton. The teams switch ends with UW at the Stanford 14. Total Yardage: Washington 64, Stanford 14. The Cardinal have ZERO first downs.

First QTR, 1:07 remaining:

Stanford decides the heck with trying to run four plays and quick-kicks on third down, giving Washington the ball back at mid-field. This is looking more like the leather-helmet days. No really, this is the most inept quarter of football these 53-year old eyes have seen. With two minutes remaining in the quarter, Bonnell runs for Washington's third first down of the game (Stanford has zero). Stanford's NG Ekom Udofia exits the game, and the Cardinal are already thin on the line. All of Bonnell's throws to the sideline have been wide, but he keeps the ball on a scramble for another dozen yards.

First QTR, 5:00 remaining:

Walt Harris decides to punt on fourth-and-inches from his own 20. I only bring it up because what does an 0-9 team have to lose by going for it? They had just gained 12 yards on a poorly-defended draw. Oh well, UW takes over at mid-field, and tries again to establish the run by gaining two yards and then committing a holding penalty. Yup, these two teams are certainly starting out like their press clippings. Just as I say this, Shackleford catches a nice slant for 20 yards and a first down. The Huskies then go for it all and just miss Russo streaking towards the right corner. Another incompletion and Washington again punts. And Douglas booms it a whole 12 yards. *yaaaaaaaawn*

First QTR, 9:00 remaining:

Daniels also makes the first Husky first down on a crossing pattern. Stanford seems to be getting penetration in the line when Washington goes inside. Then Bonnell gets sacked on safety blitz by Snyder, and UW gives the ball right back. After a 26-yard Douglas punt, it's first down Stanford at their own 10.

First Quarter, 12:00 remaining:

Stanford starts at their fifteen, having first down trouble all year. Ostrander throws his first pass right at Dan Howell, but it was high and goes incomplete. A expected, the Cardinal go three-and-out. Daniels tips the punt out of bounds at Stanford 40.


Season captains were named - Goldson, Wallace, Shackleford, and Stanback. They'll serve next week in Pullman. It look like the weather will hold off as Washington wins the toss and defers, defending the closed end.

Five minutes until kickoff:

Senior walk time ... plenty of good seats available for this one, folks. If there are 50,000 souls here, then I'll grow hair next week. Even the student section is less than half full. So glad to NOT have this one on TV. As Lou Gellerman hollers "Hello, Dawg Fan", Braunstein is NOT taking the "Senior Walk" - he's at the end of the gauntlet instead of walking through it. Chris Hemphill did take the walk.

15 minutes until kickoff:

Kirton took quite a few handoffs during the skeletons (on the second team). Got me a feeling he might see the rock a little today. Bonnell looked low in his tosses. And every Stanford QB was fluttering the ball. We might be in for a turnover fest today. The Cardinal may have brought 50 fans with them today - Barry Erickson (Captain Husky) might be putting the voodoo on rows of empty seats in the third QTR.

30 minutes until kickoff:

From the box, we've seen three or four recruits out on the track during warmup (Masifilo, Dever and Wood), and we also think Drew Davis is here ...

45 minutes until kickoff:

Stanford practicing pooch onside kickes from the 30. It's an interesting look. Wonder if they'll show it today ...

60 minutes to kickoff:

Stanford not wearing the red pants today - they look more like the old Arizona look before the Wildcats went to red home jerseys. Anything for a win, I guess ...

11/11/06 Pressbox, 11:15 AM:

Michael Braunstein seems very accurate in the elements during the warmups. He successfully hit the right upright two consecutive times from the 10-yard line. Wonder what the odds are on a third? Aw, he hit it down the middle this time ...

(11/7/06 2:24:07 pm):

Spoke with OG Stanley Daniels...

...and he was asked about competition on the OL this week, and he said that typically you'd want the five guys that have been playing the longest together, but if someone isn't performing up to standards, or if someone is really stepping up and playing well in practice, all of that has to be taken into consideration.

Asked about the Oregon game, and he said that they made a lot of 'mental mistakes' and at times were also physically beaten. 'We could have performed well if we just executed certain plays, because we are putting ourselves in better positions to score'.

Asked about physically wearing down, and he said that every team this time of year starts to wear down, but 'Coach Willingham has done a great job of keeping us fresh. 'We are a very well-conditioned team and we've done it throughout the year'. He added that the wear and tear is probably more emotional or mental. 'If we were 7-1 or 7-0, I know guys would be feeling a lot better'.

Asked about Saturday's game with Stanford being his last game at Husky Stadium, and he said that 'it's crazy'. 'I remember when coming out of the tunnel wasn't a big deal at all. When I was a freshman it would be cold as hell and I'd try to borrow a jacket from one of the trainers. But since then there's been a lot of blood and sweat spilled on that field, so now it's sacred to you.'

Asked about what Rick Neuheisel did to sell him on the idea of moving up from San Diego to come to Washington, and Daniels said that RN told him if he came to UW he would be successful, they would win and I would be part of a tradition that's bigger than anywhere in the country. And you can argue about that too.' He added that being at the Holiday Bowl while a senior in high school really helped seal it for Washington. 'I was committed to Nebraska at the time, but it moved me'.

Asked for his opinion on where the Washington program would be if RN had been able to stay and coach, and Daniels said that 'we would have won a lot of games and been to a number of bowl games. 'We would have been successful because he knew how he wanted to use us.'

He added that he was frustrated by what happened and how things went down. 'But it (time) wasn't wasted. I would have made the same decision. That's how things roll sometimes. The question is, what are you going to get from it?'

Sounds like Daniels' future, if it goes his way - will include either the NFL, finance or real estate. 'I was talking with Matt Fountaine about it, and we realized that we'll never go through anything as hard day-in and day-out what we did here'.

Asked about the Stanford game and how it could be a game to get UW healthy in a hurry, and he agreed. 'If we take care of business, winning gets you better. Winning is like our Robistussin'.

He added that Washington will definitely not overlook Stanford, especially with their history. 'The last time we played them, they beat the crap out of us. They play hard all the time'.
(11/7/06 2:08:24 pm):

Spoke with WR Coach Eric Yarber...

...and he was asked about the effectiveness of his guys blocking DB's, and he said yes. 'I look for effort'. 'Even if you mess up, if you have the effort you can make up for it.'

Asked about Marcel Reece, and Yarber said that it's because other guys are just playing better right now. 'Marcel is playing better and he's going to see more time this week.'

Asked about a comparison between Oregon's Jaison Williams and a similar physical specimen like Reece, and Yarber said that it all boils down to experience. 'Marcel will be doing those same things next year. He just came from a junior college, and there are a lot of things Jaison Williams knows right now that Marcel doesn't. But he's going to be that type of player'.
(11/7/06 1:28:35 pm):

Spoke with QB Johnny DuRocher...

In talking with Tim Lappano, he said that the QB spot is back up for competition between Carl Bonnell and Johnny DuRocher, with equal snaps being taken during this week of practice. DuRocher knows this is a good opportunity for him, but he isn't going to deviate with what got him to this point. 'It's the same deal as before. As a backup you always have to be ready. At the same time, I can't get too excited about it, I have to focus at the task at hand. But if it gives an extra little pep, that's good.'

Asked about 'getting healthy' against a winless Stanford team, and he was more concerned about making sure the offense is prepared and ready to go on Saturday. 'If we were 8-0, it might be in the bag, but we're fighting for a bowl berth, so we can't take anything for granted. I think that's why it's more important for us to be concerned about what we do on offense and worry about our in-house business.'
(11/7/06 1:01:21 pm):

Spoke with RB Louis Rankin...

...and he said that he feels he's always working hard in practice to get better, and he feels like he has improved, especially since those games a few weeks ago where he appeared to be pretty tentative hitting the hole. 'I'm finding the holes better. Before, when I got the ball I would look. Now I press and then at the last second I look for the hole.'

Said that, even though he has shared much of his time with Kenny James, he wants to be an 'every-down' back. 'I'd like to get the ball 25-30 times a game.'

Asked about his opponent in Stanford, and especially their problems stopping the run, and he said that they are trying to get a win just like Washington is, and he takes the same approach week-in and week-out. 'I don't look at stats.'

Asked about finally getting used to the rain for a California kid, and he said the rain doesn't affect him. 'I don't wear gloves. It's no problem'. He said if anything, it affects more of his ability to cut and move on the field turf, but over time he's gotten used to that too.
(11/6/06 4:11:49 pm):

Spoke with S Chris Hemphill...

...and asked if he knew that he had a 14-tackle, one pick, one fumble recovery effort in him against Oregon this past week, and he said that he knew that he just had to go out there and play his hardest for his team. 'It's hard to keep your head up with the way the season has gone, but as a team, we have to find it in ourselves to fight, fight, fight. That's what Coach (Willingham) tells us. Don't give up. And if that means that I have to go out there and get 14 tackles, a fumble recovery and a pick, I'm going to do that - because I love my team that much.'

Asked if he was surprised to find out after the game how many tackles he had, and he said that he was surprised. 'I'm happy with it.'

Asked about the pick and he said that he studied game film and knew about the routes that Oregon liked to run in certain situations. 'I knew I was supposed to be over the top in my zone, so he (Dennis Dixon) looked my way and I was hoping he threw it. I baited him a little bit on it. He just happened to throw it and I just used my height and my hands to go get it.'

Asked about why we haven't seen more of him, and he said that it's been an up and down season for him, but 'I just needed to go out there and show the world my full potential'. 'I haven't done that in the past. I need to practice hard, study game film and my game plan so the coaches have confidence to put me out on the field to help my team win. That's what they did this last Saturday, and I hope that they more confidence in me in the future.'

Asked about his injury, and he said that he had a quad injury early on, and he wanted to show the coaches that he could play through it, but it was a mistake. 'I shouldn't have done that. It didn't heal the way I wanted to, so it kept me out.'

Asked what it's going to take to bounce back after winning four out of their first five, but now losing five straight games, and Hemphill said that they don't overlook any team. 'Coach says that since we play in the Pac-10, we are always playing a worthy opponent. We need to start fast, keep up the intensity, fight like Huskies do and close it out with a strong finish. And that's going to be the key to winning these last couple of games and getting a bowl victory.'

Asked when a player like Chris has the stat line that he had against Oregon, does that immediately instill confidence in teammates to look to him to make plays, and Hemphill said yes. 'I came here to help my team and I'll gladly go out there and try and do that every single game.' He added that the more he studies film and the more reps he gets in practice, the better his chances are of being that consistent playmaker that UW needs right now. He also said that he really bolsters his confidence. 'When my teammates are patting me on the back and look to me for leadership, that boosts my confidence way high.'

Asked if Husky fans are finally starting to see the safety tandem of C.J. Wallace and Chris Hemphill that we thought we might see earlier in his career, and he said yes. 'We understand each other. For me getting this opportunity to see the field, I'm at home now...being out there with C.J. (Wallace) and my cousin Roy (Lewis) and Dashon (Goldson). It's unfortunate that it didn't happen earlier in the season, but now that it's happening I feel good about it and hopefully we can win some games.'

Said that he feels like he played well enough to earn more playing time, but he doesn't have any problem either way if the coaches want to bring Jason Wells back after injury. 'I'm still going to study my game film and prepare and help my teammates and do what I can to help this team win, because I love this team.'
(11/6/06 3:51:26 pm):

Spoke with LB Trenton Tuiasosopo...

...and he said that it's great to be finally back in the two-deeps and while he wants to be starting he's glad to be learning the ropes from guys like Scott White and Tahj Bomar.

Said that he had a little stinger earlier in the year, but now he feels pretty good lately. 'I've had my bumps and bruises, but that's how the season goes and I think I'll be able to finish the season'.

Asked about the team's resiliency, and he said that they can win these last two games. 'Without a doubt. We can finish out these last two games on top.'

Asked about these last two games are 'must-win', and how it might be easy to have a letdown against a winless team, and Tuiasosopo said that, while Stanford hasn't won a game, Washington hasn't won in their last five games, 'so we're really kind of in the same boat right now'. He added that 'nothing changes' from last week to this week in terms of 'getting back to work'.

Asked what the toughest part of trying to rebound from a loss is, and Tuiasosopo said it's 'the next day'. 'If you focus on that lost, you're stuck and you won't be able to getting anything to happen. He added that there were 'some tensions' because the Oregon game was a rivalry game and a passionate game for all involved, but the team is past that game and have already moved on. 'We're getting ready FOR a bowl game, as opposed to just thinking about the past. Because you can't do anything about it, so we're just focused on Stanford for the time being.'
(11/6/06 3:39:45 pm):

Spoke with WR Marlon Wood...

...and he said that everyone has to pick it up. 'It doesn't matter who it is'.

Said that amongst the team, the upperclassmen have picked things up and 'we're not going to take losing anymore'. 'We're going to keep the same words, but now we have to step up and do it'.

Asked about maybe not seeing as much fire and frustration from the team when they played Oregon, and Wood said that he couldn't speak for the team, but for himself he's quiet. 'That's my anger built up inside of me. I don't want to expose myself to get any penalties. But if anyone needs to get picked up on the field, I'm right there on the sidelines telling them to pick it up. With two minutes to go in the game, I'm still on the sidelines running my mouth, ready to go. I don't care if there's just one second left - the game is still going. And if my teammates are down, they can look to me. If I'm playing or not playing, it doesn't matter to me.'

Said that this year, 'there's still hope' for a bowl game. 'Today we have to watch film. If people are there and they aren't watching film, they don't want to win. It's as simple as that'.

Asked about how bad they want to get back to a winning feeling, and he said 'so bad'. 'It felt so good to be 4-1. We should have been 5-0. And if we want to have that feeling again, we have to go to a bowl game, end the season off right to begin the next season off right'.

Asked about a possible letdown because of the rollercoaster season, and he said that it's difficult to be in the position right now because they have to win. Added that if a team had eight wins right now, they'd want to beat a team like Stanford, but mentally they probably wouldn't prepare like they normally would. 'We prepare for every game like it's our last game. It's do or die right now'.

Added that he feels the team is going to respond with a 'big bang' this Saturday with their backs against the wall. 'We have to execute everything that we want to do'.

Asked about the last couple weeks of practice, and he said that they've been good. 'We make our mistakes here and there, but our coaches are right there to correct us on point. We have to take that and be aggressive, but also be smart about it'.

Asked about his eligibility, and he's a senior right now but he may have another year of eligibility. 'It's something I have to see what the process is on that. There's one year I went to community college and they didn't have football or track, so that whole year I spent I didn't do anything. So I'm trying to see what I can do to come back.' Added that it's up to him to follow up on that. 'I'd like to come back, but I'm getting ready to graduate, so that plays a part in it as well. I might want to work on my grad school, but if I have a chance to make it to that next level, I'd most likely do that'.
(11/6/06 3:22:50 pm):

Spoke with QB Carl Bonnell...

...and he said that the mood in the locker room is still upbeat. Losing five in a row can get guys frustrated and upset, especially knowing how well they started the season. 'But we still have an opportunity, and that's what we're going to strive to achieve.'

Asked about a letdown, and he said the emphasis shouldn't be on Stanford, but on themselves. If we can execute on all facets, they'll be fine. Added that it's probably a good time to play Stanford. 'We should be able to move the ball and put some points on the board. And that would give us some confidence going into a critical game against Washington State'.

Asked about still believing in a post-season bowl goal, and he said that if you look at the standings, if UW wins out they stand a 'great chance' of getting selected. Said the Apple Cup could be 'really exciting' this year, so he just wants to help get his team in a position where they've got a chance to give that game even more meaning.

Said he took a 'little beating' on his shoulder Saturday, but it's healed well and he's fine right now.

Asked about Mike Bellotti's comment about Oregon's victory over Washington being a 'stepping stone', and Bonnell said he didn't hear the quote or know the context, but added that the rivalry has been pretty strong for a while now and maybe Oregon is trying to be like Washington. 'We're just battling to get our program re-established'.

UW did a nice job of scoring after turnovers, but had a very tough time struggling in their normal offense. Bonnell said that they kept 'shooting ourselves in the foot'. 'I had three passes knocked down and we had some dropped passes and just some miscues on some basic things that we need to get cleared up. If we do that we'll get a lot more yards on offense and get ourselves in a position to score'.

Asked about the fact that's he's always smiling and staying upbeat in difficult situations, and he said that it's mostly his nature. I'm not going to lie - I'm very frustrated out there at times when we're not moving the ball, but that's on my shoulders. I try to stay positive and keep the guys around me positive, especially when we score. The game is never really out of reach until the very end, and we were only a play or two away from being right back in that game'.

Added that it's something where they've been in nearly all the games they've been in this year. 'And as long as you have that shot, there's no reason to get down on yourself before the game is over'.
(11/6/06 2:45:37 pm):

Willingham noon briefing

Said that his feelings Monday were similar to after Saturday's 34-14 loss to Oregon. 'There were things that we tried to do that didn't work'. Now they have to focus on the upcoming ball game against Stanford. 'To us it is an important ball game'.

Said that while he was aware that Stanford had not won a game yet this year, he was unaware as to why they were stuggling, saying that he's just been more focused on the concerns with his own team.

Asked about the 'rough patch' that has caused UW to lose their last five games, and Willingham said that they've played some good teams during that stretch, but that there's also been those 'one to two plays' during the course of a game that they haven't made that would help them 'get over the hump'. 'We've got to find the strength, belief and confidence to make those plays to make a difference'.

Asked about Senior Day being Saturday and Willingham said that it would be great for the seniors and team if they were to come out and 'finish strong' the last two games. 'We would end up better than a lot of people thought we would be, but a lot less than what we thought we could be'. He added that all the seniors on the team have been important, and while guys like Scott White, Tahj Bomar, Dashon Goldson and C.J. Wallace have been out in the front more than others, the 'dynamics would have changed' if they hadn't received effort from everyone. 'Maybe we might not have gotten off to as good a start as we did'.

Asked about T.C. Ostrander, and Willingham said that he hadn't seen any of Stanford's offense yet, focusing more on the defense. Picked out Michael Okwo, Pannel Egboh, Clinton Snyder, Trevor Hooper and Brandon Harrison as players that impressed him on film.

Asked about the fact that Stanford has not had a winning season since he left, and he said that 'what one person does should stand on its own legs. We did some good things, but like anything else in life, it was a mixed bag'.

Because some starting quarterbacks have been knocked out of the season in the Pac-10, Willingham was asked if there needs to be a rule change to give QB's further protection, and he said no. He added that no rule change would have changed the play where Isaiah Stanback got injured and it's just the nature of the way the position is played nowadays with QB's using their feet as much as their arms.

Asked about injuries, and Willingham said that Kenny James, Clay Walker and Carl Bonnell will be ready to go this week. Jason Wells probably will not play, 'even though he's saying yes to us', and Brandon Ala is probably out for the year but Willingham noted that they were encouraged to find no major problems with his dislocated elbow and that 'should accelerate the healing'.

Asked about whether or not losing against Oregon changes how UW approaches trying to get into a bowl game, and Willingham said that 'we lost a little bit of that, but if you play the numbers out, it still depends on what we do'.

Asked about Oregon, and he said that they played a very good football team down in Eugene, and that they ran the ball with an 'effective back'. 'He (Jonathan Stewart) may have been one of the more attacking, quickest to the line backs that we've seen.' He added that on offense, they were 'nowhere near' what they wanted to do in terms of execution. 'We have balls batted down, dropped passes, incomplete passes, mental mistakes and penalties.'

Said that the performace of the offensive line was 'subpar', but he doesn't plan on shaking things up and maybe putting in a couple of new linemen in. He added that 'they have to be our leaders and take charge of the team'. When they are executing, our team plays better.' He added that to improve, they have to work on everything.

Asked about the 12-week schedule and the possibility of moving the Apple Cup back a week to accomodate a bye week, and Willingham said that they are always having discussions about that every year, and if it helps the team 'manage the season better', they are all in favor of it. But at the same time, WSU would have to agree to it.

Asked about playing in Pullman later in the year, and he said that he's been there near the end of the year. 'We pushed snow off the field and then played the game. I believe we won that game'.

Asked about his team's ability to bounce back after adversity, and he said that he always tries to start each week with a 'fresh approach'. 'We always want to take what happened the week before and learn from it, but at the same time you always have to stay in the present. He added that he still believes the team has a 'fighting spirit'.

He was asked about team speed, and he said that his team has 'average speed' across the board.

Asked about taking a winless team too lightly, and Willingham said that it's a lesson that you can never teach enough. He mentioned the Chicago Bears and their loss to Miami yesterday. 'It's just part of human nature, and we keep asking our guys to defy human nature'.

He added that just because Stanford hadn't won this year didn't mean they weren't capable and also pointed to the last time Washington and Stanford played. UW lost to the Cardinal 27-13 in 2004.

Pepsi Players of the game were Juan Garcia (O), Chris Hemphill (D) and Marlon Wood (ST). Sevice team awards went out to Aaron Mason (O), De'Shon Matthews (D) and Kyle Meuli (ST).
(11/6/06 2:03:00 pm):

Stanford's two-deep depth chart, as announced by Stanford's Sports Information Department:
WR  38  Austin Yancy         6-4/195/FR 
     8  Evan Moore           6-7/235/SR
    88  Michael Miller       6-1/195/SR
LT  67  Allen Smith          6-4/300/JR
    76  Ben Muth             6-6/295/JR
    77  David Long           6-9/315/SR
LG  59  Josiah Vinson        6-4/315/SR
    79  Ismail Simpson       6-4/305/SR
    68  Bobby Dockter        6-5/290/JR   
C   60  Alex Fletcher        6-3/300/JR
    69  Preston Clover       6-4/290/SR
    68  Bobby Dockter        6-5/290/JR 
RG  78  Jon Cochran          6-6/315/SR
    72  Mikal Brewer         6-3/295/SR
RT  63  Chris Marinelli      6-7/305/SO
    70  Jeff Edwards         6-6/300/SR
    77  David Long           6-9/315/SR
TE  83  Jim Dray             6-5/240/SO
    80  Erik Lorig           6-4/250/SO
    82  Patrick Danahy       6-4/245/SR
QB  13  T.C. Ostrander       6-3/215/SR
    10  Tavita Pritchard     6-4/195/SO
     3  Garrett Moore        6-2/205/JR
RB  26  Anthony Kimble       6-1/200/JR
     7  Toby Gerhart         6-1/229/FR
    33  Jason Evans          6-1/190/SR
FB  32  Emeka Nnoli          6-1/235/SR
    47  Josh Catron          6-0/230/SO
WR  86  Kelton Lynn          6-2/190/JR
     9  Richard Sherman      6-3/185/FR
    30  Marcus McCutcheon    6-0/205/SR

DE  95  Chris Horn           6-5/270/SR
    93  Matt Kopa            6-6/275/SO
NT  54  Ekom Udofia          6-2/310/SO
    65  Gustav Rydstedt      6-3/300/JR
    92  Sione Fua            6-2/290/FR
DE  91  Pannel Egboh         6-6/280/JR
    41  Tom McAndrew         6-5/260/SO
    99  Levirt Griffin       6-4/255/FR
LB  90  Udeme Udofia         6-4/240/SR
    42  Will Powers          6-4/235/SO
    97  Emmanuel Awofadeju   6-4/240/SR
LB  51  Fred Campbell        6-1/225/SO
    58  Brian Bulcke         6-4/260/FR
LB  55  Michael Okwo         6-0/225/SR
    48  Mike Silva           6-2/230/SR
LB  20  Clinton Snyder       6-4/230/SO
    28  Peter Griffin        6-1/215/SR
    53  Landon Johnson       6-1/230/SR
CB  31  Wopamo Osaisai      5-11/200/JR
     2  Nick Sanchez         6-0/190/SR
    40  Kris Evans           6-0/175/SO
S   23  Brandon Harrison     6-2/215/SR
     6  David Lofton         6-4/220/SR
    17  Carlos McFall       5-11/200/JR
S   24  Trevor Hooper        6-1/205/SR
    22  Bo McNally           6-0/205/SO
CB  14  Tim Sims            5-11/190/SR
     2  Nick Sanchez         6-0/190/SR
    40  Kris Evans           6-0/175/SO 
PK  11  Aaron Zagory         6-0/170/JR
    12  Derek Belch         5-11/195/SR
P   27  Jay Ottovegio        6-0/195/SR
HLD 27  Jay Ottovegio        6-0/195/SR
    22  Bo McNally           6-0/205/SO
LS  52  Brent Newhouse       6-4/235/SR
SS  78  Jon Cochran          6-6/315/SR
KR  31  Wopamo Osaisai      5-11/200/JR
    34  Ray Jones            6-0/210/JR
PR  36  Chris Hobbs          5-9/170/SO
    23  Brandon Harrison     6-2/215/SR

(11/6/06 9:59:00 am):

Here are the official Washington Huskies two-deeps for the Stanford game, as released by UW Media Relations.
WR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11/185/JR
    18 Corey Williams        6-2/195/JR 
    19 Quintin Daniels       6-0/195/SR
LT  79 Ben Ossai             6-6/300/rFR
    70 Morgan Rosborough     6-6/375/rFR
LG  74 Stanley Daniels       6-4/320/SR
    72 Casey Bulyca          6-6/320/SO
C   58 Juan Garcia           6-3/315/JR
    73 Ryan Bush             6-2/305/SO
RG  63 Clay Walker           6-4/305/SR
    65 Ryan Tolar            6-6/325/FR
RT  75 Chad Macklin          6-8/300/JR
    69 Erik Berglund         6-6/290/JR
TE  86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5/245/SO
    37 Johnie Kirton         6-3/270/SO
    81 Robert Lewis          6-5/245/SO
    92 Walter Winter         6-5/250/SO 
QB  11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
    12 Johnny DuRocher       6-4/225/JR
    10 Jake Locker           6-3/210/FR
TB   9 Louis Rankin          6-1/205/JR
 OR  8 Kenny James           5-10/215/SR
     7 Shelton Sampson       5-11/210/SR
FB  43 Mark Palaita          5-10/245/SR
    30 Paul Homer            6-0/225/FR
WR  21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR
    29 Cody Ellis            6-0/185/JR
    83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
     3 Marcel Reece          6-3/240/JR

DE  66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim   6-4/245/rFR
    85 Caesar Rayford        6-7/242/JR
DT  95 Jordan Reffett        6-6/295/JR
    91 Donny Mateaki         6-5/285/SR   
DT  74 Wilson Afoa           6-3/290/JR
    77 Erick Lobos           6-3/285/JR
DE   7 Greyson Gunheim       6-5/265/JR
    91 Donny Mateaki         6-5/285/SR
OLB 34 Dan Howell            6-1/225/JR
    20 Kyle Trew             6-2/235/JR
ILB 47 Tahj Bomar            6-2/225/SR
    57 Trenton Tuiasosopo    6-2/240/SO
OLB  4 Scott White           6-1/235/SR
    29 Chris Stevens         6-0/215/SO
    22 E.J. Savannah         6-2/222/rFR
FS   3 Chris Hemphill        6-5/235/JR
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO    
SS   1 C.J. Wallace          6-0/210/SR
    23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2/205/SO
CB   8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR
     6 Matt Fountaine        5-11/180/SR
CB  28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR    
     8 Dashon Goldson        6-2/205/SR

P   17 Sean Douglas          6-2/230/SR
PK  14 Michael Braunstein    5-8/185/JR
    11 Michael Book          6-3/195/SR
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell          6-3/210/JR
SNP 49 Danny Morovick        6-3/230/rFR
KOR 28 Roy Lewis             5-11/187/JR
    83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
FR  83 Marlon Wood           5-10/185/JR
    21 Sonny Shackelford     6-2/180/SR

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