Week 11: Dawgman.com Predictions

Washington is looking to snap a five-game losing streak and send their senior class out on a good note for their home finale, while Stanford is still in search of their first win of the season. Here is what my staff thinks will happen on what should be a windy, soggy, Saturday afternoon in Seattle that won't be seen on television.

Results after Week 10
Dawgman, 7-3:
Grinolds, 7-3:
Fetters, 7-3:
Eklund, 7-3:
Baird, 4-6:
DuckFighter, 6-4:
Thrapp, 7-3:
Rico, 6-4:
Beach, 6-4:
Han, 8-2:
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David Samek, Publisher, RECORD: 7-3 (.700)
It has been a long time since an 0-9 team has come into Husky Stadium and probably feel like they have a chance at beating Washington. Stanford has been terrible this year and appear to be taking major steps backwards while suffering injury after injury. The Huskies have had their share, but I believe Kenny James returns to the lineup with any luck at all. That gives the Dawgs a between-the-tackles threat, which should help QB Carl Bonnell immensely. Look for the running attack to get untracked and I think that Bonnell may find Kirton and Reece open in the flat. Reece has yet to make an impact - this could be his game. Look for the Husky defense to shut down Stanford and although it won't be a pretty win, it should be a win nonetheless that sets up an interesting Apple Cup next week.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - STANFORD 9
Kim Grinolds, Managing Partner, RECORD: 7-3 (.700)
This weekend will be just what Washington needs......an easy win. That's what everybody is thinking, but I don't expect that to happen. In some nasty weather, look for Stanford to give UW all they can handle - this is probably their one shot at winning a game and they'll go into it with that attitude. It won't be enough but it'll be incentive for them to hang around much longer than most Husky fans are expecting.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 21 - STANFORD 10
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 7-3 (.700)
This one won't be pretty - heck, all you need to do is look at the combined records to know that this one has 'ugly' written all over it...but Washington doesn't care how it gets a 'W' this weekend...it's almost like March Madness has come to Husky Stadium. Survive and advance. And that's what they'll do. Between Kenny James and Louis Rankin, the Huskies should be able to put together a patchwork run game, just enough to keep Stanford honest and give Carl Bonnell enough time to pick a porous Cardinal defense apart - albeit not in a style anyone will confuse with 'flashy'. It'll be gutty, it'll be hard-fought, and it'll break a five-game losing streak.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - STANFORD 6
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 7-3 (.700)
Five straight losses have gotten into the psyche of the players; the coaches seem frustrated; the fanbase is up in arms about recruiting and the prospects for a bowl game. To top things off, Washington's depth, already very thin at the start of the season, has been their achilles heel the past few weeks as players haven't made plays on offense and the defense was shredded last week against Oregon. Now the Huskies return home to supposedly get well against a winless Stanford team that has even less players available than Washington has. It's going to be rainy and miserable on the western shore of Lake Washington, but that favors the Huskies because Stanford can't run the ball and without their senior QB, they can't throw it either. I expect the Cardinal to put forth their best effort this week in the hopes of garnering one win, but the Huskies should win a squeaker.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - STANFORD 17
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 4-6 (.400)
The Huskies will send their seniors out with a win in a wind swept rainy Husky Stadium tomorrow. Kenny James returns to the lineup and runs for a buck forty and Johnny D comes off the bench to lead a scoring drive for the go ahead points. Sean Douglas gets a hold of a punt and it catches the wind and goes 80 yards and is downed inside the 5 yard line. This game sets up an Apple Cup that could have some meaning.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - STANFORD 17
Race Bannon, Publisher DuckFighter Illustrated, RECORD: 6-4 (.600)
Race Bannon is featured only here at Dawgman.com. If you like satire and can laugh at yourself when things get tough, then Race is your guy. To read his whacky satirical take on this week's game as well as the rest of the Pac-10, CLICK HERE.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 20 - STANFORD 23
Patrick Thrapp, Numbers Guy, RECORD: 7-3 (.700)
Stanford on paper is just a dreadful team. Of the 4 stats, scoring, rushing yards, passing yards, & total yardage, they are ranked under 100 in only 2. Passing offense (99) and passing defense (94). In 2 stat catagories they are the worse in D1. As the honks said this week. UW has more to lose losing this game then they gain winning. In my book if the Huskies lose this game all the progress made this season is down the drain. Let us hope that getting Kenny James back sparks the offense. They certainly need it.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 30 - STANFORD 13
Rick Samek, Pre-retired, RECORD: 6-4 (.600)
Just as every Dawg has its day, every Tree has its ... dog. I'm almost positive this is what Walt Harris envisioned when he left Pitt for Dave Wannstedt to ruin with his NFL experience. If 50,000 fans showed I'd be shocked. I sooooooooooo wanted to pick the Cardinal just to keep this week's column from being a lesson in repetitive ingemination (and to give you guys something to yell at me about at the tailgate). I was going to remind everyone of 1985 when Oregon State came into a wet Husky Stadium a 37-point 'dog and won. Could happen, you know, could happen. But face it, this Stanford team is just plain BAD. I couldn't pick the Cardinal to beat Hazen High School at this point. So OK, somebody's gonna pick up 100 yards, there will be some fumbles, interceptions, some more interception drops, a couple of trick plays, nobody will knee anyone in the happy sacks, the Tree will fall on the sidelines at some point and Johnny D. will have some time at a very wet helm as the rain drives sideways into a half-empty north side of the stadium. And more than just a few will to wonder - for a fleeting moment - why they had to endure any of it.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - STANFORD 7
Aaron Beach, Columnist, RECORD: 6-4 (.600)
We now know that the Huskies 4-1 record was misleading. Having lost 5 in a row, the Huskies need an old fashioned Slumpbuster(Enter Stanford Cardinal football team). Talentwise, UW has only a slight edge over this winless group from Palo Alto. The major difference between Stanford and UW this year is that Stanford has utterly given up on games, losing by over 20 points in 7 of their 10 games so far. Despite that trend, you will see the best game of the year by this Stanford team who realize Saturday in Montlake to be their last winnable game on the schedule. Kenny James will be the weight that tips the scales in this one, running for a touchdown, hitting the gaps that Rankin hasn't, and showing senior leadership. Take it to the bank!

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - STANFORD 7
Henry Han, Seattle Times, RECORD: 8-2 (.800)
The Huskies understand the position that Stanford is in. The Cardinal are still looking for their first win, and they come to a match up with a team that's a little down on luck of their own. Past experiences should let the Huskies know that a winless and desperate team is a dangerous team. But then again, Washington is little desperate themselves. What looked like a sure bowl season is in serious jeapordy. This is the last chance for the seniors to leave Husky Stadium as winners and they won't disappoint. Look for the Huskies to come out like a ball of fire on the tailspinning Cardinal as they head into the Apple Cup, which will ultimately make or break their season.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - STANFORD 17
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