UW/Stanford - Player quotes

In the wake of Washington's embarassing 20-3 loss to previously winless Stanford - the first time the Huskies didn't score a TD at home since the 1983 Apple Cup - here's what some of the participants thought of today's proceedings.

Roy Lewis:: "I think there is disappointment in ourselves. As a team we didn't come out and play we know how. The overall feeling is disappointment and all the credit is given to (Stanford). They came out and outplayed us. For whatever reason we didn't step up and do the things necessary to win. As a team we have to use this as fuel. Especially this game because this is one of those game that we kind of just let go. We have to use that as fuel and just remind ourselves that we can't underestimate any teams and we have to do the right things on and off the field so we can go out with a victory. Everybody is tired of losing, so that is what we have to do."

Greyson Gunheim: "The worst part about it is that it's the last game the seniors are going to play in the stadium and we couldn't send them out right. They took advantage of our mistakes. It seemed like everyone had a bad day, all across the field. They just came to play and we just didn't. You have to have a game on both sides of the ball. It seemed like when we got the ball we came up short on offense. When we needed to step up sometimes we couldn't answer, but like I said, if they don't score, they don't win. So to us, it's on the defense."

Sonny Shackleford: "It was pretty much all on (the offense) today. We just didn't get it done. Stanford played better than a last-place team today, but really this one was on us." When asked about the rotating QB situation, Shackleford felt that "sure, it can make a little difference in the rhythm of the game. But we still have to perform and today we didn't. Today I didn't."

Stanley Daniels: "I bleed Purple and Gold, and I think they're going to be better next year. I can't explain what happened today - I felt all week we had the best week of practice, and coach Willingham would agree with that. We knew Stanford would be coming hard, and we didn't overlook them in any way. I can't speak for the receivers or the QBs, but I felt the line didn't play as well as we could have. It was like 95 percent of what we had to do on a play we did, but there'd be a breakdown. We just didn't get accomplished what we needed to do."

Scott White: "A loss is a loss man, you can make it out whatever you want to be. It hurts worse because it takes us out of a bowl. It hurts because it was senior day. It hurts because we were 4-1 and then all the inconsistencies started to happen. But I still think the best days are ahead for this program. Coach Willingham has been great, and is the right guy to do it, and we just got to learn how to kick that door down."

Chris Hemphill on being in the senior line even though he still has a fifth year: "Coach felt that I wasn't fulfilling my potential - I tried to show him at Oregon that I could play, but I think he already had his mind made up. It looks like the door is closed - I hoped I could show him I could play, but I think his mind is made up, and there's not a lot I can do about it now. I am on target to graduate, and I love playing for this program. From my point of view I wished (coach Willingham) had made another decision. I'm open to all suggestions, and I want to stay another year. But he honored me as a senior today, so I have to respect that. If he felt like certain players didn't fit the criteria he is looking for then he'll get rid of them, and I guess I was wone of them. I don't havec any hard feelings about that, or about coach Willingham."

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