UW/Stanford - Coaches' quotes

Here are the Washington coaches' quotes after the Stanford Cardinal broke their season long losing streak, as well as a 31-year drought at Husky Stadium with a 20-3 victory over the Huskies Saturday.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

General Comments: "The results of the day are difficult to deal with, especially for the players trying to fight through the tears. We didn't play a good football game and didn't execute and do things that gave us a chance to be successful. That was not good football."

On the tone of the game: "I thought that going in that both teams were very much in the same boat and the team that could make big plays and create energy for themselves would be the team that would have success, and we just didn't make plays today."

On the team playing uninspired: "I don't think so, because half of the team played very good. There were two or three pass plays that really made the difference in the game, and then there was the interception too."

On bringing in Felix Sweetman when Johnny DuRocher was injured: "We were pretty close to bringing him in, but Carl seemed to be OK, even though he was limping a little. It would have been very difficult for Felix to have gone in without any preparation to do well."

On the game being a step back for the program: "It is a step back. You can never count on winning, but I thought that this was a ball game we could win and help to set up our goal of going to a bowl game."

On losing the goal of winning a bowl game: "Anytime you aim toward something and try to achieve something that you don't, it's very tough. But if we have men down there with real character and the right leadership that I think we have in our coaches, we can come out battling next week for the Apple Cup. There's always something to play for."

On getting prepared to play: "I feel pretty good that our guys knew what was at stake. I thought all week of practice, there was maybe ten minutes where I was unsatisfied with the work being done."

On Carl Bonnell trying to move the team in the second half: "When he came back it was very difficult for him because of the thigh bruise."

On the post-game injury status on players: "Johnny has a concussion, and Donny Mateaki had a calf contusion and Wilson Afoa had a knee contusion, but they both came back."

On not having success running the ball: "I don't think we did a very good job on their edge pressure. On their slants and angles, I thought we were tentative, and that may have affected us. I was very surprised that we couldn't come out and run. We knew that they had the same basic front - an odd front with their slants and angles, and we practiced for it all week long."

On not converting missed opportunities early: "If you give them life, they'll come back and get you. We did nothing. We had great field position early and didn't take advantage of it and didn't get any scores. Those were good opportunities to take them right out of the ball game we didn't do it."

On moving forward for Apple Cup Week: "There are a lot of courses you can take. You can just throw out that it is the Apple Cup. You can talk about an opportunity to redeem themselves from the way we played today. You can talk about turning a new leadf for our program. We've got a chance to finish this year on a positive note. There are a lot of angles you can take."
Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer:

General Comments: "I don't care about stats, I don't care about anything else. I care about points. And in a game like this you have to shut them out. The one long pass is the one that killed us. All we have to do is turn the ball inside and make a tackle. That's the most disappointing thing to me. Coming off a tough loss last week, it's hard."

On it being a tougher loss because it was Senior Day: "There are some great kids in that locker room. It's a fun group to coach, it really is. And even though we've lost six straight, it's a fun group to coach. I've enjoyed it. And the good news is that we've got one more game to go. I remember when I played, I remember my last game at home, but I also remember my last game. That's something we have to build on."

On the mood in the locker room: "It's just so quiet. They're disappointed. We've got good kids, good players...I'm excited about the direction we're headed. We really have. We've made tremendous progress, so we have to keep going. And if we can continue to make the same kind of progress next year, we'll be right in it."

On the improvements made so far this year: "I think we play harder. We play better defense overall. We know we don't have some depth in some spots, and that's hurt us, it hurts everybody. I just look at the defensive side. On the offensive side - losing Isaiah was big. Not only is he a great athlete, but he brings so much emotion to the game and team. I'm excited. I really am. I'm excited about our young kids, I'm excited about the kids that we've got coming back that's played a lot. That's what coaching is all about. We've all been through this. Every coach in America has been through this before. Every coach has had to build, and I'm positive about that. I don't like losing and if you have to go in there and stop 'em and beat 'em 3-0, that's what you have to do."

On the difference in the game: "A couple of passes in the first half, we don't squeeze a route and that one pass in the second half. When you're in a close game like that, it hurts you."

On the long TD being exactly like the Trandon Harvey TD in the 2005 Apple Cup: "That's exactly what it was. We were in great shape on that play. We just have to get the ball turned inside. We do that, we make the tackle for a seven-yard play and line up for the next play."

On UW's game plan going into the game: "I thought we could defend the run, get some sacks and get some hits on the quarterback. The fortunate thing for us was the first half, we got them in a lot of third-and-longs the first half. We didn't do that in the second half. We stopped all of them, but you don't get many hits on the quarterback on third-and-short."
Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano:

General Comments: "They played man almost every snap on first down, they blitzed us with edge pressure on second down, fire-zone blitz on third down and two-deep when they knew we were going to throw. We tried to get Johnie Kirton involved in the run game early on and we used the same schemes everyone else has used to get 200 yards a game on the ground and there were no creases. Our passing game, we had guys open and we wouldn't get them the ball or we had guys open and they dropped it. Poor execution. That's it. Poor execution.

On the QB situation: "Carl got hurt, a quad and then shoulder. Johnny got a concussion. Felix got hurt on special teams. I think he got a stinger. Johnny went to the hospital for a CAT scan and Carl is beat up. If Felix couldn't have gone, I don't know what we would have done."

On Felix Sweetman: "He's probably the healthiest guy we've got right now, outside of Jake Locker."

On trying to run against Stanford: "I really thought we could pound the ball against these guys. They ran an odd front and we ran it pretty good in practice. I don't understand it. Johnie laid his shoulder on people, but we couldn't move the ball at all. We struggled. We had to get out of the run game. Maybe I got out of it too fast, but we had a couple shot down the field and dropped a couple and also missed a couple that we didn't see. I was just trying to get a touchdown, so maybe I got out of running it too soon, but when you get down by a couple (of touchdowns), you have to throw it."

On the dropped passes: "Sonny hadn't done that all year. Anthony's played well this year, and I can't explain why we dropped so many balls. We haven't done that in practice."

On the inside run game and using Johnie Kirton over Shelton Sampson: "We wanted to get Johnie in there and everybody ran the inside zone play on these guys. Everybody. And that's what we tried to do...two tight ends. We want to get Johnie in there and bang in there and play-action, but we weren't able to run the inside zone play."

On maybe using Jake Locker in an emergency: "No. We can't do that. One more game, we can't do that to him."

On getting ready for the Apple Cup: "We just have to keep at it. Nothing more you can do. We have to come off the ball and hit the seams and get going. We did the same thing everyone else did and we weren't getting much. It wasn't good."

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