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Vandy West prepares for Apple Cup
Race Bannon

If the WSU Cougars are limping into the Apple Cup off of two straight crushing blow out defeats (which they are), then the Washington Huskies should be brought in on a stretcher. Our dogged Dawgs dropped their 6th straight game and the Turner/Willingham era cascades into a bottomless pit of defeat and despair not seen since . . . well, the Keith Gilbertson era. And that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

It kind of makes one harken back to the days of recruiting scandal(s), as least then Washington was actually trying to lure top name recruits to the school with a proud heritage, which was a lot easier when the team would win some damn ball games.

The Huskies' record drops to 13-32 since that ill fated day when the Montlake brain trust decided to fire a coach in June for extremely dubious reasons.

There was no concern about that coaching stability that Dick Baird so often clamors for back then, mind you. It was an environment of a witch hunt after our last winning coach, led by snitches and rivals who now must watch in glee as Washington completes its disappearance from the football scene.

Coach Willingham needs to beat WSU to match the venerable Gilby's record after two seasons. I'm not making this stuff up folks, it just writes itself. Comedy can do that sometimes. I do find it hilarious that posting a mark that is the same (or worse) than the worst coach in Husky history is actually considered progress in some circles.

The Cougars are also going after their history making, never before done, third straight win over the UW. How bad would that suck?

Coach Willingham is 0-5 against the NW teams to date.

When Todd Turner came out here to form the Vandy West intramural football team, some expressed concern at the lack of football acumen possessed by the man. When Turner hired (freshly dispatched from Notre Dame) Willingham, it raised plenty of eyebrows about how serious the athletic department was about raising the sinking ship known as football.

Those eyebrows are now raised through the roof. Sure, some can point to the injury of the team leader – DFI legend Isaiah Stanback – as the point where the team went into the tank. And no thoughts of bringing Jake "for Pete's Sake" Locker off the bench to attempt a resuscitation could be considered a message in itself.

However, Coach Willingham's gaffe over Senior Day only cements the impression of a man more concerned with image rather than results. The reader is left to choose if this is sound or not. I won't comment.

Washington was caught without a quarterback as they doggedly insist on saving Jake Locker's red shirt, even as Coach Willingham told us that UW's red shirt program is a privilege that would need to be earned by some criteria defined by the coach. So with DuRocher concussed and Bonnell beaten to pieces, Locker rotted on the bench with his red jersey still on. So much for that promise of trying to win THIS year and get to a bowl.

We can only hope that Jake shows the required worship of The System to get that 5th year, instead of an early ticket out.

So Felix Sweetman may get his shot, and WSU gets their win. Will that money keep pouring in from the Husky faithful in support of the franchise? It's all good.

Highly paid Trojans romp over Ducks
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

It didn't take long for the Trojans to expose the pretenders from Eugene for the non contenders that they are. USC cruised to an easy win, 35-10, setting the stage for the Rose Bowl showdown against Cal this Saturday night.

Observers were baffled at the misuse of Jonathon Stewart, who would shine behind 25 carries a game at Tailback U, but is relegated to an after thought in the cheesy UO Spread attack. That ol' saying of "you can't stop him, you can only contain him" proved to be dead on accurate, as Iron Mike Bellotti contained him beautifully for Pete Carroll.

"#%&* you!" screamed an elated Pete Carroll to Mike Bellotti as the two avoided a hand shake after the game. Carroll knows that you crush opposing coaches like the slimy Bellotti, not play golf with them. Carroll also knows that he has the horses on defense to crush the gimmicky Duck attack.

"We were the better team, and certainly should have won the game," said Bellotti as he wondered why Phil Knight let USC get so strong, and further wondered if UO would ever rise above mid level success, even with Washington deemphasizing football.

"Had we been able to put a few more plays in the hands of the replay booth, we could have made the plays we needed in order to win."

As Oregon makes reservations for El Paso, the Trojans and Bears will meet to decide who wins the Pac 10. USC is still alive for the national championship with a win, but the Bears would not be a 2nd Pac 10 BCS team after their heart breaking loss at Arizona, if they lose to SC.

But a win gives Cal their first title since Sputnik roamed the skies and Pappy Waldorf roamed the sidelines.

Pappy Tedford was hosed by an inconclusive replay that was judged conclusive and took away the game winning touchdown by DeSean Jackson, the marvelous talent who already had a monster punt return for a TD.

"It's just our luck that the game came down to a replay," commented Tedford as he reflected on how quickly he has rebuilt Cal. "And our worse luck to have an Oregon guy in the booth."

The smart money says USC has it rolling now and that Cal doesn't have the defense to play with USC. Look for a good game, but one too many Longshore mistakes to tip the balance to the highly paid guys from LA.

The Rest: - Finally, Ohio State v. Michigan for one half of the BCS Title game…it says here that the Buckeyes win…ASU 47, WSU 14. I wonder how Jim Walden explained that one away. "Where was the flag??"…..The Bruins bounced back and stopped the Beaver Express. That was a beat down on a hot team..…OSU tries to get bowl eligible against suddenly fearsome Harvard West..…Oregon welcomes suddenly fearsome Wrong Stoops U, who took one from the Genius..…another collapse for the Mallard Gang?.... Florida swamped the old ball coach in his return. Who said special teams coaches weren't important? Tell that to Urban Myer..…overrated Auburn got whipped again at home..…Arkansas is rolling, bacon futures are at an all-time high..…Rutgers is on fire, mobsters be damned..…Notre Dame continues to attack America, shooting down Air Force and now taking on Army..…and last but not least, basketball season finally begins.

Not sure if we have earned the honor of another column, but thanks for reading – Race.

Editor's note: this article was edited with a heavy hand, with apologies to Race Bannon. The Dawgman legal fund wasn't big enough to reprint the original submittal. Top Stories