8/15 Neuheisel Quotes

Neuheisel gives a run-down on the latest injuries, a visit from "The Dawgfather," and winning the battle in the trenches.

On today's practice: A great day even though it was a difficult day. We are going to look at the film and we're going to see all kinds of mistakes but your team grows when it goes through that and it has to fight and it has to claw. We had a great spirited scrimmage at the end of practice and I like what I see. Unfortunately we've got a lot of guys that are not able to participate but fortunately they are proven guys, guys that have played. So you don't really get too nervous that they aren't going to be ready to play especially since almost everybody is looking like they are going to be back on Monday.

On Justin Robbins leaving practice: We had one scare today. Justin Robbins went down with a knee injury but it is not a re-injury of the injury that he had last year - his ACL is fine. We'll have to wait and see exactly what the extent of the injury is, but the doctors don't think it is anything real serious. That's encouraging although it was a real scare, and I'm sure it was a real scare for Justin.

On Jimmy Newell's latest injury: (He) had to have surgery on his thumb. If there is such a thing as a good injury, this was one because it just chipped a little piece of the bone away so basically the procedure is to go back and tack on the bone. There was no damage to the ligament which means there is much less time to heal. He'll be back probably by Monday ready to participate with a cast, and the cast will be off probably not as soon as the first game, but certainly at the latest during the bye week.

On Justin Robbins: He's an outstanding young player on our team. He's a really bright kid, and you just love him in the game because you know he's going to do the right thing and he's going to make plays. We've been without him for a season and we've just got our fingers crossed that we're not going to have to be without him any longer.

On Zach Tuiasosopo: Zach pulled a (muscle) in the back of his calf there. It's a couple of days. We're hoping he'll be back by Monday.

On Kevin Ware: He was out today. He had a sore hamstring, and we're just being careful.

On the injury bug: When it's hot, our guys are having some difficulty making it all the way through and we've just got to be careful. On the plus side it's given a lot of our young players a lot of work.

On Greg Carothers: Just tight. He had to pull himself out of practice. I'm hopeful that he'll be able to go tomorrow.

On avoiding injuries: We've got to investigate our off-season program and find out if we're maybe peaking too early. None of (the injuries) seem to be stuff that is going to be nagging.

On Don James visiting for practice: He is Washington football. It's an honor to have him on your practice field. He saw a lot of his old friends, and obviously two of our coaches coached for him, so it's neat to have him around. He had his grand-daughters here with him today and he was showing them the tunnel. I said that it was not "the tunnel" it was "his tunnel."

On Nate Robinson: Well, Nate is a very aggressive kid and a very talented kid and we've got to harness all that and make him a very complete football player.

On Matthew Fountaine's condition: The tests were run. We're hopeful that we're going to receive good news. We haven't received confirmation yet, but we're hopeful that's going to be the case.

On James Sims Jr. and Evan Benjamin: They are just red-shirt freshmen so you can't get your expectations too high but I think they are going to be great players for Washington.

On Kai Ellis: I didn't focus on him, but he stayed in the whole day which is always encouraging. Kai Ellis wants to play. I know that he was quoted as saying that he's going to red-shirt if he's not at 100 percent, but Kai Ellis wants to play. And I'm comfortable with that.

On practicing goal line situations: That's football. Somebody made a great play on Rich Alexis trying to jump over the top and that was excellent to see. We want to be a great defense and it starts in the trenches. We're hopeful that we can do that.

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