(Seattle) There have been coach's shows. There have been highlight shows. There have been magazine shows. But never has there been a show that allows the fans to share in the EXPERIENCE of one of their favorite teams. Until now.

On-Air Media, a partnership of Charter Communications, LLC and Flying Colours Television has developed the next step in sports television programming.

"The Washington Football Experience" will take fans "behind the scenes" with an unparalleled view of the Washington Huskies Football program. Each week, the video diary will unfold as the story of the season progresses on the road to a PAC 10 championship and beyond. Viewers will be able to bond with the players and team – getting to know them on and off the field. They will share in the intensity and inspiration provided by Coach Neuheisel and his staff.

With their innovative approach to the total "Football Experience," On-Air Media has brought a level of awareness, involvement and a sense of community that has never before been experienced with any sports program. Viewers will be able to invite the Huskies into their homes every week and be an intimate part of the team.

"I think we can give the fans a little closer feel for what happens on the field and the sidelines," says Husky coach Rick Neuheisel. "I'm excited about having the opportunity to profile some of our players and letting them tell their stories. I think Husky fans will enjoy the experience."

Jon Horton, 5-time Emmy Award winning producer, has brought together an innovative mix of images, first person accounts from players and coaches, natural sound and a one of a kind look to bring viewers into the action. To keep the focus on the team, the show will have no host, only a narrator to guide the story along. "We know this is a dramatic change from most sports shows on television right now," said Horton, the show's Executive Producer. ‘The focus will be entirely on the story and the game, not the talent. We want the fans to get the player and coach's thoughts from a first person perspective."

In what is sure to become "appointment television", the "Washington Football Experience" will air Thursday nights at 7 PM and Friday afternoons at Noon on Fox Sports Net beginning September 5th. Mark Shuken, General Manager of Fox Sports Northwest, says, "We are very excited about this program, it will be a great complement to our prime time line-up here at Fox Sports Net."

Lenny Fellez, Principal of On-Air Media, states, "I can remember going to Husky games as a kid and taking in all the excitement and aspects of the game, from start to finish. The Washington Football Experience brings all of the same feelings and perspectives to life; it is like a walk down memory lane."

There is finally an answer to the demands for better, more intimate sports programming…"The Washington Football Experience", coming to Fox Sports Net this fall.

Here is a schedule of shows for the 2002 season:

September 5, 2002 The Michigan Game 7 PM Repeats 9/6 at Noon
September 12, 2002 The San Jose State Game 7 PM Repeats 9/13 at Noon
September 26, 2002 The Wyoming Game 7 PM Repeats 9/27 at Noon
October 3, 2002 The Idaho Game 7 PM Repeats 10/4 at Noon
October 10, 2002 The California Game 7 PM Repeats 10/11 at Noon
October 17, 2002 The Arizona Game 7 PM Repeats 10/18 at Noon
October 24, 2002 The USC Game 7 PM Repeats 10/24 at Noon
October 31, 2002 The Arizona State Game 7 PM Repeats 11/1 at Noon
November 7, 2002 The UCLA Game 7 PM Repeats 11/8 at Noon
November 14, 2002 The Oregon State Game 7 PM Repeats 11/15 at Noon
November 21, 2002 The Oregon Game 7 PM Repeats 11/22 at Noon
November 28, 2002 The Washington State Game 7 PM Repeats 11/28 at Noon

In addition to the Washington Football Experience, On-Air Media is producing the "Arizona Football Experience" for the University of Arizona for the fall 2002 season. On-Air Media is a new media development company that is a Washington General Partnership. More information on the company and the Football Experience Project is available on the Internet at:

Media Contacts for the Football Experience Project:
Lenny Fellez, Principal, On Air Media, Phone: 425-391-2672, E-Mail:
Jon Horton, Executive Producer, Phone: 206-850-8537, E-Mail:
Louis deVita, Principal, On-Air Media, Phone: 425-503-0912, E-Mail: Top Stories