8/16 Neuheisel Notes and Quotes

Husky Head Coach Rick Neuheisel addresses the media after practice tonight. Here were his comments regarding attitude, tomorrow's scrimmage, and the rash of injuries his team has endured

On the state of the team: The attitude is where it needs to be. We fought through the soreness. I think we're getting better and I'm eager to see us scrimmage tomorrow. Obviously it has been well documented that not all of our guys are healthy, so we'll be without a number of kids tomorrow. But that does provide ample opportunity for a number of players who we are going to need throughout the season to provide depth. It's going to put a real emphasis on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week because not only do we need to get our timing down with our front-line guys who have been off this last week, we also have to gain some measure of conditioning because they haven't been able to get that done. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are going to take on a greater significance than maybe they have in the past. Thursday's scrimmage will have a much bigger impact than maybe it has in the past.

On the format of Saturday's scrimmage: We'll go ones versus ones for the first half of the scrimmage then we'll go ones versus twos the second half. Then we'll move the ball around. We'll start by coming out at midfield and then go to the red zone, so we'll have some opportunities. Then we'll finish maybe with some goal line stands.

On the position battles at linebacker: It's very close. Joseph Lobendahn and Marquis Cooper are both playing outstanding football so I think both will play a great deal. I like to say that we probably have five starters at the linebacker spot. There are just that many guys that deserve to play a lot, and Ty Eriks is coming along fast so I just think we've got a neat group of guys there. We actually have seven players that are going to play at (linebacker).

On Cody Pickett sitting out the evening practice: Cody threw a lot yesterday. He kind of had one of those tired arms. To make sure that he'll be sharp tomorrow we gave him the afternoon off.

On the special teams: I think the drill-work has been great. I think we've got the right kind of athletes, but you've got to play to know exactly where you are. So hopefully we'll know a little bit more about ourselves tomorrow. If you look at our past, our special teams have come out of the blocks early in the season and have been very influential in the games. We've got a lot of things to get done before we go and play this game (against Michigan) because they are going to hang their hat on special teams too.

On the importance of Saturday's scrimmage: It's going to be a great personnel film day for us, because we are going to find out a lot about our guys and who can really step up and be ready to go when we play against a caliber of opponent like Michigan.

On Justin Robbins' latest knee injury: We're pretty happy that there is at least a good chance that he'll be back by Monday. At the latest it should be mid-week next week. It's a slight sprained knee.

Hurtin' for Certain: Neuheisel said that Paul Arnold, Reggie Williams, Justin Robbins, Greg Carothers, Jimmy Newell, Zach Tuiasosopo, Braxton Cleman, and Roc Alexander will all sit out Saturday's scrimmage. Of those who have been injured but are expected to play are Sam Cunningham (broken hand), Derrick Johnson (sore foot), Kai Ellis (sore knee), and John Anderson (hip).

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