IN THIS ISSUE: Huskies rise up and bite Cougs - Ducks quit against Wrong Stoops - Trojans wrap up latest league title - Beavers upset Stanford - Buckeyes beat Big Blue

Dog Bites Cat
Race Bannon

The Washington State Cougars were on the Brink of a never before seen three-peat over the Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup when a funny thing happened.

The Huskies showed up and put an end to such nonsense with another thrilling game in the Palouse, 35-32.

It was a big play explosion for the Husky offense a mere week after being left for dead by scoring three points against an anemic Stanford team. Smilin' Carl Bonnell overcame his usual assortment of interceptions to hit bobblin' Cody Ellis and Marcel "the big hurt" Reece on long catch and run plays for touchdowns. Reece came off his milk carton where he had been missing most of the season to show the talent that made him a highly touted Willingham recruit. Is there any chance that we can get these guys ready a tad faster next year?

But wait, there is more. Marlon Woods returned a kick off 87 yards and the Huskies' Chris Stevens blocked a punt for a touchdown. Yes, that's right - the Huskies blocked a punt for a touchdown. It's only been 16 years.

Alex "Season on the" Brink played his usual great game against the Huskies but came ups short as the Husky D put on a late stand and sacked the little guy on 4th down to seal the win.

Both the coaches and players deserve credit for coming back from disaster and giving a great effort that resulted in a much needed win. We will dissect the season and look forward at a later date. For now, we'll enjoy yet another, routine, one of many wins over the hapless Cougars who continue to lose to some of the worst teams in Husky history.

Arkansas needs Mississippi and we need WSU. Let's hope that changes as Coach Willingham looks to his third season at UW and we look to a bowl game.

A crushed Bill Doba feels no heat at all as the WSU faithful long ago learned to accept their losing lot in life. Let that never happen here!
Ducks drop a heartbreaker to Wrong Stoops U
Mallard N. Moore

"I think if you take away our 6 turnovers today you would see that we were the best team on the field," stammered an enraged Mile Bellotti as he looked ahead to another crushing loss at Reser Frozen Foods Stadium next Friday. "We just can't give the opponent that many chances in a close game like today. 37-10 doesn't do justice to how close we came to pulling this one out."

It was a shocking loss for the Oregon Homebodies who had been unbeaten* at home this year until Saturday's controversial loss due to bad calls going Arizona's way. Oregon needed more replays to over turn those turnovers, but couldn't get them when they needed them.

Oh Gordon Reese, wherefore art thou?

Oregon is now 7*-4 and 4-4 in the league and Bellotti faces the specter of another losing Pac 10 record when Oregon State dismantles the Ducks as expected at the recently expanded Reser Salsa Dome in Corvallis. Thanks to a timely replay gaffe, the Ducks are at least assured of a winning season.

"Just being better than horrible Husky teams is no longer enough," whined Duck Booster King, Phil ‘Silent' Knight as he looked over a list of candidates to replace Bellotti. "I didn't sink hundreds of millions of dollars into this enterprise to lose Sun Bowl bids to Arizona at home."

"I blame our fans and the rain," countered Bellotti as he thought of the boos cascading down upon him in the fog and rain and wondered if once again his recruiting class would tank like his team. "I'm a great coach dammit, why is this even questioned?"

Highly paid Trojans and class prevail at LA
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The USC Trojans wrapped up their 5th straight Pac Ten Title and took another step towards their 4th straight national title game with a 23-9 win over the Pappy Tedford led Cal Bears who will go yet another year without a Rose Bowl appearance. Ah, 1958, a very good year.

It was a rare Pac 10 defensive battle that stood in ironical contrast to the shoot out at Columbus between Ohio State and Michigan, a couple of Big Ten mudders who threw the rock all over the lot as the Bucks won a 42-39 thriller.

In even more irony, had the Rose Bowl not joined the BCS, the Granddaddy would have the NC game between USC and Ohio State to themselves. Instead the long time bowl rivals will meet in Phoenix should SC close out Notre Dame and UCLA as expected.

The young and restless Trojans continue to beat almost all comers with a less than dazzling and over whelming attack but a solid defense has carried them once again to a championship. They aren't the Trojans of the past three seasons, but they don't have to be. They find ways to win because their coach is such a dynamic personality, and gracious in victory.

"In case there was any question about my comments last week, I said ‘#@&* you' to Bellotti," crowed a giddy Pete Carroll as he thought about how easy it is to win the Pac-10 league every year.

"Now we get Notre Dame at home and we'll kick their ass and send them packing. It's great to be me, fellas, it's great to be me. Not having to recruit is really fun."

The Rest - Auburn beat 'Bama for the 5th straight time, making the Iron Bowl more of a "Tiger fest"….. In an ironic twist, ‘Bama boosters called the NCAA to report Auburn for recruiting violations …… Tennessee beat Vandy East……just say no to a rematch in the BCS title game….…Rutgers fell on their face at Cincy, to the shock of no one….…Wake Forest got worked by Virginia Tech. Just what is a Demon Deacon anyway?..…Miami lost again, a program truly in shambles..…Florida won again, a program benefiting from the fine recruiting prowess of former Husky RC Chuck Heater……big Turkey weekend of football..…we'll review it, preview bowls and pontificate on the Husky program in a future issue…HUSKIES WIN……the off season just got a little brighter.

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