Monday Hoop Notes

Wednesday's mens basketball game between Washington and Idaho is going to be broadcast on Comcast on Channel 17 in Seattle, Channel 76 in Bellingham and Channel 14 in Spokane. Brian Davis and Bob Weiss will be calling the action.

Lorenzo Romar Notes:
Adrian Oliver will start Wednesday against Idaho, according to Lorenzo Romar. He made the switch partly as a reward for his effort against Eastern Washington, but also for chemistry in trying to find that right 'fit'. 'He's getting to the foul line, so he's being aggressive. He's rebounding on both ends of the floor.' Romar noted that he's got a positive assist/turnover ratio and that he's also knocking down some threes.

By putting Ryan Appleby on the bench, it may end up being a win-win in the sense that Appleby won Pac-10 Newcomer of the year coming off the bench in 2005-2006 and sparking the Huskies with instant offense in the form of three-pointers. 'Ryan has proven himself. It's more now of what Adrian brings to the table and what we're looking for'. He added that you could think of Ryan the same way people thought of Jamaal Williams last year and Brandon Roy two years ago. 'They were like starters, they just didn't have their name called out at the start of the game'.

Asked about the Vandals, and Romar said that they are very quick and aggressive. 'They are quick to the ball'. The Huskies' next two opponents - Southern Utah and Gonzaga - have both beaten UI by an average of 21 points per game.

Asked about Joel Smith, and Romar said that he had no new information on Smith's stress fracture on his foot. Smith suffered the injury last Wednesday during practice. It's expected the junior from Lompoc, Calif. could miss another 4-7 weeks.

Asked about Harvey Perry, and Romar said that the redshirt frosh from Las Vegas is behind a little bit behind in 'what we're looking for', but stressed that it isn't physical. Perry sat out all of the 2005-2006 season with a back injury, but appears to have fully recovered. He has played very sparingly throughout the first five games of the 2006-2007 season.

Asked about UCLA being ranked No. 1 this week in the newest AP Poll, and Romar thinks it's great for the conference. 'One thing you can count on from them is great defense. The way they defend is not going to go away.'
Spencer Hawes Notes:
Asked about some of the 'big names' from this year's frosh class that he keeps in touch with, and he said that he keeps in touch via text with Kevin Durant (Texas), Tywon Lawson (North Carolina), Chase Budinger (Arizona) and Brandan Wright (North Carolina).

Said that the speed of the game is still the thing that he's trying the hardest to adjust to. 'On defense they try to speed you up a lot and everything moves so much quicker'.

Said his knee, which was scoped just prior to the season to remove a loose particle, is fine. 'I'm pretty much back to full condition.'

He also said that he's about 20 pounds up from what his normal playing weight at Seattle Prep would have been last year and that he's always been used to going up against stronger guys and trying to find a way around it. 'But the added weight has helped'.

Asked about any issues so far as far as offense, and he said that it'll be an adjustment when the double-teams come more. 'The double-teams here seem to be a lot more effective than in high schools, and the holes close up a lot quicker.'

Asked about how difficult it is for him as a new player to keep focus on who they are playing when games like Gonzaga, LSU and UCLA are on the horizon, and he said that while he's overlooking anyone, he can't help but think about those games and getting ready for them.

Also asked about his game-watching habits, and he said that he definitely watches games more now as a student and as film study than for entertainment.

Overall he said that he'd give himself a C+ so far, saying that he's not that happy about his free throw shooting and also not happy about his lack of patience on the offensive end. 'But sometimes I'm guilty of overcomplicating things on offense, so I've been working more on a go-to move that I can stick with'.
Adrian Oliver Notes:
Said that he can't think too much about the news that he's starting now. 'I just have to play to win. I just have to go out there and play hard and focus.' It was his 'tough, hard-nosed defense on EWU's Rodney Stuckey that earned praise from Romar. 'If you don't play defense here, you don't play.'

Said the first couple of games he was a little hesitant because he didn't want to turn the ball over, but ironically enough that's exactly what happens when you play hesitant. 'When I play hard I don't think about it, so the turnovers don't come as much.'

Asked about his rebounding ability, and he said that's what he was known for in high school, where he averaged 12 rebounds a game as a junior and senior. 'I know I'm going to have a good game when I'm going hard after the boards. It's something I try and do every night.'

Asked about the thought of three true frosh and two sophs starting the rest of the season, and Oliver said he thought it would happen this way. 'I thought eventually it would come to that. Coach Romar is going to put the best guys out there on the court.'
Phil Nelson Notes:
Nelson said things are going well for him, he just needs to focus hard on defense and learn the system and things will fall into place. Added that he's a little surprised that he's struggling offensively (8-22 from the field and 2-14 from three), but 'it's going to happen'. He said that adapting to the arena at BoA is part of it, but speed hasn't been a problem. 'The shots I'm getting are the same ones I've been getting all my life. They just aren't falling right now."
Quincy Pondexter Notes:
Asked how well the four freshmen are fitting in, and Pondexter said that they all have their roles and they are playing them well. 'We're young, so we just need more experience. We'll be better'. Added that he's talked with Phil Nelson about his shooting woes of late and Phil's staying positive. 'That's what happens with shooters'.

He said that the biggest transition he's had so far through five games is that every player on the court is capable of making a play at any time, so you can't have any letdowns at all...ever. Top Stories