Notes and Quotes: Idaho/UW

Here are player and coach quotes, as well as UW team notes, from Washington's 87-66 win over Idaho Wednesday night at Bank of America Arena.

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
General Comments: "I thought we made some progress tonight. I was pleased that we only had 12 turnovers. That was a real positive for us. And I really liked how we crashed the glass. Jon (Brockman), Quincy (Pondexter) and Spencer all hit the boards hard and either had double-digit rebounds or almost. The first half we had some questionable shot selections and that we took to omany quick shots that were contested. We settled down after that and began to move the ball more."

On improving: "You are out there playing every game and you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Each time you go out and challenge yourself and figure out what areas you need to get better in. These games allow you to do that. You assess each game where you're at and you try to improve."

On Idaho slowing the game down: "I think that it was clear that Idaho wasn't going to just come down the floor and cast the ball up. They were pretty deliberate tonight and they tried to slow the game down. When that happens maybe you aren't going to get a whole lot of highlights. I was still surprised that we were able to score 87 points in the game."

On Quincy Pondexter: "We envisioned Quincy being a 'sky-is-the-limit' guy. We didn't know how soon he would reach his potential, but we knew that he could develop into a really good basketball player. We didn't know how long it would take, but we are definitely pleased with how he is coming along. We have watched Quincy play so many times that we have seen him do all of these things. I don't think that we have really seen his athleticism yet. We have seen him get in there and make some baskets and somehow get rebounds, but I think there is still some exciting plays to come from him."

On inside game: "I thought in the second half we did a real nice job. We were packing it in and we were getting doubled in front and behind on Spencer, but I thought we did well inside in the second half."

On defensive play: "There have been some other games right off the bat where we gave up defensively a lot, but tonight I think we played very well. It was not a concern tonight."
Idaho Head Coach George Pfeifer:
General Comments: "Part of the athleticism is that size. We were not able to match that size. We told our kids at halftime, that this is the 13th-ranked team in the country. We talked about several things that we needed to do to be successful, and one of them was to take care of the ball - we had 11 turnovers at halftime. Another was to battle for the board - inside the first four minutes of the game they had five offensive rebounds. The third one was to get back into transition. I thought that until that last 405 minutes we had done a fairly decent job with getting back into defensive transition. And we had that little lapse. In this arena, and against this level of basketball team, we cannot have that. I could be wrong, but I felt that if we could have done two of those things - take care of the basketball and/or rebound, one of those two things, we could have easily been ahead at halftime, versus down."

On the Huskies fast start in the second half: "They came out, and they got the first two baskets in the beginning of the second half, and then Pondexter goes off with 10 points in four minutes, which is no surprise to us. I don't care what you say, you cannot let someone have 20 offensive boards."

On Washington's rebounding: "They missed some shots, and I am sure they can come back and attest to that. They shoot 38.7 percent with 20-something offensive boards. What would their field goal percentage be if we would have had more of a presence rebounding the basketball? All the credit to them - they pounded the boards."

On Idaho's performance: "We had more looks tonight, and our guys are good at that. We got some baskdoor opportunities - some were blocked, and some we converted. We were not tight enough in what we did. And they are really dangerous to play because of the different times, and parts of the game somebody can be good for that. Their little bonfire turns into a forest fire - just like Pondexter did."
Washington forward Quincy Pondexter:
On turnovers: "We've been taking care of the ball better and we're going to keep getting better at it."

"It wasn't anything I did extra. Their guys were sucking down on Spencer and the big guys made some great passes and I knocked some shots down."

"Our post guys play really good and we have to keep adjusting. Having those guys definitely makes it easier for us wings."

"My Dad couldn't make it tonight, so I did it to honor him."
Washington forward Jon Brockman:
On trying to stay focused with big games coming up: "It's mentally tough, especially when you are playing teams you're expected to beat. Everyone wants to to play in the big games all the time, but we have got to get our work in and perfect all the things we need to work on before we can play those big games."

On rebounding: "It didn't seem like anything else was going right, so I decided that every rebound was going to be mine. And I missed a few, so I'm a little mad about that, but overall we did a great job of boxing out tonight."
Washington guard Ryan Appleby:
On making adjustments from not starting: "My role definitely changes a little bit. Coming off the bench I need to be an energy guy and score points."

On having the green light to shoot: "When I'm open I can shoot it, so I just have to knock down some shots. They were working a 1-3-1 zone and really packing the middle. They were trying to make us shoot it from outside."

On having a comfort zone coming off the bench: "I've gotten used to playing that role, and I just need to do whatever I can - whether it's starting or coming off the bench - to give the team energy."

On less turnovers: "Everybody's just getting more comfortable playing with one another, we have a better idea of what everyone is going to do. And we're really cutting down on the silly turnovers."
Washington Notes:

Quincy Pondexter's 25 points is a season high for the freshman. His previous high was 22, set against Sacramento State. 25 points also ties the season high point total for the Huskies, set previously by Jon Brockman against Pepperdine. Pondexter is averaging 17.2 points per game.

Jon Brockman's 14 rebounds is a new career high for the sophomore. His previous high of 12 was most recently set against Pepperdine. Brockman is averaging 9.5 rebounds per game so far this season.

Washington's 12 turnovers is a season low, the Huskies' previous low was 17, set against Northern Iowa. The Huskies forced 20 turnovers and scored 19 points off those Vandal turnovers. The plus-8 turnover margin reverses a minus-3.6 TO/game trend over the previous five games.

Washington recorded its 20th consecutive regular-season non-conference victory.

The Huskies won their 12th-straight home game and the 45th win in their last 47 games at Bank of America Arena. Top Stories