Amajoyi thoughtful about recruiting process

Aquinas (San Bernadino, Ca.) ATH Chike Amajoyi is one of the more thoughtful players you'll ever run into. He's got some nice options in front of him. He recently finished his senior season and talked about his final high school campaign and where his thoughts are regarding recruiting.

"We did pretty well this year," Amajoyi told recently. "We got off to bad start, we were 0-2, but we came back and finished the regular season 7-3. Unfortunately we lost our league championship (to Ontario Christian) but we did really well in the playoffs before we lost to Big Bear.

"We were winning that game late with only three minutes left, but they ended up coming back and beating us 28-24. It was a tough loss, but we showed a lot of heart after the start that we had and they beat us pretty good in our first game of the season (35-7) so for us to be winning and play them that tough was pretty good.

"In our first game I think they limited me to like 70 yards, but in the second game, I put up 287 yards and two touchdowns on them. We really improved I think."

Amajoyi finished the season with 2,290 yards rushing (including an average of over 200 per game in the playoffs) and 30 touchdowns on offense while also posting 71 tackles and an interception as a linebacker for the Falcons.

Now Amajoyi will turn his focus to basketball – he isn't participating in the early part of the season due to an injured shoulder – and recruiting.

"My shoulder was a bit banged up so I'm traveling, but I'm resting it for two weeks," Amajoyi said. "I'll be ok for the rest of the season, but we wanted it to be fully healed before I did anything else."

Amajoyi has already visited Arizona State (November 18th) and is visiting Nevada this weekend. He also plans to visit Washington on January 5th and Stanford on January 12th.

"Wherever I go I'll be looking for a balance between academics and athletics," Amajoyi said matter-of-factly. "I don't think it has to be one or the other. I want to have both because you always need something to fall back on if football doesn't work out. I want to see what there is that can help me succeed in the classroom and out on the field as well.

"Stanford is a big deal, but I've done research on U-Dub too and they have a great medical program so I'm not worried about where I choose to go. I think I'll be successful wherever I end up."

Amajoyi will finish his basketball season sometime in February or March and then will have the spring to work with the track team as well.

"I'm already a big back," Amajoyi said. "I'm 223 pounds right now and I run a 4.5. I can be successful at that speed, but with track, that will help me with my speed and maybe I can get down to a 4.4 and do even more damage, either at running back or somewhere on defense.

"Wherever the coaching staff likes me best, that's where I'll play because I love the game of football and competing."

Amajoyi noted that he won't make any decisions until he's taken all of his trips and will decide shortly before letter of intent day on February 7th.

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